First Amendment Test – Lukeville Port of Entry, Mexico to U.S.A., Customs and Border Protection
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First Amendment Test – Lukeville Port of Entry, Mexico to U.S.A., Customs and Border Protection

[Ready for Officer] [All Traffic] [Have Documents Ready] Hello Howdy Hows your day? Good Thank you. Is that one of those camera things? Hm? What’s that? Cameras? Huh? Yeah. Yeah. Is it recording? Yep. Okay. You have to turn it off before you cross the Border because it’s a Security Risk. Uh, um, I’m exerting my First Amendment Right to uh, record here. I can’t hear you. I said, I’m, I’m declaring my First Amendment Right to film here. Alright. Go ahead and park in front of number 1 and I’ll have a Supervisor advise you, okay? Okay. Thank you. How may I help you sir? Hm? What can I help you with? Nothing. Huh, I’m just The Officer’s asked you to shut the camera off Yeah, I’m declaring my First Amendment Right to record. You’re on Federal Property right now I understand We also have signs up that say everywhere that Photography is not allowed I, I heard the uh, ACLU is willing to challenge that law. Okay. That’s fine. Well shut it off and I’m willing You’re going into the Federal Inspection Building. We do not allow cameras within the Federal Inspection Building Out here, fine. I don’t have a problem with that. Okay? So, I’m going to need you to shut the vehicle off Shut the camera off Shut your helmet off and go inside please. And you can leave your helmet out here also. Yeah. We’re not here to try to cause any problems of any sorts We have a job to do Uh, huh. We ask that you cooperate Yeah Alright? Mm, hm. And we’ll just escort you over this way, alright?


  • Thomas Jefferson

    I'm exercising my first amendment.
    Your what?
    My amendments, the things that you swore to uphold and protect.
    My bosses orders?
    No my rights bitch.

  • Jerald Polohanan

    if he just shut the camera off he would have been on his way.. but no he had to do it the hard way and prolong himself to get where he needs to go. smh

  • gbppitt

    Our rights are no good on federal property? As the beutiful young lady was telling you to turn the camera off! She was wondering to herself! Why? Then she remembered! She is following orders! No matter how stupid. She has to follow the orders. All of the feds in this video are young impressionable adults! They are capable of thinking for themselves. Why won't they! You were not a problem for anyone. They made you a problem. The sad thing is, Their family's are going to see this video. Ouch!

  • generic username

    I feel like beating a kitten to death with a dead puppy when someone approaches and asks "can I help you?". I mean, dafuq kinda retarded shit is that?

  • William Kimbler

    There is no such thing as a first amendment test. There is no judge that has recognized a first amendment test.Its an excuse to cause trouble and hope you catch something youtube worthy. What a joke…

  • thenerdnetwork

    This guy does this every Saturday afternoon… Rides up to the same border crossing… knows just what to say so that the officers take him inside and give him a full fist cavity search… just when he thinks they cant get any deeper in there… SURPRISE!! they do!

  • Chris Newman

    Sorry, but our 1st amendment right to report on the actions of government doesn't stop at boarders or federal buildings. The entire purpose of the right of the press is to keep government's actions transparent. The mere fact they act like they have something to hide, indicates someone within this building/area doesn't want their actions exposed.

  • Everett Schulte

    Just one thing: why the hell can't she just say "okay that's cool, you can film. you do have your rights since we're in the lovely USA now." Instead she has to do some run around and call the president because he's filming. I'm not even ready to watch the rest, because I'm sure he's about to get searched and dicked on.

  • LockedenLoad

    That CBP Field Operations Federal Officer at the boarder check was smoking hot!  She should be used to getting recorded on the job!!  You should have given her the tip of your first amendment to suck on but I guess she wanted a gang bang.

  • Damien Percy

    And …..then?………………….WTF happened ? You were detained. THEN WHAT? 
    Is that it? You didnt comply with your masters order so THEN WHAT? Did you escape? Were you beaten? disappeared?

  • Auto Insider

    Your videos are strange, directionless and pointless. Apparently only you understand what it is you're doing. A complete waste of time if you're attempting to educate or entertain by posting them.

  • Brian Jayne

    But they a dozen cameras filming everyone on the way in. So, they can film us but we can't film them???? If they want to keep watching I'm sure we have the right to film back.

  • Nevadaiscorrupt

    How come every time a citizen tells someone of authority something they don't want to hear they all of a sudden go deaf?


    Border Patrol just doing her job. You also have to understand that recording on federal property is prohibited in concern that there may be a potential future attack. For example, an opponent may use the video to help coordinate attacks.

    That young lady knows she's attractive!

  • George Turner

    you should also have a spy camera you can wear, like a pen that has a built in camera. That way you can still record without them knowing about it.

  • michael scofield

    what the hell !! no challenge, no arguing saying they're wrong and you know your rights… nothing. just ok and you take your helmet off and video ends. how boring. do you even watch the other videos like jeff gray that do it cuz they know what their rights actually are and he makes the videos fun to watch. sorry but you dont belong with the other group of people that also do these.

  • Divyesh Gopal

    First of all, federal property belongs to the American taxpayers. Second, the detainment of this cyclist is a waste of taxpayer's money. What questions would they have to ask this cyclist that concerns the federal government? I hope he didn't say anything.

  • Divyesh Gopal

    Mr. Trudell, watch this video from Michael Badnarik – Constitution Class (Complete): I'm an attorney, and this video is probably the most comprehensive insight on your rights. You did not have to move over to the secondary and did not have to get off that bike.

