Florida Republican Wants To Make It Illegal To Remove Confederate Statues
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Florida Republican Wants To Make It Illegal To Remove Confederate Statues

A Florida state Republican representative,
not ironically, the one from, uh, my area right here has introduced legislation to kick
off the 2019 legislative year that would make it illegal for anyone in this state, even
if it’s a city town lawyer, police officer, whoever, to remove any confederate monuments
within the state of Florida would make it illegal. Now, the legislation here, this is the soldiers
and heroes. Monuments and memorials protection act was
a filed by Mike Lee from right here in Pensacola. Mike Lee Actually happens to be an African
American and he says this is not just about confederate monuments, you know, this is about
NASA monuments. You know, we’ve got Cape Canaveral down there
in south Florida. Yeah, okay. Protect a rocket ship memorial and memorials
for, for wars and things like that. And also everything from the civil war because
this protects any monument for any soldier. Hero, national person after 1822. Now you could’ve just said after 1880, after
1870. Hell, NASA didn’t exist at that point. So you’re not screwing over the astronauts. We didn’t necessarily have organized police
forces and firefighters and you know, didn’t really have any big world wars at that time. He’ll Vietnam war memorials. You still could have included all of them. You could have just excluded the civil war
folks fighting down here in the south and we all know exactly what they were fighting
for. But Mike Lee, who I have actually had the
debate, uh, an a Jamaican radio show about a year ago. That was, that was fun. This guy is a lightweight. He is a complete pushover and they wanted
him, the Republicans in the state of Florida to be the face of this legislation, to head
off any kind of talking point that this was about preserving racism. So what better way to do that than to get
the African American legislator to be the one, to propose it, to be the one to file
it. He is being used and I don’t even know that
this man is smart enough. Again, I’ve debated him and he is weak as
hell. I don’t even know that he’s smart enough to
understand that he’s being used. But here’s the thing. He says, obviously this is about preserving
history, you know, taking these down won’t get rid of what happened in the south and
that’s absolutely true, but here’s the thing, you want to preserve history. You want people to still be able to learn
about it. How about you pass legislation to protect
our history books and to stop letting these massive republican controlled textbook companies
literally rewrite history because the ones they’re rewriting in the state of Texas are
ones that are used in nearly every state in this country, including the state of Florida
and they’re trying to whitewash slavery. There are trying to make things that did happen
or not happen by rewriting the actual history books. How about you preserve history? That way you’re worried about these monuments. All they were great works of art and we don’t
want to throw them out. Fantastic. Put them in a museum to where people have
to voluntarily make the decision to go and see them if they want to. Then you’re preserving it. You’re preserving the history and you’re giving
people a choice, but you stick it in a town square and in case you can’t see where I’m
pointing, there is a confederate monument directly to the, uh, uh, in the park square
right across street from our office. That’s why I’m pointing over here, by the
way. Um, but yeah, we have one right out our window. Can’t exactly look away from that. We’re forced to see it anytime we want to
walk to lunch. Every time we drive to work, we don’t have
a choice, but to see these confederate civil war participation trophies, which is exactly
what they are. And Mike Lee thinks that that’s totally okay. His legislation is not about protecting memorials
to Vietnam soldiers. It’s not about protecting memorials to world
war one or World War II soldiers or people from NASA or firefighters or police officers. It’s about protecting those racist participation
trophies that Republicans refuse to give up. Even though, as I just pointed out, there’s
plenty of other ways to not destroy those. Just put them somewhere and provide the correct
context. Republicans refused to do that, and I wonder
why that could be.


  • Flipper Blue

    I got one for you! Let's start a Campaign to replace Confederate monuments with John McCain Statues! A Hero for Thumbs down to Trump.

  • henryvolt35

    Once again let's go over this, We could just take down the status and put them up in museum's instead of keeping in the public eye.

    Remembering history is one thing but that doesn't mean some of that history should be honored, especially if it means only to keep status of traitors out in the open so people can throw them fucking holidays.

  • James Lemley

    Why are Southern States told to rid themselves of Civil war statues. When every cannon in city squares are aimed to the South in the North.

  • Blaq Star Base 23

    I think they should leave them up to prove to black people there is no such thing as a good white person. it's their ugly history and they are proud of it. I taught all 3 of my children the truth! needles to say, they hate all non black people in ameriKKKa equally!

  • Jon Ericson

    Has this motherfucker forgotten one of the lovely habits of the Confederacy? That quite possibly, oh, I dunno, AFFECTED HIS ENTIRE FAMILY HISTORY? Jesus Mary and Joseph.

  • loisjonesable

    Wow! A DOUBLESTUFF Oreo cookie! If he’s stupid enough to embrace a “cause” like this, he’s WAY too stupid to serve in public office.

  • Blaq Star Base 23

    All non black people benefit from slavery to this day. leave them up. it's who white people are.
    before you reply show me where i have LIED!

  • Patrick Wolfe

    I'm glad he is smart enough to not allow the left from going down the slippery slope of dismantling America as we know it. Now and in the future.

