Elbridge Gerry, Founding Father who got a Bad Rap
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Elbridge Gerry, Founding Father who got a Bad Rap

I told you I did tell you about elder
eldridge jury is just just for the fun of it let’s just take
up a break from the hysteria over the news in the for the moment and go back in time
Elbridge Gerry was an American revolutionary he he he was a big supporter of thomas
jefferson in writing the the declaration independence East Side
is one of the signers the Declaration of Independence he showed up with Janene supported arse you know our site as a
waiter in the Revolutionary War obviously he showed up for the Constitutional
Convention in Philadelphia in the summer of 1787
however he refused to sign the Constitution when the Constitution
was written there in philadelphia because it did not have a bill of rights
attached to it nonetheless it you know I did get a majority signings and and and it one of two a two-year process for
the states ratify a ratification process the state’s the toured the state’s accepted it by
1789 and and boom we had a country in George
Washington was president and Eldridge Jerry became a member of congress ands you know was representing representing
Congress from from the state massachusetts as I recall I’m I’m doing all this from
memory I probably should have printed out some
notes here but I just I’ll I tell his story because the you know gerrymandering is so in the
news everybody thinks lol tertiary gerrymandering yeah right he he then became the vice president of the united states
and the James Madison administration the fifth president Madison in our
presence washington adams Jefferson Madison use the fifth vice
president though there have been two vice presidents under one of the president’s I think it
was washington I could be wrong arm but in any case he was our he was
the vice president in the in the Madison administration and he
ultimately in 1812 became the governor i’ve Massachusetts and during that time Massachusetts
passed the first law that gave their legislature the ability to Redrock congressional
districts based on their own opinion rather than on some kinda formula and
their opinion be in politics and and elders jury interestingly enough we had
always been a part of political parties he was with jefferson in in and we have a book about coming
out about this by the way dancers and wrote the the the original
book forty years ago it’s called the the American Revolution 1800 and if you
google hartman and revolution not don’t believe
you plug it into the search engine over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble presumably at polls and some the
independent booksellers it should pop up it’s available for
pre-order now it will be out in November I think but this book the dances in roden I added a
opening and ending chapter 28 and and helped and go through and edit the
whole rest the book over the last two years we’ve been working on this thing these guys absolutely did not believe in
faction they they they did not believe and and and and the
political parties the faction could cause sorry I Jerry Mandarino be no creen congressional districts
would like salamanders has been kinda blamed on Eldridge jury because he signed that legislation he did so very
reluctantly he opposed it but back in those days politicians figured okay if something if
a majority the politicians representing a majority the people decide that they
want something ban it’s my obligation to go along with
that and things actually got done and elders
Jerry sign in legislation Massachusetts that provided for what we can refer to
today as gerrymandering even though he opposed it is an example of that that in the
founding era and in the two or three generations that follow the
founding era arguably right up to the presidency a James Paul Kantner and 18 forties as I
recall and his starting war with Mexico and annexing part mexico which Abraham
Lincoln as a state legislator Illinois was
furious about mexican-american war I mean Lincoln just thought this was an
abomination but up until basically the POC
administration maybe the Jackson administration’s hard
to say exactly when we started shifting from being a very a nonpartisan country some some would put that shift at at you
know during the jefferson administration some would even say it was before that
federal is an anti federalist Ernie Adams administration many hours during that era that they
would have looked at what john bainer is doing right now refusing
to bring to the floor for a vote legislation that has passed the Senate comprehensive immigration reform line
extension of long-term unemployment benefits it would the founders would consider
what john bainer is doing to be treason it would have been unthinkable so any I just want to share that with
the elders Jerry a bit pretty cool guy actually go back in and you read the history of this guy and
what he did in you know one of our whatever more
significant founders got a bad rap you know we talk
gerrymandering a you know he’s the was not a fan of it


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