(Eng sub) Daily life- Osaka Universal Studio Japan trip.
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(Eng sub) Daily life- Osaka Universal Studio Japan trip.

Hi, I’m Raccoon man. Today’s video is my trip to Japan. I visited Universal Studios for the first time. I’m so excited and happy. The Earth is rotating. I saw it in the movie. It’s morning and there are a lot of people. Jurassic Park Water splashes when the boat comes down. There’s Minions. I’m playing in the water because it’s summer. People look excited. Minions are dancing and singing. It would be nice to come with your family. It’s a summer parade. The employees are always working with a smile. It makes viewers feel better, too. There are so many famous characters. Minions, Spiderman, Snuppy, etc. The content is really diverse. It was really hot today. But I’m happy. Water world!! The actors are amazing. I feel like I’m in a real movie. Everyone applauded when the show was over. Sprinkle water with jet skis. This is Castle from Harry Potter. The monsters did a musical. Dracula, the wolf, the Frankenstein, etc. One-piece good bye see you

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