Federalism in Our House Hold
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Federalism in Our House Hold

I just can’t do this anymore.  Mike I didn’t
know you were home. I need your help I left my textbook at
school and I have a test due on federalism tomorrow. I know you know something. You’re absolutely right. let me get a white board and I’ll explain what federalism is to you.  Also write down exactly what I write.  Now, lets began. First of all federalism is a form of government in which powers are divided between the state
and government.  To give you a better example let’s pretend our house is the United States. And each one of our rooms is the state. Now, you and i have power over rooms, unless the bigger power, which is mom tells otherwise. You follow? So, it’s like when my mom makes me clean my room but I don’t want to Exactly, now that you follow me let me get
into more detail.  There are two main types of federalism dual and Cooperative. Cooperative
federalism is when the government and state share powers and dual federalism is when they
have separate powers. Powers Under the federal government consists of managing: money, foreign
affairs, national security, the mailing system, and interstate commerce. Hey mom does have these powers Exactly now the states have power over electing
mayors and Governors, education, banking, licensing those in a specific field of study and Handling
anything the Constitution does not specify. On the other hand when the state and federal
government share powers they’re known as concurrent powers. These powers consist of taxing citizens,
borrowing money and making laws. The reason that federalism is needed is to create an
even balance of control. It also help people obtain an old wants and needs that they desire
such as passing laws that support majority opinion. Those could be anything from dealing
with the death penalty, all the way to passing traffic laws. Now, Kenny, can you think a law
that mom made that helps out the household? That’s way easy. When mom extends our curfew
on the weekend so we can hang out with friends Exactly so based off of what you learned so
far can you tell me whether or not we are using a dual federalist system in our house
or a cooperative federalist system in our house? Well I say it’s a cooperative Federalist system
because according to what you told me a cooperative Federalist system is one that will shares
powers in order to work together better and solve common problems You’re right. So why wouldn’t it be dual federal system? Well because in a cooperative federalism the
powers are used to help solve common problems In a dual federalism the states and government
have separate powers which don’t necessarily work together Exactly Kenny it really seems like you understand
what federalism is now but remember that the government powers always take precedence over
the state powers and when ever there is a discrepancy as to which power rules over the
other, it is up to the Supreme Court to decide through judicial review Mike I really appreciate you taking the time
to teach me about federalism. I hope I ace this test. No problem Ken Man, anytime. I’m sure will do just fine

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