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Experiment with Universal Basic Income: From idea to implementation | ASTHA KAPOOR | TEDxIIMIndore

Translator: Michele Gianella
Reviewer: Ellen Maloney What would you do, if you didn’t have
to worry about your income? If I gave everybody here,
say, 10,000 rupees, and not just everybody here, but your parents, your friends,
your neighborhood auntie, what would happen then? Would you go to your favorite bar
and drink it all up? Would you stash it in a deposit? Or would you take the time off from work and do something
you’ve really been wanting to? The reason I ask this question today is because we will discuss an idea
that has been thrown around quite a bit, and maybe some of you have read about it
in the newspapers, recently. It’s called Universal Basic Income. Now, what is this
Universal Basic Income, or UBI? It is a monthly or regular transfer – so it could be weekly
or fortnightly as well – it is a transfer of income into the bank accounts
of every individual, so think, all citizens, and it is without conditions. It doesn’t matter what income you earn:
it could be 5,000, it could be 50,000. It doesn’t matter if you don’t send
your children to school, if you do whatever:
everyone gets it. Now, this idea isn’t new:
it’s been discussed for a long time. It was first popped up
in the 18th century. Thomas Paine, a political thinker, said that, “People who don’t own land
should be given money by the State, to make up for the inheritance
that they lost as a matter of birth.” John Stuart Mill said that, “Everybody should have
enough money for substinence irrespective of whether
they can work or not work.” So the idea behind basic income
is that poverty is not a natural calamity like an earthquake that just happens. It is a result of inequality
and of unfair laws like property rights. Income actually is a public inheritance
that everyone should be entitled to. What basic income does is that it gives people,
like the working class, a bargaining power
to negotiate their terms. It recognizes things like unpaid labor that women do as caregivers
in the household, which is hard work, but is not recognized
as economically productive, and therefore is not remunerated. I’m sure you recognize this as some of your mothers
and grandmothers work at home. It is hard labor, but it’s not recognized. The other thing
we found out over the years, with small research studies and pilots is that basic income has far-reaching impact
on the lives of people. I know a lot of you
would scoff at the idea of giving free money
to poor people particularly, and say they’ll probably drink it up,
or spend it on excesses like cigarettes: but it doesn’t really happen. I speak from experience. I worked on the only
basic income pilot in India – coincidentally in Madhya Pradesh,
in Indore District – a few years ago in 2011-12. We found that the results
of basic income were fascinating. We saw that nutrition levels of families,
and particularly children, went up, because money was being spent on fruits, on vegetables,
on milk products. People were concentrating
better in class, little children, because their stomachs were full
so they could concentrate better, and their education outcomes
were improved. We saw little things like people putting in
their resources together and making community
or shared assets like toilets. One of my favorite stories is from a teacher
who was teaching in the school in one of the villages
where we were making the transfer, and he said, “These days the children’s faces
are washed. They look clean.” It was realized that people were buying
a little bit of extra soap. The other thing we saw
which gladdened my heart was that the transfers happened
in the month of June, the first ones, and July is when the school opens
for the first time in the New Year. The government gives uniforms,
but it doesn’t give shoes, so people used their transfers to buy shoes for their
school-going children. We found that a transfer
of 200 rupees per person per month, which doesn’t sound like a lot of money, was making big changes
in the lives of the people. Now, why are we
discussing this right now? Because suddenly, it’s gathered
a lot of momentum. Switzerland just had a referendum on whether they should have
basic income or not. Unfortunately, the supporters
lost by quite a bit: 77 percent ‘no,’ 23 percent ‘yes.’ Finland is going to do an experiment. Canada already did one in the 1970s, but it’s going to do
a bigger one in Ontario. Interestingly for you all, Y Combinator, an accelerator
I’m sure you know very well, is also investing a lot of money to test the idea
in a small part of California, where they’ve picked up a 100 households they’re going to give them
$2,000 a month for two years, and see what’s going to happen. Pierre Omidyar,
another person you guys know has spent $400,000 on a pilot in Kenya which is going to be
a long pilot for about 12 years. In India as well, at home, in the economic survey
which came out in the end of January, there was a whole chapter
dedicated to basic income. Arvind Subramanian,
the chief economic adviser, has this conversation
in the chapter with Mahatma Gandhi, and is certain that the Mahatma would definitely want
basic income in India. So of course, the Government of India
is now hurriedly planning on how to do it. What is the reason
for this chapter, all of a sudden? It is paranoia. Suddenly people are very afraid that automation
is coming after all our jobs. Robots are going to do things
