Education (Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand) Amendment Bill – Committee Stage – Clauses 1 ..
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Education (Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand) Amendment Bill – Committee Stage – Clauses 1 ..

thank you madam chair I call the Honourable Nikki cab oh look man cheer I’m I am please this is the final time that I make sure you must speak in this committee stage of the debate and I can hear I can hear the sadness and the voices from the other side I did want to acknowledge in respond to the minister previously who said that every time I complimented the chair of the education council that that would somehow be harmful to your political career so instead I’m going to make sure I compliment all of the other members of the Education Council so that the safety in numbers Madame chair from Anthony – clear – Simon – Rebecca – Nicola – Helen and I just again want to acknowledge Barbara but thank you very much for the contribution that you’ve made and then secondly I do want to just pick up on a couple of final points as I have said previously we don’t support this bill because we believe in a competency-based and model we understand the history of the Education Council and we support that entity but I also want to make this point to the Minister part of the whole reason that we’ve spent months on this has been about this argument from the other side about giving the independence to the profession and that’s why we’ve had all of us debate about the representation and I do think it is a bit rich to have that debate but at the same time to have the minister considering basically the ability to direct the council on a range of issues and we’re going to continue to discuss that openly and publicly because we think that the tens of thousands of teachers out there deserve to have real clarity about what the government’s plans may be in terms of directions of the council and that does diminish the independence so if we were going to name this this council something different we certainly wouldn’t be able to name it the independent education teaching council about her all because we know that the minister has some other plans and the works the second thing I do want to just pick up on is what my colleagues have mentioned look again we accept that this bill is going through the house we accept that the minister has a different view around the entity as do other members of the Select Committee but we have just pleaded given the whole conversation there’s 19 other reviews happening in education what why it is that we need to push so hard and fast now when there’s a range of other discussions that are occurring in the education area we don’t think this is the right time for this bill we’ve actually argued on other bills to delay them and part because of the education conversation that’s occurring and I think there is a real case for having some steady hands and taking this process through in a slow and easy manner and that would mean supporting our movements at this last point of call at 5:19 on a Thursday afternoon to show some goodwill to the opposition that you’re very serious about this appointments process to consider the delay and commencement on this bill but I will just finish again and with acknowledging multilanguage week acknowledging the title and a or teller and to say to all members of this house on this Thursday afternoon that we just acknowledge the importance role of language and of role of amore in to air in New Zealand and and hopefully that we have members opposite supporting my second language as bill in parliament and and that would be a wonderful thing so I am I just reiterate that the members across the house over there on this side do oppose this bill and and we really plead with the Minister that he would consider delaying that commitment

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