Firearms and the Second Amendment in Texas
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Firearms and the Second Amendment in Texas

The state of Texas has a long history of second
amendment rights, the right to bear arms. It goes back in our history. I’m a guy owner myself, I’m a hunter myself. I respect, and I believe in the right to bear
arms, not only to practice recreationally but to protect your home and your family. But, today, there is going to be some areas
of Texas, particularly Dallas, that have taken on a more liberal stance, a more progressive
stance, when it comes to the right to bear arms. Even though Texas has currently become an
open carry state, they’re going to look for any way charge you with a gun offense,
particularly if you’ve been drinking, if they find narcotics on you, if you’re in
a school zone, if you’re in a place prohibitive of where the weapons are, or if you’re involved
in a crime of violence. Remember it is just like the old west, they
don’t want you coming into down having guns on you if you’ve been drinking. And so, when you’re out, even if you have
your concealed carry permit, you need to be aware. If you’re charged with any alcohol related
drug offense or family violence offense and you have a weapon on you, you’re most likely
going to be charged with a UCW. In addition, you have to be aware of any crimes
of violence. Especially family violence, you’re going
to lose your right to bear arms under the second amendment of the constitution once
they get an affirmative finding of family violence under the Brady bill. So, this is a process that can be very tricky
and that’s why you need to call an attorney and discuss these things, especially if you’re
a proponent of the second amendment and you want to continue to bear those arms. Because if you make that fatal mistake, it’s
not like they have erasers on this; its permanent. If you run yourself into this situation, get
lawyers who know how to handle this defense.

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