that you and I do right now. Even Elon Musk is concerned,
so it must be a problem. He believes in basic income too. In India, I’ve seen figures. We lose 550 jobs a day to automation. That doesn’t sound
like such a bizarre idea, because you think about India, and you see that there are still
a lot of things that we do that are actually automated
in different countries. When you think about technologies like Amazon’s drones
dropping your deliveries, or those fully automated stores
that they have been planning, that’s a lot of jobs. Those are our delivery boys, our cashiers,
the people who man our stores. That’s lots and lots of jobs. But then again,
you want to think about, why is the Silicon Valley interested
in something like this? What is their interest in what seems to be free money,
to people, for social welfare? Now, the critique is that,
and I tend to believe it, is that is an excuse to make
disruptive technologies. To say, guiltlessly, “We can make those driverless cars
and take your jobs, because you have this basic income.” The other thing we’ve heard is that basic income
should spark entrepreneurship, it should not just be
a source of security net. It should just be an interest free loan
which is what Niti Aayog wants to make it. It’s not just that. Even in the government, the idea
behind pushing basic income now, is that all these big,
heavy social policy programs, – NREGA, which is the
Employment Guarantee Scheme; or the PDS, which is
the Food Support Scheme; are corrupt, they’re inefficient,
they’re leaking. Let’s merge everything
into one swift transfer. We have JAM, which is of course Jan Dhan, which is financial inclusion
Aadhaar and mobile, so it’s easy to make welfare
into the swift transfer and then forget about everything else. But the thing is, we should remember
why social welfare exists. NREGA, which I’m sure
a lot of people know about has changed the way minimum wage
is structured in rural India. The PDS, despite its leakages,
which I’m sure are many, has actually prevented
food riots in India in 2008, and the two-year drought we just had. So the PDS is also
an important instrument. We shouldn’t get on the bandwagon
of these sexy new policies and say, “We’ll try them too,” without thinking about
these considerations. Now, when we were doing
the pilot in Indore, there was a lot of planning, prepping, things we did, things we didn’t do,
things we wanted to do but couldn’t do. There was moments where things
went completely awry. Started to rain, rivers swelled up, we had to carry bags of cash
in makeshift boats to people’s villages so that they could access their money. We tested everything many times. We did awareness workshops. We spoke to people,
and we researched very systematically what needed to be done and what people were doing
with their money. And at the end of this
two-year experiment in just four villages, our recommendation finally was,
yes, this can be tried for another trial. The reason I’m discussing this right now is because,
just because an idea exists doesn’t mean it needs
to be immediately implemented. It needs to be tested. It needs to have questions
answered around it. Just because Elon Musk
is talking about it, doesn’t mean it’s working in India. Just like we test our vaccines, right? I’m sure you guys are aware of the trials: You start with a small sample,
you expand it, you check for the impact
it’s having on people, you think about how you
can move it to different… each geography has a different impact. And that’s how social policy
also needs to be designed. Slowly, carefully, with careful
checks at every step. Because this is India,
one size does not fit all. Things go awry without us realizing and whatever infrastructure
you’ve created doesn’t necessarily respond to things. That’s what I’ve learned
from my experience and also from a big idea
that was implemented, which is demonetization. We all know that when you come up
with what seems like a really good idea, but you don’t think it through,
things tend to go awry. The other thing about basic income is that it is so popular
between the left and the right as well, along the political spectrum. The left, and I guess me as well, think of it as an additional
social welfare scheme that needs to go hand-in-hand
with some very core programs. The right thinks of it as a quick and dirty way
to extend welfare to people without having the government
to employ large machinery. Given that this is an idea
that everyone loves, you need to be suspicious about it. You need to test it, repeatedly. The other questions
that basic income needs to answer is stuff like: What is
the impact on inflation? How does India,
as a labor surplus country, respond to it with work? How do we think about people
assigning meaning to their lives if work is taken care of? Nothing has been decided. I’ll have you know while there has been
so much chatter about it, there’s very little evidence. Like I said, this thing exists
in the economic survey, and there’s been one pilot
in fouri villages of India which I was a part of. I know that it’s the only one. Certainly, we’re talking about it
like it’s happening. I almost expected Mr. Jaitley
to announce it in the budget, as did many other people. The thing is the reason I’m talking about is that ideas exist
and they’re all very, very good. The ones that are impacting the lives
of a billion people in India need to be tested. To the idea that it is a snowflake,
it needs to be nurtured. Otherwise, it’s just going
to be a snowball and it’s going to smack you in the face. Thank you.


