Finding Australian Legislation
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Finding Australian Legislation

Hello my name is Anne Greenshields. I am going to show you how to find legislation
from the best sources A novice might think it is efficient to find
legislation using big search engines but if you do you you then have to spend time making
sure what you have found right. Is it from the right jurisdiction?
Is it really the right act? Is it is current?
Is it the version you need? Are you sure it is not corrupted.
That all takes time and is unnecessary if you follow the steps shown here.
A safe starting point for your legal research is the Law Subject Guide which links you to
the best available legal resources. In this box you can see links to the official
legislative sources for the Commonwealth, WA, NSW. To save time I am going to use Ledgify. This
is a free instant-search tool which quickly connects to authoritative Australian legislation.
I am going to find the interpretation acts which help understand the use, structure and
application of legislation. Type the key word in the box
You can see the results all have interpretation in their title.
limit the search to Cth, NSW, WA. Lets start by looking at the Commonwealth
Acts Interpretation Act. This is ComLaw the official government site
for Commonwealth Legislation. We are now looking at the Current version
of the Acts Interpretation Act. This is also an authorised version.
Most of the time this is exactly what you need.
However that is not the case. You need to become familiar with the content
and arrangement of these sites. Notice here there is a link to an alert service
to keep you up to date. If you want historical versions and other
information related to the act you need to click on the View Series link.
We can now see the list of historical versions of the Act so you can go to the relevant version
for your point in time research and also a Tab called Enables which will take you to
the subordinate legislation including regulations, rules and order. Lets go back to Legify and go to the Interpretation
Act for NSW on the official Government legislation site. Once again you can see that this is the current
act, that this is authorised, the status of this version, the historical and previous
versions, the subordinate legislation and the alert service. Lets repeat the process by going back to legify
and looking at the WA Interprtation Act on the official WA Government site � the State
Law publisher. You can see the Current act, historical and
previous versions and subordinate legislation and an alert service. In WA reprints are the only authorised versions
of the act. They are rarely current but are essential for court work. However for most
purposes the current version is sufficient. If you follow these steps you will be on the
way to being a smart legal researcher. You will always be able to quickly find an act
from the best source available and will be building the skills necessary for your professional

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