Federalist v anti federalist
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Federalist v anti federalist

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done hey we are stress free we are proud Isa what do you think Isa
answer me no why?!?! oh well we’re all happy so hope you guys enjoy it
Im ecstatic guys we are all ecstatic kinky hahaha okay bye guys we love you
peace love and happiness on a tranquil autumn on September 17th
Isabella and Jasmine were walking in the forest but in suddenly Jasmine got
hit by a book whats it about anti-federalist and federalist lets check it out! Wonderland? Don’t be crazy we are in the middle of no where ???- good morning what are blossoms like you doing on this dirty ground this is Alexander Hamilton a federalist
he was the man who created the Federalist Party Um sir? where are you heading off to? Well actually I’m heading off to the ice-cream parlor it was obvious Hamilton was lying Who said that? Well you caught me, I’m actually, I’m going to meet john jay And james madison to propose a plan Write the federalist papers, to show those anti- federalist who is bossin! well, where is Thomas Jefferson why would you search for that son Federalist strong
government party mostly made up of founding fathers some Federalists
include Hamilton George Washington and Benjamin Franklin these fathers believed
in strong national government their greatest enemy anti-federalist Why was she seeking for that son of a Oh HAMILTON you were just speaking about me? Thomas Jefferson he is one of the
biggest anti-federal he basically missed the late 80s he travelled to France as a ambassador and came back in the in 1789 there were lots of other
anti-federalist but he was well known anti federalist believed in a weak national
government they were too frightened to allow a government to overpower them
they didn’t agree one bit with the Federalists 1888 the anti-federalist and
Federalist paper. where is Hamilton and Jefferson and where is Isa. hello
Jasmine right now Hamilton supposed to be in his office writing 51 essays for
the Federalist Papers which contain reasons on why they need a strong national government Hm full of surprises Jefferson? oh he’s probably in France
right now, well what about the rest of the anti federalist? Well, Jefferson aint, the only one silly there’s John Hancock
Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry OOO Samuel Adams and Hamilton are fighting, IM GONNA GO CHECK IT OUT! You WORTHLESS FEDERALIST! IM WORTHLESS?!?! you don’t even know what you want to do with your own GOVERNMENT! I think you guys should CALM DOWN You know what? RAP BATTLE TIME Do you want monarchy now that’s crazy Do you want more bloodshed, start thinking with your head! If we use this plan for success You have to forget about the rest this is the land of liberty this is the land of
the free my name is Sam Adams and I’m an Anti-federalist Last thing i wanna see is people screaming off with your head If you can’t compromise then stay in your beds Have you read Common Sense? Cause right now you’re being an offense Do you really want success? Cause this countries a bloody MESS! If we stick with no strong government Even McDonalds would say I’m not lovin’ it We need three branches separated thats no debating! The states are out of HAND! What happened to our Land. Do you wanna go back crying to your king? Because if i remember correctly America threw away his ring When shays rebellion happened Britain WAS LAUGHIN! we have to cooperate Before it’s too late! Oh! This new constitution is going to lead to our execution Our rights are not here, why can you not hear! We need a bill of rights if that’s alright But i know that Hamilton wants to sit on the throne King George once owned Listen to me now There are people fighting in town. You better give us our rights If not, there are gonna be some civil fights. Wait, why don’t we just add a Bill of Rights to our Constitution Defining the rights of the people in the strong
national government It’s that easy? YES! wait what about the slaves let’s say
that for another day And the winner is The federalist with the Constitution. You know what would have been crazy! What? The Federalist and Anti-federalist were actual political parties Well about that you know how today we have elections
mainly by Democrats and Republicans well back then it was basically that but with
feds and antis You’re kidding? No, not really. well don’t we see this in modern time? well due to the loss of interest in
parties Federalists collapse after 1815 Well what about the anti-federalists? well they technically disbanded after
the war of 1812 and became Democratic Republicans Well didn’t the federalist collapse in 1815, does that mean there was only one political party left? it was the best time ever guys I wouldn’t agree with that Shut your blabbering Hamilton It was the Era of Good Feelings! Do you know how it feels like to be shot then have your party disbanded Im gonna leave before you guys start throwing punches It’s the book! Time to go home! That was cool Yeah it was Lets hope this NEVER happened again Like i don’t know should i talk to them or something Maybeeee But seriously we should go see hamilton some time It be cool! Ooo wow look a book! Thats interesting rolling I’m rolling they see me rolling yes I’m rolling wait start over start
over because I was going like this on rolling

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