Ellen-Bush and the redeeming process

Hi guys, welcome back to The Weekly
Debate. Thank you for spending some of your time with me. Bando alle ciance, today’s topic is about something a little bit different
from my last videos. I’m talking about the friendship the American
comedian Ellen DeGeneres shares with George W Bush. A friendship that received many criticisms after the two of them have been seen together. But, let’s start from the beginning. First of all, who are the protagonists?
You probably know both of them. Ellen DeGeneres is a very famous American
comedian. Host of the extremely popular “TheEllenShow”, great supporter of the LGBT community, notorious philantrophist and most importantly Dory’s voice in Disney movies “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” George W. Bush is… George W. Bush. Former President of the United States. A couple of weeks ago the two of them have been seen together at the Cowboys game, in Dallas. Ellen herslef made a short video with her phone showing that Bush was sitting beside her and that they were both enjoying the time together. After the video went on the Internet many people criticized Ellen for her choice to be friends with a person like Bush. Specifically, they criticized her for two reasons: the first reason is that Bush, being a conservative Republican, was against same-sex marriage. In fact, during his 2004 reelection campaign, he called for an amendment to the US Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage in the United States. So people said: “How can a lesibian be friends with a person who didn’t support gay rights?” The second reason is because of Bush’s foreign policy during his administration. Specifically, his decision to invade Iraq in 2003 as a consequence of the terrorist attacks at the Twin Towers and at the Pentagon. We all know what happended there. Hundreds of thousands of deaths soldiers but also many civilians. Tortures made by the Americans against Iraqi prisoners. And all kind of horrible things a war like that causes. A war judged as completely useless by many people, included myself. And in fact, after the horrors of the Iraq war Bush has been described as a war criminal. I mean, when you hear the words “war criminal” and “Iraq” who’s the first person you think about? So for these reasons Ellen has been severely criticized by people on social medias. She of course responded to those criticisms and during an episode of “TheEllenShow” she defended her friendship with Bush, saying that people can be friends even if they have got different ideas. Moreover, she added that no matter what other people’s ideas are we should always respect one another. Now, let’s talk for a minute about this. I agree with Ellen when she says that people be friends even when they don’t have the same opinions. Sometimes it can be really positive when two people who have very different ideas share a moment together. Ellen herslef showed one specific comment a person posted on Twitter to prove it. And, I mean, it is true. If we consider only the topic of gay rights seeing Ellen and Bush together is a great thing. Unfortunately, when we talk about Bush gay rights are not the only issue. The Iraq war in fact is another huge problem of Bush’s reputation and it would be very interesting to know what Ellen thinks about that war. Probably that’s the thing that upsets people I mean, being friends with a war criminal is not exactly the best thing in the world. But, you know what? Let’s forget about the friendship thing because, you know, people can be friends with whoever they want. Friends belong to a person’s private life and in my opinion what you do in your private life doesn’t really matter. As long as you don’t do something illegal and being friends with Bush is not illegal. I mean, it’s not something you should proudly show like it’s a prize but it’s not illegal, too. So, apart from the friendship thing what’s the real problem here? The problem is that it almost looks like they’re trying to redeem him. Like they’re trying to make him look like a better person. For example, when he came to “TheEllenShow” in 2017 Ellen made him look like this kind and wise gentleman who enjoys painting and stuff. That same year another talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, invited Bush at his show and once again Bush appeared like this old man with a nice laugh and funny jokes. And when the other day Ellen defended her friendship with Bush she made it sound like they’re just two people with different opinions. But it’s not only that. It’s not just two people with different ideas. Bush is responsible of a war that ruined a whole country. A war that destroyed thousands of lives included American soldiers’ lives. But apparently in the “celebrities world” that doesn’t really matter And in fact there is another famous name who defended Bush and Ellen’s friendship. Who is it? It’s Elton John. During an interview he said: Unfortunately, what a democracy has become now is that it’s not okay to have different opinions than yours and that is not healty” No that’s not the point. Their opinions are not the problem. The problem is that Ellen and celebrities like her look like they’re trying to redeem Bush. It looks like they’re trying to make the Americans forget what this man did by making him look like the nice grandad who tells stories to his grandchildren. Maybe they’re doing it accidentally, I don’t know. But that’s what it looks like. Elton then added: “George Bush has made a lot of mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes. Ellen DeGeneres has made a lot of mistakes. So basically what you’re saying is that the Iraq war was just a mistake. Thousands of deaths. Eh, what can you do? It was just a mistake. He was still young. By the way, all of us made mistakes but tell me guys: have your mistakes ever killed somebody? If the answer is yes then that’s not a mistake, that’s a murder. In conclusion I would like to say that this video is nothing personal. Personally I really like Ellen. I think she is a great woman, she’s funny, sh’e generous, she’s always trying to help people. She is a role model and the world needs more people like her. But she’s also human which means she can make mistakes as well. In my opinion, handling her friendship with Bush that way was a mistake. You can be friends with whoever you want. That’s okay. It’s your private life. What I don’t like though is talking about a person like Bush like he is just a former President and that’s it. Like the “mistakes” he made can be forgotten. Ellen is right when she says that respecting each other is really important. We should also respect human rights but, you know, that’s not something you can do when you invade another country But, you know, sometimes people tend to forget that. I also agree when she says we have to be nice to each other no matter what people’s ideas are. But niceness can’t become uncritical niceness, being nice no matter what the person in front of you did. And anyway in this specific case we’re not talking about opinions. We’re talking about actions. And Bush’s actions weren’t good, at all. And that’s not something America can easily forget. That’s not something America can easily forgive. Alright, that’s all for today. As always don’t forget to subscribe, leave comments if you want and I’ll see you again next week.

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