Federalism Embraced by Macron Considered Rude in France-7
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Federalism Embraced by Macron Considered Rude in France-7

my next question has to do with the Federalist Party how is that going right now as far as members well first of all the Federalist Party is something separate from the Pan European Union it has it has no legal links with it it has no no institutional links at all it’s another project it’s another project but with the same with similar vision though it’s it’s a European project also but it’s not something that has come out of Paneurope’s think tank it’s not a Pan-European think tank think tank idea Umm you see federalism in France is almost a rude word because for the French the French Republic is one and undivided and Paris the capital city is the only serious city in France the rest of France is a desert for the French politicians and during the French Revolution some people because this is a tradition since the kings of France that’s how the kings of France have built France and since the French Revolution it has it has been even more so because there was a political party in France called the Girondins who well for a relative a relative responsibility of the provinces but they were executed physically executed by the Jacoban party and since then France has always been rude by Jacoban. All the French politicians be they Gaulists. General DeGaul was a Jacoban but he tried he tried even him in 1969 General De Gaulle offered in a referendum offered the possibility for the French Republic to favor the regions of France and give some responsibilities to the regions and the French people said no to this referendum they said no so France is a very compact State and France does not even recognize the different national nationalities within France. There are several nationalities here for instance. There are Alsatian nationalists. The Alsacian people consider themselves as a people Which is respectable, so do the people in Brittany in the the province in the south east of France in Gascogne, in Languedoc, in Corsica, in Corsica, but the French Republic doesn’t ike to recognize them. They have very recently recognized a certain a certain a certain Corsican people under many many conditions they’ve given them some liberties some political liberties to the Corsicans excuse me but not to the Alsacians, they have refused the Alsacians and they have been asking for a certain autonomy for years but Jacobins in Paris have refused from all parties from the right wing or left wing extreme right extreme left or moderate right moderate left they all refuse their all Jacobins, but the countries around France Are not built in the same way Germany is a Federation a blend of provinces even Italy Italy is also a Federation of different regions. In Spain their a little bit more like the French. the United Kingdom the United Kingdom has several nationalities They have English they have the Scotts they have the Welsh and they have the Irish nationalities but the British have accepted last year a referendum on the Scottish independence they were a lot of the good sports to let this referendum decide finally the Scots decided not not to make their BREXIT from the United Kingdom and they stayed with it but this this was a very democratic attitude from the United Kingdom France refuses to behave like that so this is why I’m telling you federalism is something considered rude in France that’s the other nations around France are quite ready for federalism because they’ve always they realize that within their own countries and I would even say that Russia the Russian Federation is a federation and even before it was called the Russian Federation after the Glasnost of Mr. Gorbachev, even when it was the Soviet Union. Soviet citizen would be a Soviet a citizen of the Soviet Union and his passport but he would be of Russian nationality or of Georgian nationality or of Ukrainian nationality or other nationalities within the Soviet Union the nationalities were recognized as such which is not the case in France and to answer your question why did I choose to participate in this Federalist adventure in France it’s not because I’m a masochist or desperate but because I would like to participate modestly at a modest level to the gentle education of the French people to the idea of federalism of course I realize that I have no chance to be elected and I have very few chances to have members of my party elected before quite a few years but we’ve been working since 1911 to communicate we have created this small political party, which is recognized officially and we have even helped create other parties and for instance for them..the European Parliament’s election in 2014 four years ago we have had 16 we had our party represented in 16 of the 28 member countries little by little we are progressing and we are going to run for next year’s election at the European Parliament I don’t think sincerley I shouldn’t say that because I’m the President of the branch in Alsace and we have we’ll have our list we’ll have our candidates but we have very little chance to succeed but we will go forward and transmit this idea you know in France the political party take the Front National party for the fifth first 15 years of existence of this Front National party they wouldn’t make make more than two and a half percent then after 15 years of existence which we don’t have because we patterned our party in well seven years ago after 15 years the Front National managed to have over 5% which is the minimum percentage to be reimbursed of your campaign expenses, which are very much regulated in France you may not spend more than a certain amount amount of money , justify where the money comes from etcetera etcetera etcetera but if you want to be reimbursed of what you have put on a table you must make 5% so the Front National only managed to do that after 15 years of existence you’ve seen the score they’ve made four years ago in the European Parliament It was a score that stunned everybody not only in France but also in Europe so little by little we will push forward our idea of federalism and today in France today there is a man who has who now is planning to use our platform of 2014 for his own party next year and this is President Emanuel Macron. I was very surprised six months ago maybe more than six months ago to read the draft the project of his platform for next year’s elections to the European Parliament and It was almost verbatim the platform of my party four years ago so I think that our pedagogic is working slowly very slowly maybe we will not be elected but maybe on this platform some members of Mr. Macron’s party En Marche will be elected and good luck to them if they can federate Europe we will be very happy if we can do it better than them I would prefer I’m not sure that we have the means to do it today tell me if I’m correct the way I understand it is there’s many Federalist groups throughout the European Union and what your group specifically did was create the first transnational party that would go across the European Union so actually even though that may be small it’s huge and it sounds like it was perfect or is perfect for the time because the Federalists have been around for a long time. They have a voice within the European Union through the different groups and it sounds as if the timing is really perfect for this


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