  • Kenny Groth

    Basic income is a bandage like response to poverty, while its the government which holds people within poverty. There's nothing wrong with poverty, it's the inability to escape poverty which is the problem. It's the middle class which pulls the poor up, and it's the wealthy which are using the government to destroy the middle class. I have nothing wrong with businesses doing everything in their power to gain a profit, but the government gives them the power to dictate legislation for their advantage.

  • Great One

    Only Black people should get Respiration they did not ask to come here they was taking. But instead America give Respiration to the fake white jews in Isreal The Jews in isreal get 15,000 Dollars each from america and when a kid is Born that baby get 15,000 Dollars a person. Do your research america

  • Sanjay Goyal

    the idea doesn't make any sense especially in India. Humans have lust for money and power. Dishonesty and corruption are into their DNA

  • lost childs

    i think also everyone good feeded makes smarter and more stable civilatation where the road isnt that violent as it now seem to be going ..

  • Nicolas de Peyon

    There's no such thing as a free lunch. It will have to come at the cost of others. Not to mention it will drive inflation up and increase government debt… or worse yet: communism

  • Koks321Koks

    Poverty is result of inequality and unfair laws? bitch please.. If the goverment is taking over 60% of my money in taxes when im working, buying stuff etc. YES THEN IM POOR BECAUSE STUPID UNFAIR COMMUNIST LAW!!!! If someone doesnt want to work he deserves poverty also! End this socialism bullshit. Remember guys! Goverment loves us and they know better how to spend our money. Jesus..

  • Shivam Rajput

    oh! this is a buzz around the world,btw its an allowance in real sense.Why we are not thinking about giving salaries to robots for their owners in an indirect way.

  • Joanne Mercader

    welfare. foodstamps. social security. disability. pention. if you don't get free money IT'S ONLY BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T ANSWER QUESTIONS CORRECTLY.

  • Joanne Mercader

    President Nixon tried to give everyone in the USA a basic income but the democrats voted against it. At least he was able to give everyone that lives long enough a social security check…basic income

  • Graham Palmer

    I have heard of this concept, but only in the last year or so. On the face of it, it sounds like a good idea. I do think that everyone deserves a minimum quality of life that could be provided by introducing such a scheme. I have a question though. Has anyone evaluated how the level of social 'benefit' will be determined. Perhaps as a % of a countries GDP? If governments commit to this 'benefit' will it be sustainable across different political tenancies ie what protections, if any, will need to be in place in order to ensure a new government doesn't just kill this, in some cases, life saving policy? If for instance it was rolled out across the whole of India what would it cost? Surely someone looked at this before even carrying out the trial this speaker refers to.

  • Joanne Mercader

    ever heard of technology? robots? what kind of job do you have…and for how long will you have it? WHAT IS TO BE DONE WHEN THERE IS NO JOB? how should we as a society exist?

