Find New Mexico Legislation   How to
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Find New Mexico Legislation How to

It’s really easy to find things on the
website. There are three ways that you can find legislation. You can find by legislative number. You can
search by keyword, preferably a word that is in the title of the legislation. Or by
Sponsor. Say you want to find House Bill 1 from the
Regular Session 2016. Click go and you are going to be redirected to the page that houses the
legislation you were looking for. At the very top you will find the ID, the
title, and the sponsor. Under that you will find the current location, or last location
where that legislation was left. You will find the text of the legislation as introduced
in either PDF and HTML format. If there are Amendments in Context, there will be a link
for that as well as the Final Version, if that is available. Reading the text of the legislation doesn’t
tell you everything you need to know about the legislation. Other things that are important
to know about the legislation are: the Sponsors, and the Votes, the Analysis, and the Committee
Reports. The Floor Reports, Actions Taken, Governor Vetoes and Proposed Amendments. Please know, throughout the entire
website, we use abbreviations. And the Key to Abbreviations can be found under Quick
Links, Key to Abbreviations.

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