Family and Whānau Violence Legislation Bill – First Reading – Video 5

violence Jono Naylor Thank You mr. speaker while we are currently experiencing in New Zealand and all-time low in a long time in terms of our crime rates the big blot on that is the increasing amount of family violence and I think we would all agree right across this house right across New Zealand that that’s absolutely unacceptable it’s something that we do need to take a system-wide look at and and I think over the last little while we’ve had a minister Amy Adams has taken a lead on that I think it’s been great to see what’s come out so far what we have today though and this family and far no violence legislation bill is an omnibus bill that actually says we’re not just going to just tweak around little bits of the edges today as we put the status on its journey through the house we’re going to see sex different acts amend that and change over 30 pieces of law and I think that’s really critical at this point in terms of us actually putting another stake in the ground and say that you know we’re not going to tolerate this any further mr. speaker amongst those 30 changes to law there are a number of things and I’ll look forward to debating the ball particularly as we go through the select committee process and through other stages of the house but today I just want to focus a little bit on the fact that we are now what is absolutely appropriate that we up till now been focusing on victims that actually there is something within this legislation that since we’re going to look to have earlier in more effective interventions with perpetrators mr. speaker that is not to excuse their behavior it’s not to make allowances for them but actually if we’re serious about the stopping we need to get an earlier with people to look at what’s causing them to perpetrate to get that intervention a place so that we can actually prevent victims for being either reeve ekta mised or or people being able to detect the signs early that they might go down this path and be able to seek help so mr. speaker right across the board I agree with this bill I’m looking forward to it coming to the justice and electoral select committee and I’m sure we’ll have a really interesting time looking at the various issues and look forward to seeing it come through Jane Logan

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