Favorite things to do at Universal Studios Orlando | Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt
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Favorite things to do at Universal Studios Orlando | Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt

Jared and Lindsay down here at Universal
Studios in Orlando on a crisp cold day and we were just talking the other day about
how the last bunch of times we have been to Universal Studios we’ve just been filming events and not had
much of a chance to do any of the rides and events that we really like to do
at the park so we thought today and you know what we got nothing
going on lets go in there and let’s just do a bunch of our favorite
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it’s like 53 degrees down here in Florida and it feels like the cold is 53
degrees I’ve ever felt yeah it didn’t realize it got that cold down here it’s
never been this cold before when we’re here do you think should we do
transformers I really like that right five-minute wait time man you can’t beat
that what’s that in your stomach gonna hold up it’s early right is this gonna
ruin you for the day am I gonna be doing favorite things alone usually we’re
running into these queue lines to escape they he goes it’s air-conditioned today
we’re just hoping to catch some heat well Michigan bleed how do you feel yeah
yeah that’s good that’s such a fun ride man I still love riding transformers
don’t get sick of it another one of my favorite things to
always do whatever I’m here is to go into Williams of Hollywood mostly to see
if there’s new Horror Nights stuff for sale but I like the store anyway man
they got some cool props in there right now Universal holidays is going on so
they’ve got it decorated up with you know a couple holiday things I want me a
lot new and yours just last I was in here look at this right off the bat
Jack the clown bust how much 500 bucks that is really cool these are new to
these weren’t in here the last time 50 bucks each are those I like them I don’t
really know they’re from horror nights though there’s some custom art and get
some Cthulhu here and it looks like bright a Frankenstein is an octopus or
maybe maybe there’s a connection I’m not sure when some sugar skulls stuff in the
back or some art for like that depths of fear from this year that was one of your
favorite yeah houses wasn’t they have vikings undead and then just a horror
night one down there how much are those prints unmarked we always have such a
good time coming in here well shop got a lot of unique stuff in here you’d
like to see what changes oh nice vanity ball yeah something is kind of weird
those three for 33 but there’s only two magnets so I think that it would be able
to be a lot more appealing if they actually have three different magnets
it’s one of my favorite things that I like to do that I won’t be able to do
today is the class monster shop laughter because they know
it’s a construction we’re had I’m really hopeful fair enough
I really hope they’re just adding merchandise for like the Jason Bourne
shell a balanced I think I’m next on our agenda fun tone right the plumy that’s
another one that we really like and try to get these all in for letting kids
sick of the day but also really always enjoy walking through here
little broken pipes always fun to notice really before it was raining oh yeah now totally
sprained it hard enough here to even start to do whether that’s true well you
know guys like looking in these little windows even if I’ve looked in them a
hundred times I always notice something different I mean I don’t think the
scenes change I just notice stuff I haven’t noticed before over here in the
Manhattan motor repair window tuck in a hell those old Plinko machines
alright time to get a locker and head into the mummy 15 minute wait that’s not
terrible so while you can’t get into the classic
monster Star currently you can come already here in the New York section and
in the mummy store there is a lot of classic monster stuff not as much as the
store over there Holly still enough and you can see the
creature in the Black Lagoon and lurking up there well there we go mummy always a
good ride a little bit rough at times but it’s still pretty awesome yeah how
you holding up there that was two rides really quick for you no issue just took
a different sort of uh motion sickness medicine we’re kind of testing it to see
how well it’ll hold up for today so far so good problem with her and the
Dramamine even the non-drowsy is it just wipes her out too easily and some of the
other motion sickness stuff that we’ve tried that isn’t non-drowsy or I’m sorry
some of the other motions saying this stuff that is also non-drowsy doesn’t
even help her it feels really good so far today just nice and light just doing
the stuff we like no stress don’t feel like I have to get from one place to
another quickly having a real good time I think we needed this gonna head into
diagonally for some Gringotts and I think Lindsay wants some butter beer so
hopefully boo boy crowded like always hopefully Gringotts isn’t that long
overweight 45-minute wait to drink now hopefully it’ll be a relaxing 45-minute
wait for us and we’re gonna head into the Weasleys
Wizard een Weasleys Wizard wheezes goof around and she’s gonna go in there with
or without me she is not waiting look at that one of my favorite things is not to
chase my wife around this park he left me left your sippy cup there
Lindsey he probably shouldn’t do that somebody might take it that looks like that would be any point
the surprise here we go again some favorite fudge nosebleed nougats I’d
like to give me some some of these pumpkins from my yard during Halloween me and everything looks good just
supposed to look at back here man discover lots of little things that I
noticed each time I come here in the head and notice before
you really could spend like probably at least a half a day in here wandering
around and looking at stuff Lindsey’s doing over her favorite things she’s got
some butter beer and she bought a cauldron cake back there and a gallon
but first how did Gringotts treat you three rides in so how brave are you
gonna be are you like men in black brave or no we’re gonna see we’re gonna see
how good this medicine is that’s the ultimate test around here yeah so this
isn’t really one of our favorite things to do cause we’ve never done it before
but I was like hey me how come we’ve never sat on a bench over there and just
relaxed but now that I’m over here listening to the Fear Factor guy that’s
why we haven’t done it it’s not exactly peaceful right here well we’re going for
Lindsey is gonna try the ultimate challenge cifra motion sickness medicine
is good men in black it may not seem like much to most people but this ride
whatever reason really made her sick that one time she did write it that’s
why we’re kind of thinking this is the big test whether you go I’m in a black