  • Joanne Mercader

    Detroit use to be the center of the auto making world. Robots have taken over that industry. NO MORE JOBS!!! NO MORE PENSION!!! NO MORE LIVING WAGE CRADLE TO GRAVE JOBS!!! NOW WHAT? WHAT SHOULD WE DO?

  • Joanne Mercader

    Detroit use to be the center of the auto making world. Robots have taken over that industry. NO MORE JOBS!!! NO MORE PENSION!!! NO MORE LIVING WAGE CRADLE TO GRAVE JOBS!!! NOW WHAT? WHAT SHOULD WE DO?

  • Words are not real

    Is a work or die system humane with few essential jobs? No.
    And does it encourage desperate unethical behavior against people and the planet? Yes.
    And for God's sake, is forced luxury always more important than freedom and peace? Hell no.
    Will everyone lose their motivation to live a helpful live if they don't have to starve, of course not. Look around, people are do and meaning addicted.
    Companies also already make so much profit of their free resources and land and the modern technological understanding, the people deserve to be compensated to at least be able to live and not slaved out for unsustainable stressful unsustainable luxury.

  • Joanne Mercader

    anybody ever use the self check out at Wal-Mart? pump your own gas? use ATM instead of EVER going to the bank? Do you ever buy anything on line? when you call a business do you have a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING answer? SERIOUSLY

  • Joanne Mercader

    if I own a business my goal is to make a profit if you force me as a business owner to pay an employee because Everyone needs money therefore a job YOU STEAL FROM ME MY FREEDOM TO CHOOSE

  • Adnyl O'Connor

    okay so I blame Google Talk. I want to be able to correct my statements from earlier. we live in a society as a whole where technology and science are really helping us. There really is no need for a monetary aspect unless you're just really greedy. and by allowing for this basic income it really is a way of saying that you're so poor we won't change our standards so we'll just give you this money and you just do what you will with it. I honestly don't think that that is a effective way to handle the situation that is at hand. if the most wealthy of us would actually give like they're supposed to even if it was a way for you to be part of taxes that people were giving like they're supposed to then a lot of the things like homelessness etc and unnecessary other things that happens in the world would not really be happening. But you have individuals who are strictly for themselves Ergo the reason why everything is so lopsided. but I still say that there's no need for a monetary aspect we live in a technology scientific type society that is really helping us there's really no need for us to work or do anything really except for her to raise our children and be part of our families.

  • Sandra Nelson

    I can tell anyone, from my own personal experience, going from years of welfare to finally getting disability was a true blessing. Due to health issues I couldn't go on working. Coupled with my physical health difficulties I also had some depression and anxiety issues that I didn't understand. I was a train wreck and didn't know how to get myself out of the situation. Trying to live on less than $700.00 a month for years is destructive, as you end up living in very life threatening situations, and can't eat properly.
    I was finally "rescued" by some one on disability who let me come live with her, even though I couldn't pay my full share of rent. I needed to go through a lot of programs, in an attempt to find something I could physically do to get work. Unfortunately my physical condition made itself VERY clear on that subject. NO. Again there was more depression and anxiety. I finally got some treatment, and was able to slowly come to terms with my reality. I was finally able to put together a proper file for the disability tribunal, which they very kindly accepted. That was a shattering day, to hold that letter in my hand.
    That extra $300.00 a month means everything. I can pay my share of the rent, I can contribute to groceries, I can pay my share of the bills. We still have problems, Toronto is an expensive place to live. But we figure it out. We don't smoke or take drugs unless they are prescribed, we are very light drinkers. The money goes on rent, groceries,bills…necessary items.
    So I can say, from my own experience, that having $1000.00 to live on a month is almost enough to life on. Thankfully I have someone to share costs with. But having under $700.00 a month to live on is impossible.

