Feingold: Supreme Court Becoming ‘Kangaroo Court’ Under Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Feingold: Supreme Court Becoming ‘Kangaroo Court’ Under Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  • Manoj John Axelsson

    This Dude "dumbtrump"…..he is a real bad hombre or however it is that you spell it ! wow, just his screen presence makes my gut wrench ! what evil incarnate and the hate inside him is so visible and disgusting !

  • ulli goschmidt

    Now that rotten nazi pack in the White House is installing the " Reichsgerichtshof". One step closer to civil war.
    Btw. Where are the jews of the U.S.? Are you blind?

  • Tre Bucketz

    Blue collar worker might be too generous for these people. So they want to reduce migrant numbers from the South, and take away spending and resources from the people, but are against abortion…. If these are the people that rise to the top, we can only confirm the Nation is pretty [email protected] dumb.

  • John Townsend

    Come on people, it’s so obvious … trump picked Kavanaugh because of the judge's view that a sitting president cannot be indicted, to wit "the country loses when the President’s focus is distracted by the burdens of civil litigation or criminal investigation and possible prosecution.”.
    It’s a tacit admission that the President is therefore above the law.

  • Bruce Gately

    53% of the population of America is female. And this is happening? Yes, the same 53% that spent the elections criticizing Hillary Clinton's pantsuits.

  • Gio Sale

    this is all on the Dems, so own it. And they are still pushing corporate/right wing "democrats" and working against progressives.

  • Dee Pattison

    Trump's primary concern is self protection and this choice is perfect for that goal. This man has a long record of statements about protection of a sitting president. Has Trump finally found a way to nullify Mueller's investigation? Looks like it.

  • Francoise Loffler

    As usual trump will pick the most corrupted, the most crooked and as long as he is loyal and a liar he will be welcome as someone GREAT to trump groups!

  • Francoise Loffler

    The Americans should be very careful of Putin again helping trump to win the next elections putin is an hypocrite and his elections at home have always been false…

  • Andrew_Owens

    I've got to say this. Given what's going down, Roe v Wade is small fish. We're in danger of losing democracy and the Republic forever. It wouldn't surprise me if this court burns the Constitution and names Trump king.

  • Chris Perry

    It's lost it's respect already. A supreme court that counts companies as people to skirt campaign donations law has already been corrupted.

  • Lilac Lizard

    Kangaroo court is a dumb name! Implies Australian, but this sort of thing doesn't happen in Australia. We all have easy access to voting & see it as our civic duty to turn up & cast a ballot, even if it's a protest one, we still turn up & vote & buy a "democracy sausage" to support the local school's (where we vote) fundraising

  • Liesbeth de Vries

    Congress is corrupt. Vote for politicians who are not narcissistic. Trump should be forced to do a medical exam.

  • Terry Jones

    The solution to this problem is simple. If congress is not going to fix constitutional problems by passing amendments, then all Judges in America should be DIRECTLY ELLECTED with term limits. Otherwise regardless of whom appoints them you will end up for 30 years of dictators telling the people how to live their lives. Its time that America grows up and ensures that the people have a direct say with 4 year terms on judges. You can not have a democracy where someone that is unelected is RULING LIKE A KING!

  • SuperUbermensch

    'President' Trump should not be allowed to make any decisions until we find out whether or not he's a traitor.

  • Doug Carter

    DON'T YOU DARE call the supreme court a kangaroo court. Look up the meaning ! Got it now ? Rosen'thorn and Mule-gestapo are running the ONLY KANGAROO COURT gathering set-up info via a gestapo secret Special Council. No budget restraints, no predefined crime evidence BEFORE a Special Council can be appointed, no time limit. This farce was set up by 2 Deep State public servants ? Now back to your mis-use of the term KANGAROO COURT. Nothing to do WHO the judges ARE idiots… its the HOW and WHY of the motive and collection of evidence that is presented to one or a number of judges that process defines the terminology. The famous Australian KANGAROO COURT was held by the British in the BOER WAR 19th century the USA wasn't very old then.Where falsified evidence was used against an Aussie Soldier by the name of BREAKER MORANT. He was SHOT DEAD by their firing squad …. a witchhunt to find a scapegoat for the errors of the British high Command over the killing of a local soldier.
    Check it out, do your research you excuses for "journalists"

