Federalist and the U.S. Web Design Standards
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Federalist and the U.S. Web Design Standards

I don’t understand why it doesn’t look
at a video so let’s talk about how the US web design standards play into this
the u.s. web design standards are a project that came out of eighteen FN are
now owned by the digital gov team and they exist to solve as soon as it loads
come on maybe yeah this problem you have a lot
of different ways of building buttons and imagine this but for menus or for
side templates or for logos or for colors or for any number of other things
there’s a huge diversity in these systems and each one of these has to get
designed each one of these requires you if you’re a contract if you’re a
contractor you have to design all these if you’re a government official you have
to ask for these and then approve them versus just having one available out of
the box so remember how I talked about federalists is the backend solution well
the u.s. web design standards are here to make it easier to do the front-end
stuff they’re not and the name standards has a lot of meaning in government
they’re not standards in the sense of being required there it assign standard
is meant to be a set of tools that are available for you to leverage and use
and that team is actively thinking about you know the accuracy of its name but
it’s meant to be a set of resources that you can use out of the box so for
example the US web design standard says here’s a specific set of colors that you
might want to use that all work together that are all 508 compliant in terms of
in terms of the contrast that you can use that allow you to you know leverage
these things and if you notice this presentation is making a lot of use of
that color right there although it may not show up an image well so the u.s.
wavelet handers are now part of the digital gov team that is Jeremy Z who is
for folks online the person that you’re talking with interacting with and he and
I are working together to push more content to make the front end side of
your work easier but I want to distinguish again between the back end
of federalists which is done in @ v 1.0 and the front end stuff which is an
forever work-in-progress because all of you have a huge diversity of front end
needs or focus in federalists is solving the back end stuff
solving the APO stuff solving to compliance stuff you can see more
information about that and the u.s. web design standards federalists is here to
solve the backend stuff the webdesign Sanders is here for the front
end stuff any questions about that so far
yes there’s a bunch of different ways to do it but that’s the it’s that’s the
same kind of idea about what they’re trying to get at and it depends on how
you start off so the process of starting off with that you don’t have to use the
web design standards with federal you could use it you know epa.gov is on the
standards we didn’t and we weren’t involved in that at all USDA dot-gov is
on the standards we weren’t involved in that and all that was our favorite kind
of use case because we were able to have impact without doing anything and I’m
sure they deployed it in different ways you can deploy the standards on Drupal
you can deploy them on WordPress you could deploy them standalone there’s
lots of different options and that federalists exists to help you with that
but it’s different if they’re kind of focused in different areas

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