Event #403: Religious Educators Bylaw Amendment GA 2018

so so we will now consider an amendment
to the UUA bylaws section 4.8 changing the requirements for religious educators
to be granted voting delegates status at General Assembly by removing the
requirement that religious educators must have masters level credential
status all other voting requirements remain the same the amendment was
proposed by the liberal religious educators Association the Board of
Trustees has incorporated some of the amendments offered in the mini-assembly
please refer to the screen rather than the program book so that you have the
complete list of changes handouts are available for those who need them and
the unincorporated amendments will be at the bottom of the paper copies I
recognize the delegate at the pro mic to make the motion on voting for religious
educators hi I’m Robin Pugh I’m a delegate of the church of the larger
fellowship I’m the religious educator at the
Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing I’m also vice
president of LREDA I move that we amend the bylaws to give religious
educators who are active members of LREDA and employed by congregations
delegate status thank you is there a second thank you good morning
general assembly so those of you who are with us yesterday noticed that we’re
creating a little bit of time for each of our proposals for you all to engage
in conversation reflection and dialogue briefly with one another this will be
for a three minute period and we’d like to invite you into such a time of
dialogue and reflection with those seated near you so no need to go further
fuel than that and our question two that we invite you to be in conversation and
reflection around is what are the roles and privileges of delegates at General
Assembly Thank You delegates we invite you to
come back together as a larger community as our co-moderator Elandria Williams
leads us in moderating this conversation so I recognize the delegate at the pro
mic hi my name is Robin Pugh I am a CLF delegate and a employee at the Unitarian
Universalist Church at Washington Crossing this is an amazing day for
religious educators for over 50 years religious educators have been asking for
delegate status and this is the first time this vote has made it to the floor
why do we need this bylaw amendment religious educators are encouraged not
to be members of our congregations because of healthy boundaries and best
practices so we can’t be a congregational delegate today we are
living in to our Unitarian Universalist values especially the fifth principle
about the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process or as
religious educators teach our children each person deserves a voice and a vote
so what we’re proposing is that automatic delegate status be given to
active members of LREDA who are employed by a congregation we want
religious educators delegates to be held accountable and LREDA is the
organization that can support that accountability it has a code of conduct
professional accountability and ongoing professional development an active
member is a category of membership that requires a religious educator to be
working in a congregation for three years our prophetic faith is going to be
mirrored right now with this vote it is about damn time I recognize the delegate at the
procedure mic this question is from Michael Harris Cedar Lane Unitarian
Universalist Church Bethesda Maryland point of information if this passes what
would the percentage mix be of professional versus lay delegates that
is a good question week but I recognize you can’t do it yet I
recognize the delegate at the pro mic we think that the the active members is
about 300 people said the ratio 900 ministers 300 religious educators 4,000
congregational delegates is there any other off-site there’s one
do you want to read it I recognize the delegate at the pro mic
I’m reading for John Cavallaro community uu congregation White Plains New York it
is time to welcome religious educators into the uu decision-making procedure
best practice recommends again congregational membership for dr es and
thus they are not eligible for delegate designation by their congregation dr es
are committed to the work of faith are more informed than most congregational
leaders and bring valuable voice to the process I recognize the delegate at the
con mic may be madam moderator I do not like standing at this con mic but can
you state your name Paul origin Reverend Paula Meyer on O of the
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Newark Delaware I just realized this
morning that you do not have it to be a uu to be a member of LREDA and I find
that automatically having non uu delegates is not something I can support
I recognize the delegate at the pro mic good morning my name is Anna leader Lynn
Jones and I am from the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church Unitarian Universalist
in Charlottesville Virginia I’m also senior business manager so I’m here with
about 100 of my closest friends we as the UUA 2018 youth caucus want to
state our support for delegate status for our active religious educators we as
a religious education educators have helped us to grow into the Unitarian
Universalist youth that we are today and we have witnessed that this mentorship
is ministry our religious educators have been on the forefront of
institutionalized change demonstrated through our owl curriculums which have
educated us to be smarter safer and more aware about ourselves our religious
educators have led in the fight for a collective liberation
by creating two white supremacy teach-ins
they have helped us to lovingly call each other back into covenant and to
live our faith as Unitarian Universalists our our religious
educators have performed life-changing and life-saving work which has an
influential impact on not only the youth but everyone within our congregation our
religious educators helped to give us youth a voice in our congregations and
now we believe that it is time that our congregations further recognize the work
of our religious educators they deserve to receive automatic delegate status
particularly as they amplify our voices often more than our ministers do
therefore the youth caucus staff of g8 and all of youth caucus hold that our
religious educators deserve the delegate status that represent the support of a
congregation and the right to vote in general sessions we want to thank our
religious educators for all the work they have done and will do to support
youth voices and that we believe that in order to support religious educators
voices in General Assembly we must give them their rightfully deserved automatic
delegate status I recognize a delegate at the procedure mic I am Rebecca
albergue from First Unitarian Church of Providence and I would like to call the
question all righty so are we ready to call the question
so if you are ready to call the question please raise your voting cards all righty thank you these put your cards down if
you are not ready to call the question please raise your voting cards alrighty
all those in favor please raise your voting cards all those opposed okay okay I think everyone knows I really
don’t like Roberts rules but here we go so we are voting on the motion whether
to pass status no we’ve already people you already did the previews vote to
call the question it was overwhelmingly what so we are waiting on the offside
vote to call the question so we’re going to start again where it’s ice bear early
I’m sorry so can we please vote one more time if you’re ready to call the
question okay all righty please put your cards down if
you are not ready to call it the question thank you now we just need to
wait on offside delegates and while we’re waiting I recognize the delegate
procedure Mike in society Milwaukee can we get up on the screen the wording of
what we’re actually voting on yes thank you well we’re waiting for that information
if you are somebody who’s voting and are sitting on the far far ends and have the
ability and willingness to move closer to the middle it will make it a lot
easier for us to see your votes so 77% in favor already now we’re
calling the question so if you huh oh okay love you too thank you so if you
were voting in favor for giving delegate status to religious educators who are
members of LREDA please raise your voting cards thank you please put them down if you
are not in favor please raise your voting hearts thank you now we’ve had to
wait for the off-site delegates but we do not actually have to call for
extensions but I will do that if you were abstaining please raise your
delegate garden thank you we were waiting a mile saying ninety-three percent in favorite passes

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