Episode 20 where I hike in Okutama
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Episode 20 where I hike in Okutama

food and currencies, people’s habits and
the sounds of the words in their language to you — everything is so different in
places where we are. But one thing stays the same — the way. The way through the
tensions of a new life in a country of your dreams and other sacred hopes. The way
that some don’t advise you to walk and the way that some encourage you to
follow. And one more important thing stays the same — the right to choose this
way by yourself and the follow up euphoria.
It is like climbing up the mountain and taking a bite of a salty bread with wine.
It is like seeing your close friend’s sleeping baby. It’s like re-reading your
favorite book or wrapping yourself in a blanket and watching a movie in the bed
caterpillar style nothing is more pleasant and natural.
Thus, any ways is beautiful in its self. Because right now, you’re wolking on it.
Look around you and notice how everything is tasty and colorful. The
time has its course, everything changes and transforms. But trees don’t give a
dime. Learn from them. Because the only wrong way is the one that you didn’t
choose. That’s why I’m choosing autumn in Japan and my hiking in lovely Okutama forest. It’s up to you to decide what to say in the morning: if you are afraid of
wolves, don’t go into the woods. Or: long way to Fuji starts with the first step.
I have made my choice. I tamed the wolves and I’m going forward.
Sometimes I glance back but only to say thanks.
Quoting my friend’s favorite poet Brodsky: Look without vanity before. Behind
without horror, look. Be upright and proud broken from within, firm to the touch


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