  • erghjkm vbnmlp

    No One Trolls the Press Like Our MAGAnificent president
    July 9, 2018 BFH

    In a troll of deeply epic proportions White House staff just walked all reporters & journalists covering the SCOTUS pick by the dumpster & a portrait of Hillary Clinton. When I asked @hogangidley45 if that was on purpose he said “absoloutely.”

  • xl

    I can't wait for a decision of the SCOTUS in a 6 months where they will vote in something related to Trump's impeachment in favor to Trump — thanks to this guy

  • Heavenly Joy

    We need to also replace the other liberals, and fill with those like Gorsuch, Barrett, and Kavanaugh. No way for the twisted minded. We are waiting for one more nomination to come soon!!!!

  • Douglas Krueger

    "A president who wasn't even elected by the majority of Americans". 4:17
    WTF Sen. Feingold! NO president has EVER been elected by the majority of Americans! Get your facts and your history straight. You shouldn't have to stoop to this sort of hyperbole.

  • hownow

    Another anti American GOP Kleptocracy neo con politician in our SCOTUS … I hope Dems hammer this parasitic leach out of contention … ⚰👎☠

  • Robert Bowman

    I live in London and very upset he is here for 2 days . Have visited USA many times. Never met anyone who would vote for this imbecile. 70 years of fighting racists, evangelicals, science deniers. All going to back to dark ages. Wtf.

  • Tidbit

    Well it's important for Dems to run on Human rights issues; they should also run on more jobs, better jobs, affordable healthcare, rebuilding infrastructure, enhancing the school system, etc. Because these are bipartisan issues that all voters can get behind. (It's sad but the fact is that middle America does not care about LGBT rights, or bathroom rights, or abortion rights; if the Dems run on these things then Donald Trump will certainly win a second term)

  • No Worries Health & Wellness

    A Conservativce Supreme Court ensures that the GOP can continue voter suppression tactics, and gerrymandering the voting districts to ensure they remain in power regardless of whether they are in the majority or minority. This has been the Conservative agenda for as long as I have been alive.


    Now he wants to poison the Supreme Court and put them in the pocket of Racist, Bigots and Prejudice amerians' For a Score or Two, The People should decide on these matters. Be cause they are very Corrupt (Politician ) and Bias. kangaroo court indeed' End of story.

  • Goldgem1 InfinityX

    The Court began drifting that way since Bush versus Gore. Didn't America allow the lead GOP counsels for Bush in that event ride high unto the highest Courts of the Land? Roberts was, no doubt, rewarded with a Seat, and later the very top seat of Chief Justice, on the Supreme Court. Others were pushed unto Appeals Courts and, now, we have another among them nominated to the Supreme Court.

    The GOP has long made it their priority agenda to fill the highest Courts of America with their sons and daughters alone, knowing that in the event of any contest to be determined by the rule of Law, it would be most likely decided in their favor. Where have the Democrats been the last 28 years?

    With their Gerrymandering, packing the Courts, and undermining the Electoral process with foreign influence, the GOP could keep control of governance of the USA for a long, long time, overturning every policy and program that the Democrats set up to help even up the Social space.

  • j ruskky

    2 things. 1st a sitting President can not be indicted. A President must be impeached. If a President could be indicted then any prosecutor in any state could bypass the Houses duty of impeachment and unseat a President. That is settled law a long long time ago. 2nd let's be clear, Supreme court judges are appointed for life, so once confirmed a judge owes no loyalty to anyone, or anything other than the constitution. The worst thing that would happen if Roe V Wade was overturned is the issue goes back to states rights, which many states would uphold, and some would not. There are laws on the books in all 50 states addressing Abortion. Let's not pretend baby murder is our highest priority here. Abortion is murder! Conservatives are pro choice but MURDER is not a choice! The choices are, Abstenance, Contraception, Adoption, or Motherhood. 4 good choices all in control of any woman.

