Epic Rap Battles of History: Feds vs. Anti – Feds
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Epic Rap Battles of History: Feds vs. Anti – Feds

yo, yo. we out here in the constitutional
convention, (blue face baby) UNCLE SAM, TJ, BATMAN, unh listen here! this time, y’all federalists better learn
their lesson. I’m gunna teach you guys from one verse. why I belong here. Feds be telling ya that we need a brand new
constitution, but i’m here to tell you that that aint a good solution. we got everything we need here with the A.O.C.
what we don’t want here is a brand-new closer king. yo TAXES! People don’t have a voice against the TAXES!!
you know that constitution gotta get em TAXES!!!!!!! We’re tryin and dyin to get a voice in the
government, but it seems we’re never heard. SKRAAAAAAAAA! In comes hamilton to fix the damage done,
simple majority we’re passing legeslation, yeahsagiauabf got washington, supporters strong
our government’s stronger, Y’all coulden’t handle those farmers rebellion, much less
all these bars we’re spittin. forms of government fools contest, it’s obvious,
we’re the best. You anti-feds couldn’t make the show, the
A.O.C. (Something), (sorry ethan I couldn’t understand
this part…), fun fact that new king, that one with all that fancy bling, Don’t worry
’bout it we got done, cuz washington (love that guy) Don’t talk about representation
we got H.O.R. and the senate for the nation. Supreme court defending your rights, judiciary’s
gonna fight yo fights. But you down there, straight up, Dissing our
constitution, by the end of this rap you’ll be in a mental institution! “Give me liberty or give me death” without
republic we have no rights britian again will be a blight without our help its fight or
flight. The A.O.C. just can’t support it’s so simple,
we gotta abort! You gave it life, and you gave it death, but
in the end it fell to its death! (BOOM!!) WHO Won??!? WHO’S NEXT?!?!?? YOU DECIDE!!!!!!!

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