Evidence-Based Interventions: surgery to remove Chalazia
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Evidence-Based Interventions: surgery to remove Chalazia

>>Dr. Melanie Hingorani: Chalazia is a small
round lump that can occur in your upper or your lower eyelid. People often confuse them
with styes but styes are smaller and an infection. In chalazia there is a blocked gland which
becomes inflamed, it can look noticeable but it’s completely harmless and usually disappears
with time. So, to treat chalazia we usually use warm
compresses and a little gentle massage to try and release the trapped material from
the cyst and we ask people to do that twice a day. If the, if the lump becomes very inflamed
it is possible to use anti-inflammatory cream which we get people to put in the eye to calm
that down, and if the chalazia becomes infected then we can use antibiotics to treat that.
People do request surgery for chalazia and this is possible but even though its considered
minor surgery, there are definite risks including some rare but very serious ones, and we know
that is the surgery is conducted correctly still 20% of chalazia don’t disappear.
Since we know that it’s a harmless condition, that it is going to go away with time, that’s
why we’ve included it in this programme because for myself and my colleagues we believe
that in most cases of people with chalazia surgery isn’t appropriate or the right thing
for the patient.

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