  • ashish nigam

    बेसिक इनकम गरीबो को दी जाने वाली दूसरी सब्सिडी, फ्री फ़ूड स्कीम की तुलना में अच्छा आईडिया हो सकता है।

  • Tony Mack

    What she clearly doesn't explain well enough is that, giving people a basic income will allow everyone to have an opportunity to have an education/ money for basic needs. I feel it's a solution for taking people out of poverty. I find it really fucked up when stopping at a traffic light and there is someone begging for money. I feel like no one in this world should struggle to just survive, when we have people that can spend $100 on a gold plated doughnut .

  • Chocolatelline

    The experimentation of UBI is in process in Finland since the end of last year if i remember correctly. 2000 individuals get 560€ monthly tax-free for 2 years, interesting to hear that it's been experimented elsewhere as well!
    As an idea it sounds great but the experimentation has received a lot of critique due to its small scale and also the amount of subsidy given. They've also stuck to the problem of students and especially those just over 18 who are still living at home; that 560€ income would be massive for them. But again removing the right to get UBI from youth kind of harms its original goal.
    All in all im carefully positive about UBI being introduced. Public services are expensive, taking care of the poor is expensive and people get trapped out of work because (at least in Finland) the unemployment subsidy is ironically too high to make getting a low-end job worth taking it. This could solve some of my country's problems but its in desperate need of careful experimentation!

  • 44SirLoopalot

    cmon u haters. inform yourself about the topic before spiting out pre judgement. basic income is not meant to take away freedom or the chance to make a fortune. in fact, it is about less government. the idea is to cut away the agencies which control the social programs in a state, and take the billions of $ or € from their former budget which now are saved to give it directly to the people. the amount given to every citizen should be enough for basic needs, but who ever wants more from live than just a warm place and food and healthcare still needs to work. and ppl will work, and they will still be able to make a fortune. by just parroting "comunism" because you heard it from a corporate right winger, you just proove that you are uninformed and not able to think outside the box. just like all other sheep.

  • OfficialdomJ on YT

    You can tell from the cynical comments on this video that the world is not prepared for such a humanistic idea as this. No surprise there.

  • Resonance

    i don't have to worry about my income because im on benefits, i don't drive as i cant afford to learn let alone afford petrol and tax etc.

  • Vikram Sandhu

    All examples are of poor people. Tell me when you transfer that amount in an account of well to do person what will he do? Just another free meal at five star hotel. So now you want to snatch subsidies from poor to give money to everyone. Your calculations are based on prices which have subsidies included in them. Raise those prices add the strain it will put on already strained supply chain and then tell me who will benefit from it? We already have a population to feed. Subsidy and PDS has problems but increasing their efficiency is the only solution. Come out of your dream world.

  • 462UnityShift

    Universal Basic Income is the only way forward with automation, period, otherwise you'll just continue technological suppression and planned obsolescence on a mass scale to keep menial-meaningless jobs so that people can "come out of poverty" – this is a catch 22, it's delaying the INEVITABLE and perpetuating poverty. *I know this is difficult for some to comprehend judging by the comments*, but as people evolve consciously and understand the grander scope of their situation – money will become what it really is, worthless green paper, and people will no longer require green paper for basic modern necessities like food, water, electricity, cancer research, or mass quality of life improvements.

    You have to look at the grander scale, not just the confined box of the human economic game that you've been conditioned to believe is the only way. People like Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph (among many others) have been saying this for YEARS because it's common sense. Not only will this solve the current foundational issues of our market economy system, but it will propel us forward out of economic slavery, mass inequality, mass poverty, and into the next phase of technological development. This has nothing to do with the Government being our nanny as our Government needs to be reformed and recategorized into something completely transparent and far superior for The People regardless, so don't let something like the Government destroy our advancement as these changes will have to come full circle. I've done a few videos on this in the past and written many articles on my FB page where I discuss forward thinking ideas, you're welcome to join me if you'd like ~ Cheers.

  • Bill Masters

    Of course this is a good idea. If everyone receives it, then who could complain? You don't like it? Hand me yours and STFU.

  • TheShaggybeard

    Here is the summary of her talk – If you give people money, they will spend it on stuff. So innovators in society should give everyone money.