  • Gar Zhao

    Is there a part 2? I suspect that once inside he was given an ass whupping just for GP and then sent on his way. Everybody likes a little ass, but nobody likes a smart ass.

  • Harry Schlonge

    It's amazing how the us customs make issue of basic filming while others in canada customs don't care. I'd never go to Canada but I year there like whatever. It be different if one was trying to create scene but the op clearly just films for insurance and perosnal use not to create scene. The agent made issue of camera. They say security risk but there is more problems then a tiny camera they should worry of when it comes to security issues. Such as open borders with hardly any patrols. Yeah they use blimps and the predator drones but what good is that unless you have actual feet on ground.

  • Harry Schlonge

    Clearly proof cbp abuses authority allot times. Just because someone has legit papers and is a citizen they have a fit over a cam and try to do the scare tactic pulling you into building. Did you file complaint with field supervisor and region commander? Did you file complaint with aclu?

  • MrAzrancher

    This is not open public property, it is federal property known as a port of entry. It becomes public once your screened and allowed entrance into the U.S., or turned around and sent back into Mexico.  Ports of entry fall under the same as federal prisons, military installations etc.  You do not have a right to film or photograph in these area's.   Now once you in the U.S. and outside of the port of entry you can video and photograph all you want to.

  • halnywiatr

    Robert; please emphasize the difference between border / border equivalent and inland inspections.  It is important that everyone understand that at a border crossing there is a ‘mere suspicion” standard for detention and search.  Inland there is a “reasonable articulable suspicion” standard.  At a border crossing one has to answer their questions, inland you have the right to remain silent.  At at a border crossing they can inspect your person, papers and effects; inland they need a warrant.

  • Jamie Ferro

    I just reported this guy, he's covering for drug smugglers. by wasting time at the border the real traffickers are getting through. he boasts about it on his private FB!

  • MasiMojoda

    Seriously, fucking americans all high and mighty but when someone like Al Qaeda comes along and smashes an airplane to a fucking building they cry and bitch around

  • Goodspittin

    1st Amendment doesn't supersede your capacity to understand why filming is not allowed in certain areas. There are bad people out there that would love to know exactly how border operations work in order to bypass security measures to get dangerous goods, trafficked persons, or drug money past across. Cartels could even get names and faces of agents to possibly identify and threaten/ extort them or their families.

  • mihell85

    Pointless. She doesn't want to be filmed which is fair enough. All you did was waste the agent's time and delay other travelers.

  • Joker Bravo

    Get a life. They are just doing their jobs to protect you and I. Or do you enjoy wasting your tax dollars on illegals? Ya go ahead and exercise your first amendment rights, but they do not apply on Federal Property without prior authorization, plus they had signs posted. You are lucky that CBP did not contact FPS to give you a citation.

  • FELIX Rodriguez

    the officer says we're going into a federal building no cameras allowed inside. outside it doesn't matter but no cameras allowed inside…so then why are you stopping this man then if you don't care about cameras outside.

  • lu chang

    So if you don't mind me asking, what was the out come with them? Every time I reenter the country, these a-holes always give me a hard time; especially if I greet them. I understand that the CBP are only doing their job, but professionalism is completely thrown out the window.

  • Jared Skinner

    What is seriously wrong with people. They are trying to do thier job. I don't think that guy would appreciate someone filming him while he's working. The CBPOs have a very important job to do. Just turn the camera off for 5 mins during your inspection them turn it back on when it's complete. What a jerk

  • diamondjoe1109

    the US Code of Federal Regulations clearly states that admissibility to the US based on American citizenship is to the discretion of the inspecting officer. Case closed.

  • Spazz Himself

    you are an idiot. how hard is it to obey simple rules. its Federal property, like all federal property no filming is allowed…its not that hard to grasp. it protects the men and women who work there.

  • AMPM Ri

    Youthful skin. She looks like she could be a student in high school. Good for her, doing her job. When I grow up I want to do this one day.

  • Rick Diaz

    Fucking douche bag just turn the camera off. People are just doing their job and your ignorant ass has to act like a fucking child.

  • Himself Lee

    First amendment says nothing about filming. It is for freedom of religion, speech, and of the press. Nothing said regarding gadgets available in the future like cell phones and cameras. Anyhow, just comply with the rules and quit being so self-centered.

  • Sapper 1

    You are also declaring your first amendment right to be an idiot. Do you understand you just provided intel to the drug cartel. They are poisoning our country you idiot.

  • Jose Tiscareno

    Like citizens arrest i wish there was a law for a citizen to revoke your tax paid free obama phone that is being used to harrass people with real jobs.your not an auditor your a mental patient!!!

  • Jose Tiscareno

    You know zero about the first amendment and our laws.your mentally unstable and you need to call obama and get treatment for mental illness and another free phone!!!!!!!

  • C C

    I really hate people like you who think that you can just do whatever you want. Trying to stir the pot to get attention and then play the victim. All you had to do was shut the camera off and you would have been on your way 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don’t know seems pretty simple to me…just saying

  • saudade2100

    They detained a Boy Scout troop over this once.

  • Pat Bingman

    You are stupid. Your time must be infinitely worthless. Do you really have to record crossing the border and claiming 1st amendment violation? Just do what they say and move on. Why did I waste MY time watching stupid people….

  • FIH Le PRO 101

    Officers are being polite with the safety endangered by a useless video and he is talking about his 1st amendment rights. Why can't he take that same attitude and ride into the white house with his bike and camera and see what will happen to that 1st amendment rights at the gate. People needs to be civilized and understand that there were no cameras around when the forefathers drafted their rights and with time things changes.

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