he did not get sick your score was pretty gross but well that’s good man
cuz that’s quite a little spinny part there and you survived up next for us
Universal or make up show we do this one usually quite a few times when we’re on
a trip even though we usually miss out on other events like rides and such I
think we always at least catch one of these shows I mean I like it so much
sometimes I even just come in here do the lobby and not stay and watching
show although the show is pretty fantastic the old classic horror monster
movies as much as I do this is a perfect place kind of come in just walk around
read some of the history on some of these movies it’s pretty awesome in fact
I wish they’d actually expand it make it a little bit bigger do a little more
even so I’m touching this dude yo I always think they’re gonna feel very
latex ain’t kind of soft and spongy but not the case very hard not sure what
it’s made out of a sort of harder foam and resin maybe if you have never seen
this show make it a point to come here at least for one of the shows oh so now
we’re gonna do some pretty fun unemployed he just turned us on to I
guess they’re doing a scavenger hunt we did an islands of adventure video where
we were running around the park because we found all these cool-looking
Christmas trees but we didn’t know it was part of anything but I guess it’s a
scavenger hunt they have them in both Universal and Islands of Adventure so
we’re gonna go in here you start at the Christmas store we’re gonna pick up the
little thing we’re gonna run around and get our little stamps for each goal tree
and get a free ornament they gave us two of them so there’s 14 all in all and you
do have to do both sides of the park so we are gonna have to go back over to
islands of adventuring hit up all the ones that we just saw yesterday that’ll
be all right there were cool trees I’d like to see me again
we happen to know the first one has in Sahara traders this is the type of stuff
that we’re looking for three number one extry we’re gonna mark off as in the MIB
gear shop and here we go check out this tree very nice so one of them is in here
yield gift store I don’t see a sign but that’s how you get in now I’m saying
this is spoilers but to be honest the map tells you exactly where to go and
what stores are in so it’s not really that big a spoiler yeah we go on this
one’s phenomenal get a little fairing at the top very fun there we’re gonna go
right across the street here it’s a super silly fun store for a treat for I
don’t know if it’s actually treat for on the map how about the fourth tree that
we’re gonna capture they are numbered on the map I think the next one is in a
Betty Boop here I hope anyway according to the map this is where the dot is yeah
it isn’t here it’s in the Hello Kitty portion but it is here and it is very
sweetly cute all right the last one that we need in Universal Studios is in the
Universal Studios store this is actually number one on the map but we did it last
I guess that’s just how we are very very fitting for this store I like this one a
lot maybe my second or favorite one onward to city wok here we go to over
there and wave those ones we’ve not seen yet so we’re pretty excited look at them
okay there’s two on city wok and the first one we’re gonna grab is right here
in the Universal Studios store awesome-looking look at the little
blinking I think there’s supposed to be stage lights production lights really
cool they really went all out on these trees
here we go last night on city walk two thumbs chocolate and pour iam Lindsay’s
favorite place even though she’s only eating here once
hopefully I’m just getting a tree and not having to buy stuff I have a feeling
when it’s all said and done and I ask Allah and see what her favorite tree was
he’s gonna be this one I gotta get a look at this I do there’s
just such a cool tree and I hope you get a chance come on here
and look at all these because this is a really a fun deal and we are days later
and I think the squirrel is after Lindsey again oh now he’s running off
but he was following us whatever it’s the same one he’s got your scent dear
were to finish this scavenger hunt up on the island of adventure side now I did
show all these in the island of adventure holiday video well go ahead
and do it again today first we’re gonna grab over here is
located in the islands of adventure trading company building he’s a really
good look at this tree here and trading company i found this particularly
humorous about this tree this little ship wheel all right this is landing
trees in Mulberry Street store it’s a pretty neat-looking for you and
you go and it’s presented by the Grinch treasure Poseidon is our next stop for a
tree and like I said I’ve seen this one as well it’s really cool I’m gonna bet
this is Lindsey’s second favorite tree he’ll miss this Bucky skeleton in there
kind of blends right in hopefully having to run through hogs mean isn’t going to
stop us capacity already always at capacity when I’m here it hogs me it can
be one of the most frustrating places try to walk through just the nature of
what everybody’s doing in there I mean it’s really awesome area and that’s why
but I avoid it if I can Jurassic Outfitters is up next is a
little dynasound peeking out all over that tree I’m gonna
go I just love all of these trees here as we head to our last tree Lindsay I
would like a I think we Traverse to these parks and a record paste and City
Walk because I think we did this all in under an hour and a half
the final tree is in Marvel superhero Island in store and yes it’s exactly how
its marked on the map store store somebody who’s having a real off day
when they named this and there we go the final tree and now time for the payoff let’s go get
our prize and there we go our prizes I love them and the other good thing is
our plastic so they’re Lindsay proof okay what we’d like to thank you joining
us as we do all of our favorite things or most of our favorite things there was
a couple things we couldn’t do for instance et was down and you know what
we got to do a new fun favorite thing at Universal yeah actually I kind of liked
those trees better than the Disney springs Christmas tree Trail which is
also awesome but I don’t know these things just seemed I don’t know livelier
or fuller or something yeah I like these ones better which ones did you like what
was your favorite tree okay I guess wrong was your second favorite tree nope you lose alright thanks for


  • Sakuna Swona Channel

    Wow the cake shop look soo good love the Christmas tree 🎄beautiful my friend, which one you like the most? nice place for wonder about I would love to be there one day 🥰

  • Just Out 'n About

    Looking forward to doing this next week. The only major plan we have for our 2 days is the Christmas tree hunt and Grinchmas. Other than that during the 2 days we are chillin'. We are like yall we don't get to do it that often laid back. ~Dawn

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