  • Salvador G. Jimenez

    Shouldn't the country wait until it is decided if Trump is FIT to be a President or "not a present and direct danger on meeting with Putin of Russia, what is the hurry of the President that he can't wait till be declared INNOCENT of any and all accusations? Have you people not noticed? The US, with President Trump, has become "the most friendly state towards Russia" months after the old US, under Obama, put stiff economic sanctions to Russia. Sanctions that Trump is more than eager to undo. What part do you not understand? Our Congress and Senate act more like the Soviet Union Politburo(?).

  • N S

    Trump is under criminal investigation and appointing a Supreme Court Justice is a conflict of interest. Republicans will have to pay child support to their mistresses.

  • B/T M/N

    Sooooo … at some point in time You guys need to change your system so that the people YOU put into office ACTUALLY do their job on behalf of the PEOPLE. I mean seriously, what is it going to take for AMERICANS to actually have true representative government?? aka a True Democracy …

  • Inglorious Basterd

    If you have ever spent even a day in the Infantry one of the first things they tell you is "This is NOT a democracy!" and since Trump admires dictators and wants to be one himself it is pretty obvious that he will do his best to accomplish his goal.At least in the military you can leave though I didn't but in a country under dictatorship it's a whole other thing.

  • Inglorious Basterd

    Eisenhower and Kennedy both warned against the real powers at hand that control everything and it's the big BIG money players.They,in a nutshell look upon all those who aren't one of them as slaves to be treated as such and they have been working on their agenda for a very long time now and are almost there,just keep giving in to them and they will have what they want.Trump is not an accident,he is the coupe de gras, the dupe they needed to turn everything on it's head so that a disaster (that Trump will create/cause) happens and then they call for and institute martial law and total shut down of ALL "rights" except of course for them…check and mate.

  • rant404

    Kavanaugh dissented in the DC Circuit decision upholding DC's outlawing of assault rifles. Kavanaugh's in the pocket of the NRA. Let the Las Vegas-like slaughter's continue.

  • Inglorious Basterd

    Both Eisenhower and Kennedy warned against the powers that actually run everything.They are the big Big money players (a world wide cabahl) who consider anybody who's not one of them to be nothing more than slaves.They have been working on their agenda for a very long time and all you have to do is keep giving in for them to be successful.Trump is NOT an accident but the dupe they arranged for to turn everything on it's head and ultimately cause a world crisis so they can implement martial law and finally take ALL rights away…this is not a drill.

  • Inglorious Basterd

    America you are the frogs in the pot slowly being boiled to death…your rights started to be eroded in earnest as of 9/11 and the Trump presidency is part 2 but at break neck speed…stop and think…how many rights have you lost since 9/11 and how many more are you about to lose?

  • Inglorious Basterd

    The real reason Trump is such a good buddy to Putin is because Trump is just a subordinate to Putin who is a senior officer in the world wide super rich that run the whole show.

  • Pablo Ucan

    Seems bizarre that the "Federalist Society", which purportedly supports federalism, is pushing forward candidates that actually support a unitary executive. Trump will pick a nominee that will back him up no matter what and weaken any governmental protections on the poor and powerless in America.

  • Duke Makedo

    People in this Comments log talk about Trump as if he's Darth Vader. They exaggerate his every move into being pure evil. Too many of you want to build Trump into something worse than he is.

  • Bruno Brizzi

    The american people now have
    A Court that is no longerSuprime..
    Abortion it is a woman decision and privilege.
    Women republicans and democrats should rise and fight together.
    Bruno Brizzi Maccaferri.

