Every YouTuber Who Can’t Stop Using Special Effects (ft. King Vader) – Addiction Busters
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Every YouTuber Who Can’t Stop Using Special Effects (ft. King Vader) – Addiction Busters

– I like special
effects just as much as the next virgin, but King
Vader, he takes it too far. I can’t even get
through breakfast. He literally takes it away! (magical whooshing) Come on, dude! You know I can’t shit
without my fiber! I’m gonna be backed
up for weeks! (dramatic music) – Yeah, his special
effects are annoying and they always
screw up my hair. But I tolerate it because King
Vader has a huge following. – It’s gotten to a point
where he’ll pick a fight just to have an excuse to use
some special effects. – Hey bro, did
you get my coffee? – What, no? Fool, you don’t
even drink coffee. – Well maybe I wanna
start! (screaming) This stuff sucks. – He’s completely lost
touch with reality. If King Vader doesn’t
quit the effects, somebody’s gonna
get hurt for real. You can’t just re-render
somebody’s life! (dramatic music) – Hmm, looks like I
have no other choice but to take you out. (dramatic music,
crackling, whooshing) – Come on, cut it out! What are we doing? Get rid of this purple shit! – Okay, relax! What’s the big deal, man? – Ugh, I just got a blowout. You couldn’t have
waited 15 minutes! You know your mom hated
that special effects crap. – That’s why I never did
special effects in front of her until after she died. – Well I got news for you. This isn’t just a
wake for our dead mom. It’s an intervention for you! – You’re using our
dead mom to corner me about my dope special effects? That’s low, okay,
that’s real low. – Can’t you understand that
you can’t just throw fireballs around in an Olive Garden? – The food is burnt already! Okay, they don’t care, damn! (baby crying) – Great, happy now? You like that sound? Are you gonna rock
him back to sleep? Didn’t think so. – We thought mom’s funeral
would be the one time we can get you to
put your guard down. But here you are in
this ridiculous outfit! – What you talking ’bout? This is my nicest suit! – It looks like a yakuza
costume from Party City! – Because it is. – Just face it, you are
incapable of living in reality. (sighs, magical ringing) – Don’t you dare teleport
to the mirror realm or you’ll be losing
two women today! – What, no, I wasn’t! I was just closing
my eyes and praying. – Nice, to which Marvel god? – Tharamus. – You see? You’re at your mom’s funeral. You should be
praying to mom’s god, Jesus Christ, our
lord and savior! – I mean that’s not
necessarily reality either. – Oh no you didn’t.
– Don’t wanna start on God. – Look, without
VFX, life is boring! – Some experiences are
meant to be boring, like eating Chipotle or
all of Brian’s parties! – What the hell? – You had Halsey for
like the entire playlist! Like Halsey? Come on!
– One song! – It was three songs!
– Halsey tres. – This is about him;
stick to the topic. – Hey, hey, hey, hey! Don’t make Brian feel like shit because his sorry-ass playlist. Brian, let’s fight
them. (bright music) – No! Not everything needs to be
some special effects battle! Some things can just be
talked out, man to man. – Oh, okay, uh-huh,
(grunts, bright music) – No, stop; take the
fancy eyeballs away,
all right, please? – Damn, without the
effects, I’m just in a boring room with a dead mom and a boring
girlfriend who’s a six! – What? – Sorry, babe, I’m just proving
that I understand reality. – I’m like an eight!
(dramatic music) – Listen, it’s good to
process your emotions and understand that parents die
and girlfriends are average. – [Nicole] Come on dude! – Come on, man. It’s what mom would have wanted. Do it for her! (dramatic music) – I can’t. (shouting) I can’t! – (slowed down) No! (slowed down yelling, buzzing) (explosion) – Is it over? – Zombie! (high-pitched
screaming) – No! – [Chris] Dude, mom
wasn’t actually dead! – What? – Oh my god, we faked her death so you would accept mortality
and embrace the human world! – (shouting) That
doesn’t even make sense! – You killed mom! – You gotta special effect to
make this kid shut up, huh? (baby crying, dramatic music) – After I killed my own mother, I realized I have to
give up visual effects. So now I use Snapchat
filters to get my fix. They’re like the nicotine
gum of special effects. (sad instrumental music)


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