First Amendment Only Protects Christians, Says Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer a is apparently the head
of the American Family Association and he apparently is some sort of media show put anybody ever watch that
to be honest is when we run has cops they’re amusing and obviously the appeal
to certain percentage other a country and give you a sense with the
right-wingers are coming from so it we don’t show your
eye pressure causes an enormously popular guy but we show it to you cuz he’s somewhat
representative I love the thought process is a verb certain percentage in
the country right so he want to weigh in on that Oklahoma
monument controversy that we’ve been telling you about that’s where they have a some foot are
my man over the Ten Commandments on public land but this is okay boo bar with private money so for satanic
temple in New York decided they’re gonna builder Ste John statue of Satan and put it in
the same place and of course that said heads reeling
because now you can discriminate on the basis of
faith and then by the way the a Hindu group came in and said they like
to build the Lord I hola months that statue there as well
and so they can try to figure out a way to get outta this Bryan Fischer is a
genius idea he says you know what when they’re founding father said free religion now he mean that so Brian what do they mean
tell us at the time the founding 99.8 percent of the population have the
colonies were became States were Christians the other 0.2
percent were jewish but the but the point is by
religion the founders nothing if Christianity so
the purpose was to protect the free exercise the Christian faith it wasn’t about
protecting anything else there that there was no they were
providing any cover or shelter for the free
exercise obvious llame or even judy is a more
human atheism they weren’t saying you can’t do it I
want to be clear on that they weren’t prohibiting that they were just saying that’s not what
we’re talking about here now the founding fathers were very clear okay there’s a Christian nation when we say
we’re protecting free religion I’ll use a type of we really mean it we
may just we want to Christianity I’m pretty sure the founding fathers for
apparently eloquent and actually knew how to write in
Christianity if they wanted to and I like the lie that he made up in
the middle there about how I was lying 9.8 percent question .2 percent to when we get those numbers well obviously
from his anus Fulham straight out of his ass there are
no such numbers and by the way while the founding
fathers were neither questions nor jus there were fears jus doesn’t believe that you can only
get the have been through Jesus Christ doesn’t
leave any the mythology of Jesus Christ your question their wifi yes now all them but a lot of them and some
were flat-out EDS so of course as usual Bryan Fischer
his OCR totally lying about this and in case you were clear about their
intentions well it’s okay cuz we have a guy by the name of Thomas Jefferson
who signed the Treaty of Tripoli and now this of course after the founding document when he was president
but its Thomas Jefferson he wrote the Declaration of Independence a large role the Constitution I think he
might know what it meant quote as the government of the United
States of America is not in any sense founded on the
Christian religion as it has in said in itself no character up enmity against the laws religion or
tranquility Musselman and as the said States never entered into any war active
us soyoil yes any Mohammedan nation it is declared by
the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions show ever produce an interruption of the
Harmony existing between the two countries the country is in no sense based on the Christian religion how’s
that for clear that’s only Thomas Jefferson

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