    How about telling us what we actually need to hear though? For example, how much would it cost in taxes and what would that mean if implemented "universally" instead of just with a few people?

  • juan esmit

    Ok, not sure if this ideas are naive or inmature. Humanity doesnt need more technology or nany states that gives us everything, humanity needs to wake up and reach its true potential by selfawareness and selfdevelopment from inside us, not from the outside. To real humans, current technology is a cruth, money is a drug and fear is a leash.
    Good journey.

  • Rampage Buddy

    If you give me a basic income and take care of my parents, siblings and children in every possible necessary dimension, I would just buy a kickass computer and a good internet connection, then play and enjoy my life till i die in my couch. Thanks to free doles I wont have to worry about my cremation either.

  • Gideon PE / KE

    People leaving "Hurr Durr Communism" comments are the exact type of people who will need UPI when blue-collar workforce jobs are handed off to automatons.

  • Joel Reyes

    I come from a poor place and at first it sounds great. this idea might work on poor hard working families. they want and try to improve their lives. but give free money to people that don't know the meaning of that and it's the worst thing you can do. I see it all the time in the USA. walfare takes the will of people to improve their lives. only hard working people should get it if they call into problems.

  • hyylo

    hahaha. people now want basic income???? why not simply reduce the tax people are forced to pay. stop wasting billions on war. lets first all wake up and realize 9/11 was a inside job.

  • Dan ncti

    We had similar "experiment" in our history called – communism, we have also huge experiment called – "european union" – similar to previous one but using quite different methods. … from who you want take money for this "experiment", who have to work harder to put money for other people? why people have to spend their life to work for some one else profit??? Why You think that i should spend my time in work for some one else – not spend this time with my family for example? Or maybe you have "free" money to give to all citizen? Why just humans can have some stupid ideas? Why you want treat peoples like pigs – each pig get every day Universal Basic Food Portion, same like cows, chicken…. Do you think is really time for humans now???

  • AholeAtheist

    I find it really ironic that I'm listening to an Indian talk about UBI, when Indians are coming to my country undermining my ability to barter for better wages and working conditions. How about a one or two child policy too, preferably one in India.


  • AholeAtheist

    Don't worry.. Energy and telecommunications companies in western countries will still outsource their call centers to India.

  • Cameron

    I was actually pleasantly surprised by this talk. I assumed it was going to be one of those "we need more welfare" type of talks (which it kind of was), but she also talked about how this is a new concept and we need to be sure to test it thoroughly before jumping into something like this. I don't agree with the concept, but the talk was presented in a reasonable and levelheaded manner (which I think is rare for talks about things like welfare)

  • Teye

    This is what the world needs . We shouldn't have to be forced to work to live. Every other species on this planet lives for free. This is a start of something beautiful and gave me hope in humanity again. We need to get to the point where money doesn't exist at all. So everyone can enjoy there life without worrying about a piece of paper.

  • End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wildlife

    I suspect that the "Swiss experiment' was intentionally sabotaged…..the amount theoretically to be 'divied out ' there was way too high to appease the public fears, and alarmists quickly raised the concern about the country falling into bankruptcy. Not sure how they bungled that test but hopefully the studies in Finland and elsewhere will show better results

  • Umpqua-4 Freedom

    The news just tonite said it is predicted within 20 years all human work will be done by automation. UPS can process and deliver packages without humans. Without jobs, no taxes…so we better consider what ELSE we can do if we expect our kids to EAT. We create the world we live in…WE make the choices. And are RICH people considered worthless? Do they give up on their own hobbies and interests just because they are RICH? The notion that people will become lazy is just plain a LIE. Some might, most WON'T…moste people hate BOREDOM!! I agree with the data, basic income is a RIGHT, like water and food. Let's start making this a reality for our children!!