  • Margo Romero

    This INSANE POTUS needs to be STOPPED. Make NO MISTAKE we are one step closer to LIVING in a world like Handmaid's Tale!
    #VOTE #VoteThemOut #ShameOnGOP

  • Bruce Nelson

    If the Republican party had vetted Donald Trump prior to him even becoming their presidential candidate then the U.S. would have not allowed him to even been running due to his various potential legal offenses. I am sincerely hopeful that the Republican senators will vote for the benefit of their country in deciding about he supreme court nominee before them. President Trump should definitely be above the law or the rest of the G20 nations will consider the U.S. as a foolish one.


    Well, The American system aint so great after all is it folks. Such an arrogance, such an ignorance of the rest of the world, and such an isolated, crumbling debt laden economy that is going to collapse one of these nearby days.
    Anarchy is not far away in my opinion, the nation is splitting very comprehensively, I see the mobilisation of the black population as the key factor – the resurgent rascist white right will inevitably start on black rights, and i cant see them rollingover and laying down for much longer. That will change the dynamic an awful lot, as they really dont have that much to lose.

  • Peter Almo

    It never ceases to sicken me, hearing people nobly invoke the phrase "women's rights." As if women, or anyone for that matter, should have the right to choose to end another life. Unborn babies are precious and innocent. They are deserving of basic human rights and protections, and that includes the right to live.

  • Baritone45

    I always skip the Orange Traitor when you guys stupidly serve as his echo chamber. Please don't show clips of him whining and lying.

  • Watcher

    Can a president be removed from office? At the federal level, Article Two of the United States Constitution states in Section 4 that "The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors."

  • Veronica Underwood

    This Judge pick is anti everything and is not what Our Country need when our President is economically bankrupting the Country and the World. President Trump is only looking out for himself he is a Con Artist who is making Money on our Backs Wake up we are being Had

  • Lars Jones

    Not a problem as long as everyone gets out to vote. We need the House and a simple majority in the Senate for now. We don't need to convict yet, Mueller will do that. We can hobble him. In 2020 we can have a new President and pack the court back to balance.

    If you don't vote in November, you do not deserve to live here. This is an existential crisis. Forget the personalities, forget RvW, forget Russia. Get out and vote or I might show up at your door and ask you why didn't. This crime must be prosecuted

  • Margaret Garbincus

    Corporate Dems are more aggressive when opposing Progressive Dems than they are when opposing Republicans – it's disgusting! This is why I am no longer a Democrat and I am now an Independent- the Dems are weak and they are hypocrites!

  • liberty Ann

    We didn't elect The Federalist Society. And
    Democrats should all vote no. I bet more red state Dems will respect senators who vote with integrity.

  • Youdontneedto Seemyidentification

    It's time for Dems to find their spines and stand up to the ultra corrupt tangerine tyrant and his super hypocritical enablers! We can't allow crooked diabolical old extremist McConnell to get away with a SECOND travesty of justice, especially w our crooked scandal plagued wanna-be dictator under criminal investigation! If anyone isn't outraged they aren't paying attention. The fact this criminal regime has already filled A STOLEN SEAT w their right wing extremist judge, and we know he probably bribed Justice Kennedy and has the gall to pull this stunt!

    Comrade Trumpski hopes to be granted immunity from prosecution for his many serious crimes that team Mueller is soon to reveal. Money laundering, tax evasion, treason and more. If The dirty Russian paid-off Republican party pulls it off we are no longer a nation of laws, but are morphing into just another corrupt banana republic worthy of being overthrown by a public revolution!

  • Wild Lillies

    Because we have a President who enjoys domination over women's bodies we start letting him pick anti freedom measures.?What country am I in and where are the freedom lovers?? What on Earth happened to Justice for all?

  • I'm just sayin'

    Not the first time our Supreme Court was full of elitist ne'er-do-wells who haven't a clue what their real job is. Unfortunately, it is a chronic condition that infects our Supreme Court every 30-40 years and usually takes that long or longer to reverse. Our constitutional framers established their tenure for a life time to try to shield them from political influences. How's that workin' for ya? It's very difficult to change our constitution, but I think it's time!

  • Sue S

    Apparently all the male republicans want to go back to the days of back alley abortions and babies left in dumpsters….

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