Exploring the Impact of  Autonomous Vehicle Legislation
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Exploring the Impact of Autonomous Vehicle Legislation

“music” (graphic: Exploring the Impact of Autonomous Vehicle Legislation) I definitely think that having some kind
of adaptive regulation is going to be extremely important for this one because
the technology is moving at a rate that you know we can we can barely even
comprehend at this point. What I’ve been working on for the past
year or so is mostly the interaction between autonomous vehicles and
pedestrians. And so right now, you know, when you’re in a typical road situation
there’s some kind of a conversation that goes on between the driver and a
pedestrian that might be you know eye contact, it maybe a hand wave or other
forms of nonverbal communication but when we have autonomous vehicles, the
drivers not going to be there. The driver is just going to be a
passenger who’s riding in the front seat and we’re going to need some other kind
of communication medium and so what we’re researching is what that might
look like. Predictions that are being made right
now are pretty aggressive but what’s great about the autonomous vehicles, and
it’s typical to a lot of technology, while a lot of manufacturers and making
predictions for you know that we’re gonna have autonomous vehicles within
the next few years what is happening that we’re developing technologies that
work better and better with the humans and keep us keep us safer and so for
example there’s a few manufacturers that are going that are deploying these
systems and cars over the next few years so instead of the cars driving us around
they’re acting as kind of like guardian angels that are working in the
background that can take control of the event of an emergency. So whereas we may
not actually have these things as quickly as some people might be
suggesting, we’re going to be realizing the benefits on a very short
timeline. Between pedestrian and human interaction I think
that we should see some kind of consistency in how we’re reporting to
pedestrians the act of the actions of a particular vehicle so right now there
are probably as many pedestrian communication systems as there are
manufacturers at this point. And we need to figure out a way to make that communication consistent and enforce it so we can have some level of
consistency and safety on the roads for pedestrians. right now we’re essentially imagining
driverless cars as a computer in the drive seat of a human driven vehicle
it’s going to be much more than that somewhere down the road and it’s going
to be it’s very difficult to tell at this point what that’s going to look
like so I think it’s very important that we develop regulations that can adapt as
these vehicles move forward but I think for right now what we need to focus in
on is the safe testing and deployment of the vehicles

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