  • Supadubya

    11:45 "which I was a part if, so I know that It's the only one". FALSE. There have been MANY trials of UBI, in many countries around the world. The earliest experiments occurred in the US and Canada in the 1970's. Just because she was a part of a single set if trials doesn't mean she knows the complete world history of UBI…

  • Peekalum

    UBI NO NO NO UBI will create a permanent underclass.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.  A "free" gift is NOT free.  In return for a "free" thing, the person trades their pride in themselves for the "free" thing.  When young (4yo) father died and no help from relatives.  "Good" people came around and gave us "things" like food, clothes, toys, etc. along with the subtle "oh you poor thing, you can't make it on your own, here is some canned goods we will never eat or clothes we no longer wear, etc, we'll take care of you, just stay in your home, we'll come to you, etc"  The key is being "subtle".  Regardless of how "good" a person is, the attitude is still there and the gap gets bigger and the underclass grows.With UBI, what will happen is that some people will take "Mike's" and Sally's" UBI and have more money.  Think kid's lunch money on a larger scale.  How about protection racket?
    How are you going to police this?  Oh, deposit directly into Mike/Sally's bank acct?  So now Mike pays directly for protection.Now try removing/reducing UBI.  That will be a good way to start a class war.Currently, a form of UBI is being tried and is known a entitlements.  The real purpose is that a vote is expected in return for receiving any form of entitlement.  But the politician only thinks ahead to the next election.  Stupid.Still want UBI?  Then couple it with a trade.  Receive a UBI payment and get a shot that prevents pregnancy for 2-3 years for both men and women.  If you want kids, then plan for it and get a job and save for it.  UBI starts at puberty, ends at death, and also stops at pregnancy for both man and woman….and starts again, for the parents, once the kid is 4+ years old.  The objective is to reduce the population and minimize the size the of the under class.
    Also, no limits on how UBI is spent.  It is up to the individual to pay for food, shelter, clothes, drugs, health care, etc.  If some people are concerned about the "poor" druggies, people, then they can pay to help them out of their own UBI, NOT from any collected taxes, or from my UBI..

  • Caleb Soto

    why are people getting mad they gave people 3 usd per month and it made their quality of life so much better. people don't understand that a little can go a long way especially in places like india

  • John Ellis


    BASIC TAKING is capitalism, with everyone considering themselves the most important and striving to be enriched upon the misery of those less educated. A system with no need or ability to have compassion, pity, charity or a grateful response.

    BASIC INCOME is socialism, mutual gratification with everyone considering themselves equal, everyone giving equal and getting equal in return. Again, a system with no need or ability to have compassion, pity, charity or a grateful response.

    BASIC GIVING is the moral fabric of society, where everyone considers others more important and because of this feels most guilty if ever they miss an opportunity to have compassion, pity and charity for those with less, and in a way that produces a grateful response.

  • Michael Samuel

    Excellent points. See my version of a basic income payment – poverty eradication worldwide/michael samuel – on youtube.

  • Sreekrishna Koppuravuri

    Everyone can get the basic income according to my plan. Generally, governments won’t accept this system saying that there is no money for it. But, according to my plan this can be done without any disbursement from governments for this concept.

  • A M

    How come illegal aliens come to the USA can find work/job? Duh.. So your for illegals coming here to take jobs that do not exist? WTF are you thinking?

  • Saheb 000

    I will support you for it for end of my life… please help ppl..they lose their property now they are in poverty… everyone should be get basic stuff..it's needs

  • Times of BE

    Don't sell it as free but rather as incentives for the people who are not able to do what they want to do (stuck in the matrix of incomes for food). And it is simple a way to capitalise the works of housewives (those who have chosen to stay home and take care of families) who play a critical role in raising kids, taking care of their families.

    For others who are more DRIVEN (most are) to do better with their time it's an incentive to achieve more.

    This is nothing radical or new it has been there with rich since the dawn of civilization. Rich kids or call them those with the privilege of not worrting about where they will sleep or what they will eat. The bigger argument though is will people use that incentive to achieve more or just waste it away? Are they prepared? As we know not all rich kids go on and achieve more for society even with all that privilege and incentives.

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