First Amendment…only for Christians?
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First Amendment…only for Christians?

in the middle of all this you got the
Hobby Lobby decision where the where the supreme court said a corporation can
have a religion and can basically impose that religion
on their employees because after all they’re just employees they’re not citizens or anything it’s not like the
government should be protecting their rights their employees this is a
contract you know financial thing Anderson just serves so they have to comply with the religion
of the corporation and so the Satanist church the satanic
temple the Detroit MI the Detroit chapter the
satanic temple is sane well that’s true I know our religion
were a nonprofit corporation to in our religion says that we should be able to
get an abortion without having to hear a lecture about how it might be bad for you and so we want
to do away with these mandatory the you know you gotta have u gotta read
them the list thing laws and Brian Fisher had some thoughts about
that Bryan Fischer course the host a focal
point radio show on FR talk directive issued houses government public policy at the American
Family Association AAFA organization if a dotnet is the website brian welcome back program comedy revue so I not to get of fun too much
attention but I’m curious if you know today apparently ship Smith
accused the a Robin Williams have been a coward. or words to that effect for committed
suicide curious your thoughts on the suicide as men my only thought so I’m just sad I’m sad
for Robin Williams I’m sad that his life is at a point where you felt like you
had a take such a drought a drastic action I’m
sorry for his wife I’m just sorry for his children terrible
terrible things i am just very in with his family okay I’m absolute
with you on that I think that there’s you know some
suicide she mean going on and i i think it comes out a place of people being
afraid of suicide and there’s a whole societal to go
against that they’re certainly religious taboos against it some religions you don’t gotta have
enough to commit suicide numbers kinda like but anyhow let’s let’s talk about
this this other one you you on your radio
program bram recently asserted that while Hobby Lobby a
corporation should have a first amendment rights religion and that the that the founders OVR the the the framers of our Constitution
put religion both in the first amendment and
the establishment clause that there should be no stylish my religion and no religious test a that they did that to to protect
exclusively Christians not jus not moslems not satanic temple members a church in the
Flying Spaghetti Monster sir to have their rights yeah actually a Joseph story said that he was
the longer serving a social justice in the
United States Supreme Court history he was appointed by James Madison he
wrote the first definitive history and the Constitution injustice story
said that the object to the first time ever
was to protect religious liberty for the various Christian denominations
that wasn’t the deal with anything else right now he said he said basically that
it was to prevent the the presbyterians meh and the congregational some going to
war with each other and you know there is some historical
evidence that that that was a concern I’m in jefferson
talked about that in his famous I have declared on the altar of God the
unyielding you know unyielding no opposition to any
kind of oppression in the mines a man when when he was actually talking about
priests he was talking about the church that he was opposed to it was declaring
unyielding opposition to answer it’s interesting that the top in
jefferson Memorial but but just a story wasn’t even born when
the Declaration of Independence was written he was eight years old when the
Constitution was written I get it that he was you know is a
long-term long-term long-serving Supreme Court Justice an ardent opponent of
slavery a good guy and a lotta respects he was
making almost three times as much by the time he resigned from the Supreme Court a as an author
that he was as a supreme court justice and so
there’s a lot of things that he wrote that you can quote from that may or may not be true I think you
know that quote I don’t know if he later repudiated or not but that quote is
simply wrong I mean Jefferson you gave came out
bluntly in said that that you know that the Jefferson George Washington I
mean I you know there’s no shortage of claims
but beyond that I mean in this day in age to say that the first amendment only
covers christians does that make you the same as I sis
yeah now because when it does tom is it reserves religious expression entirely to the
states the first amendment protects religious liberty for the state’s the
states can do whatever they want the state wants to make Satan is in the official religion
up their state they can do that the first amendment protects
religious liberty and authority and I would inspect herridge you very strongly to go back
and look at your history love Massachusetts incorporation into the Federation under the Articles of
Confederation when bastions his first joined the United States and later when they had the debate over
sign in the constitution Massachusetts had to alter their state
constitution is it was the only state that basically provided for theocracy
for things like a iight attacks that went directly to the
church they had to modify that just to get into the United States a history says
that you know this assertion you’re making is is just
not actual welcome your history is error at the
time the founding there were nine up to thirteen original States had established churches in their states
the purpose of the first amendment was to protect the freedom have staged
and all of them were gone by the time they ratify the Constitution they had to try not know you’re wrong about that
time the last state establishment wasn’t abolished until 1833 which state what religion I miss Connecticut was the last one to
abolish their establish religion but nine of the 13 at the time the
constitution was enacted 92 the 13 states had established
Christian denominations as the official church in our state okay let’s say E are you may well be
right i it this is news to me so let’s say that that’s the
case on for smaller cap blows up the Supremacy
Clause if the if the constitution says you know our law supersedes state law
well I but but word we’re getting in the weeds here again this is 2014 we have I a diverse religiously diverse population
in the United States war how can you assert that the
constitution the United States should protect you is a Christian and should not
protect somebody who’s was a Jew or a Muslim well actually Tom
the first amendment prevents the federal government to prevent congress from interfering with anything that state
governments want to do with regard to the free exercise of religion so it prohibits Congress from
interfering with whatever States wants to do if states want to establish islam is the official religion
their state they can do it in congress is not allowed in a range that’s freedom that supremacy tom yeah a its somehow I don’t thinks of the Fourteenth Amendments where I’m sorry privileged immunity or yeah okay yeah or your nose no state
shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the Privileges or
Immunities of Citizens the United States nor shall any state deprive any person
of life liberty or property without due process of law nor deny to any person within its
jurisdiction the equal protection laws and spring lot/land as the Constitution so you know what you are saying may have
been true prior to by wait the eighteen seventies in the
14th members passed it certainly not true now front yard up Greg first amendment to the states in
1876 never not have a congress congress tried
to incorporate the bill rights against the state in
1876 didn’t do it for them it still means that they
would have been better Ryan Fisher a host a focal point radio AF a dotnet
thank you brian our time you’re welcome anytime this is the Thom Hartmann program so shall we start lobbying one of the
states to establish the church the its by
Spaghetti Monster zoo officials troops take the lead


  • ZerqTM

    There is no anti-abortion scriptur in christianity what so ever!!!
    in fact the bible even mentions a abortion ritual!!

    christianity is pro-abortion!
    any prists who claims scriptural support for a "pro-life" position hasent read the fucking bible and is an ignorant bloody fuckhead!

  • judyleasugar97

    OMG, states rights again. So tired of it , , , States rights is just another way of saying 'I'm imposing my will on the other people of my state'. And they're opposed to tyranny?

  • ZerqTM

    everyone is all ready the pope of discordianism and discordianism is already the state religion… because the states if asked will deny it which inly validates it!

    I love discordianism.. everyones the pope of it and every opinion of it is corret and infallable!

    the very act of learning about the religion is the act of becoming its become pope of it…

    as your read this you to have become the pope of discordianism… and all your opinions on it are 100% infallable and correct…

    Especially the ones that conflict with the ideas of other discordinaist popes…

    It is the one unstopable world religion!

    You cannot beat it! you cant avoid it!

    the only way to stop it would be through the complete and total destruction of the entier universe! since even a stray transmition of the idea decoted and translated by an alien civilisation would set that world afire with it!

    no other religion even comes close to its unstopable potency!

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