Education (Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand) Amendment Bill – Third Reading – Video 3

parents and teachers deserve better madam Speaker I call the Honourable Gini say Lisa thank you so much madam Speaker I rise in strong support of the education teaching Council of our tarawa amendment bill madam Speaker I’d like to first of all acknowledge the Minister of Education the Honorable chris Hawkins for his leadership and the sector and the education sector I’d also like to thank the education and Workforce Select Committee and everyone who came to make a submission on this bill madam Speaker and I agree with the Honorable nikki kay our teachers in our tiro a New Zealand our parents and everyone our students as well they deserve the best and madam Speaker education is one of the keys to a successful flourishing country this legislation madam Speaker will ensure that we get the best especially for our teachers madam Speaker I have spent the last couple of months talking with parents with teachers with students with community leaders right across RT Ottawa initially I started with Pacific communities mr. speaker madam Speaker and then I’m now talking with our ethnic communities a madam Speaker they have been generous with their time giving us ideas about how that we can ensure the best education system for their children’s future madam Speaker it is an all of our interest to ensure that we continue to have the best educational system in our territory but we know madam Speaker that the education system does not work for all of our students which is one of the reasons why we are supporting this legislation madam Speaker because it is in our interest to ensure that our teachers and many of our teachers have told us this madam Speaker we need to ensure that they have a say and who is on the governing board madam Speaker one of the best ways that we would ensure the support of our teaching profession is to ensure that they have full democratic participation and who it is that governs them and madam Speaker we know that teachers because they’ve told us they would like to ensure that their name is in this council madam Speaker so ensuring the it is education council has changed to teaching council madam Speaker reflects that intention also madam Speaker as a result of the Select Committee one of the things that was recommended and added to this legislation now is that we should have teaching council of our Tara with the inclusion of our Theodora and the name madam Speaker and that is really crucial because it also reflects the bicultural nature of our country but Arturo a New Zealand madam Speaker this house has heard many times before when we were talking yet the second reading of this bill madam Speaker how and 2015 the previous council canceled the right of teachers to elect their own representatives and madam Speaker this legislation once it’s passed would still have the majority of elected teachers be on this board because seven of the members will be elected only six of the members are going to be appointed by the right honourable by the Honorable Chris Hopkins madam Speaker we fully support this bill I strongly commend this bill to the house thank you madam Speaker [Music] thank you madam Speaker I’m taking this call to oppose this bill ma’am speak

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