• natedogg118

    I just subscribed… great content!

    I had the elite and ended up getting rid of it because all of the logitech remotes are missing the most important feature… voice input.

  • David Smith

    Phil I just setup a harmony hub and remote, and love it so far. Just a little concerned about the security on the thing..we had some wifi wonk (robo re-tweets when I tweeted something and the same morning my wives PayPal alerted her of a potential breach) soon after setting it up. Did some research and apparently it has some gapping security flaws..any way to secure these things?

  • Nathan Budd

    Why isn't there just a web connected hub, that lets me use my phone as a remote?

    Also… I'm assuming that I can't control my Chromecast with these Logitech remotes? Considering I use Netflix, Eurosport, BBC iPlayer all through Chromecase, this is a big deal breaker.

  • • Nix •

    Your like the only youtuber i know who has made a vid about a remote : ) i like the great diversity on your channel. Keep up the good work.

  • kynxster

    I couldn't agree more about Universal Remotes being terrible for so long. Back in the day I had a "Universal Remote MX-500" that lasted me for over 5 years before it died. Once it bit the dust, I was frustrated by the market. FINALLY I got the Harmony Elite which I now can use to control my Hue lights as well as all of my home theater devices via RF. Worth every penny. I'm loving your channel. Great production quality with interesting gadgets getting thoroughly reviewed. Keep them coming!

  • Matteo Asuni

    I've just discovered this channel thx to MrMobile and it's awesome, I love the cinematography of the video, same for the intro and the video graphics. You made interesting a video about remotes!

  • Gabi Mladinoiu

    Great video!But how about apps like peel remote for android phones with IR blaster?Which app/phone is the best?

  • Mateo's Fiesta ST

    Your channel is a breath of fresh air. Subbed my man and keep up the cool content! I have the Harmony Hub with Amazon Echo integration and I love it.

  • Natasha McEwan

    Found ya through Mr Mobile, and pleased I did from watching this vid. Surprised at the amount of comments about the shoes on the bed, I didn't even noticed that. Great vid though, liked how ya explained stuff, sorta just the right amount of info and pace.

  • David Larose

    Great review modern dad I am definitely buying this I have been looking for a remote like this for the longeeest time . Thx

  • Fabiont

    There´s literally, no figuratively, no review about the Harmonys even remotely as useful as this one! Great channel!

  • Dan Huynh

    Interesting video! I never cared much for universal remotes but this video has me seriously considering one. Well done! Also, I didn't realize you were the same guy from Android Central. Holy cow you look different (and healthier!). Congratulations on meeting your fitness goals and I hope you get around to doing a video on Smart watches someday (not the Apple Watch please!). Maybe a KEYone video as well? 😉

    From one Modern Dad to another, you now have a subscriber (thanks to Mr. Mobile's plug).

  • X-Music

    Thanks for reviewing these! My old Harmony 700 is still hanging on but not looking too pretty these days. May go out and pick up one of these bad boys. Keep these great reviews coming!

  • Tom Bannister

    I'm a big fan of the logitech harmony remotes, glad you are too! The harmony companion looks like it needs to be in my life. Good work Phil, keep it up 🙂 (PS, My alexa failed to respond to "turn off all the lights" :p)

  • Jianming Chen

    this is a great video about remote that help to reduce having so many remote for all home device. this video make me want to get 1 and try it. thanks modern dad.

  • Seth Katzenstein

    great video- only suggestion would be to add the Harmony Ultimate. A lot of the features of the Elite for half the cost. It's what we're using in our den.

  • AD

    I really liked the Logitech Harmony Elite primarily because of the touchscreen which makes it feel like a smooth blend of a remote control and a phone.

    I have always been so fascinated by universal remotes that I made my own hardware using Arduino and an Android app for the same. It needs a little bit of know-how though, but pretty much works.

    I hope this tech evolves further.

  • Jason England

    Great video I had no idea they could control smart lights now. I definitely need to step up my remote game now.

    I like the one with all physical buttons. It's better when you don't have to always look at your remote and you can control by feel alone. Of course, once you actually learn where the buttons are.

  • Andy Jake

    Great video. I like how you explain things in normal terms for us regular people, not too over-the-top. You hit all the right points on all the different remotes it made it easier for me to make a choice between these remotes. I also like your video editing in the specially the audio quality. I think some people put too much focus on the video and missed the mark on the audio. Keep up the great work and thank you!

  • Dan Bayne

    I ditched my very old harmony "smart remote" a long time ago due to the very fact it was cumbersome and hard to go between profiles. I never considered getting another until watching these videos. Awesome job on the vid and nice to see you on this channel. Glad you've continued to rise (from the old android central days) and provide is with the "now" in tech. Keep it up….

  • Rodrigo C

    Never thought that a video about remote controls would be cool, but this was both cool and interesting. Great vídeo 👻

  • Ryan McVeigh

    Dang, this review has made me reconsider purchasing a universal remote. I appreciate your honest perspective on the little things in each of your videos. If I could trust that my family wouldn't throw these around and bust the touch-screen or battery cover I'd buy one today. Thanks!

  • Rick Fisher

    great video! I hope you thank Mr. Mobile for all your added traffic; I subscribed to you a few weeks ago when he started featuring you on his channel. I love my harmony one but the elite is crazy tempting. I wish you would have mentioned the integration with more smart devices, like Sonos and other wifi-only remote streaming boxes, but overall a great video and endorsement for a great product!

  • Pety

    Jeez, I know this thing is elite, but the thought of a remote control costing more than an Xbox One is just hilarious to me. The $150 one, while pricey, seemed a lot more viable to me

  • Steve Hoge

    No, actually the Logitech remotes suck too. Along with their flaky configuration apps. And along with their support.  Sorry.

  • terrellma

    I’ve been using harmony remotes for ten years and they’ve been pretty good for that long aside from setting delays.

  • ToggleMyKnob

    The title of this video is a tad misleading because Logitech Harmony devices actually suck so much dick, I had to camp out to avoid filling my apartment with jizz until I could return the utter piece of shit. Never have I seen a more needlessly-complicated, time-consuming mess. I have six always-on self-built workstations on a network in my home, so I'm not a tech pussy. This setup is just totally convoluted and non-intuitive. I'd MUCH rather deal with several remotes laying around than having to download fucking apps on my phone, sign up and register to even use them, connect to wi-fi and other similar nonsense. With a proper, actual remote, you put the god damn batteries in, turn on the god damn TV and start enjoying it. With this, you'll be downloading buggy apps and fucking around with them on your phone, going to websites for further instructions, screwing around with your router and god knows what else. Also, the remote serves no purpose whatsoever with the app on your phone. I wasted two hours on this shit, then threw the junk, the box it came in and the godawful documentation back in the bag and drove it back to the store. The clerk told me that they rarely sell one of these "Harmony" setups that doesn't get returned, which makes me wonder why it's still on the shelves. Save your time and trouble, folks and just get a REMOTE CONTROL, which is what you're really looking for anyway.

  • Randy Dunn

    Logitech and Harmony were both great once. I was hoping this video was going to be about some other brand of remote besides the Logitech Harmony, which now (after software/programming changes) does such. I loved the Harmony remotes before Logitech messed up their programming software, ruining their products.


    The input lag on these remotes is terrible with an Nvidia Shield. Still trying to find a good replacement for the crappy remote that comes with it.

  • Craig Stares

    The Logitech remote does not work very well on Apple TV 4K and PlayStation Vue app. Fast forward and rewind especially. The remote is great for all other apps. Any tips?

  • Damien Pol

    I bought a $250 Logitech remote about 7 years ago. The buttons were clicky and plasticy. The button response was laggy. The battery wouldn't hold a charge after about two years and the rubber on the back went all sticky and gross after a while despite being well looked after.

  • Tim Brennan

    Awesome job with the reviews! I'm going to embed your video in a post I'm working and will include a link to your channel. It will be available here tomorrow. https://www.universalremotereviews.com/which-harmony-remote-should-you-buy/ Cheers! Tec Timmy

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