  • Sweederland Johnson

    People who celebrate traitors to our country who killed so many American citizens should never be allowed to hold office or vote.

  • Roedy Green

    What arrogance, that he knows better than the townspeople how they want to decorate their town. He wants to control towns he will never even visit.


    So many sell-outs in politics.
    What the fuck is wrong with these uncle Toms and Auntie Tawnya sucking up to white nationalist just to earn a buck. Shameful.
    Embarrassed to be black right now

  • Walt F.

    Those statues are monuments to traitors, who committed treason against the U.S.A. – traitors should not be praised for treason.

  • Mr. D.

    Other than introduce universal healthcare, gun restrictions, environmental protection he works on this legislation. Unbelievable.

  • luc van hecke

    If that law existed in Russia or former Soviet states…there were statues of Stalin all over…
    Iraq every where statues of Sadam and you can't pull them down…coz of the law…
    It's preserving history….put back the statues of HITLER…

  • Roberth Pilesund

    Im wonder how that law would be written ? If it passes, and i fill parks with hundred of small 2 inch confederate monuments – would it be illegal to remove them ? John Stith Pemberton basicly invented coca cola as a direct result from a war wound while fighting for the grey – does that mean that a thrown empty coca cola can actually is a monument and forbidden to remove then ? – yes, i am getting silly here, but so is this proposal.

  • Charlie Redepenning

    If someone destroys a Confederate statue, how would they replace it? I mean in this day and age someone would just hypothetically destroy it then who would be commissioned to either repair it or replace it? and wouldn't the area where the statue was destroyed by a hot zone for protesters and stuff that's preventing the construction of a another statue?

  • Da Co

    Richmond, Virginia, the Capital of the south during the Civil War. Monument Avenue is a major street there that lined up and down with towering bronze Confederate statues. They were erected to intimidate and segregate. Honoring the dead Confederates was really just a secondary reason for putting them up. Many cities across the south did this of course using taxpayer's money to fund this propaganda campaign, with the primary function being to intimidate the coloreds (as black people were called). All the cities and towns need to move all of the Confederate monuments to a designated park and out of general public spaces.

  • Uncontrolled Substance

    I thought the republicans were against participation awards. Yet they protect em for traitorous losers who got and would eventually have one go on to assassinate a president.

  • Patrick Jenkins

    🗿 Farron, you're one of the most entertaining White guys on YouTube, in my humble opinion. I'm Black, and debating you would be fun, even if you won. It's just that I'm desperately trying to find an issue where you & I DON'T AGREE. 😗 (San Francisco)

  • Michael Hight

    It's always a brother or a sista who's used to speak about racist matters. But no one mentions that all Confederates committed high Treason against the United States. High Treason!

  • FrankypankyV8

    Fact: the majority of the confederate statues were placed decades after the Civil War. Mostly as a reaction to the Civil Rights Movement of Dr. Martin Luther King… Some as late as 2008!

  • Chronix

    Anyone out there wanna tell me why nathan Bedford Forrest is a hero? I can redily tell you what makes him a butcher of people.

  • ZeptoCreations

    I was listening to this story on the radio a few weeks ago and they claim those statues weren't even historical, they were erected in reaction/defiance to the civil rights movement.

  • Chip Walter

    Mike do you believe there is only North & South Florida? (are you one of those people?) Cause Cape Canaveral is in Central Florida, Bub. Had to point that out! LOLZ

  • Hammond

    A great idea. Leave those statues around so we can all remember what a–holes white people can be. Never forget, never forgive.

  • I Control My Fate

    Make no mistake. No matter who is presenting it, this is about preserving racism and slavery. Anyone who doubts me should look up Edmund Ruffin on youtube

  • Y2K

    So I could erect a statue of a war criminal in Florida and they'd be okay with it? What if it was a statue of Hitler? (nah, they'd like that) What if it was a statue of Stalin? What if it was a statue of Bin Laden?

    the point is, HUGE DOUBLE STANDARD on the part of Republicans in Florida

  • ThatFighterGuy

    Why don't we put up statues of ISIS fighters? At least they didn't commit treason againt America before murdering our soldiers and civilians.

  • Marvin Figures

    Just hang ISIS flags on all the Confederate monuments because they are both symbols of terrorism. If they want to glorify people who tried to overthrow this country, then let's glorify all terrorist who try to destroy America. The confederacy lost and the stars and stripes won. Why not put up a statue of the Japanese bombing pearl harbor alongside these Confederate monuments because they both represent people who tried to overthrow this country.

  • MarkWolfe

    History is good and bad. It's important to remember what came before. How about just learn from it and treat people better. Regardless, then taking down a statue is pointless

  • JJ W

    I just don't get it and I was raised in Mississippi… who erects statues of losers? Oooo these people are the losers let's make a statute of them and tell everyone how great they are. Da fuq?

  • Robert Covarrubias

    What a Black idiot protectimg confederate monuments, he must not know his is Black, unbelievable? I have heard everything Now! Have a nice day

  • Lawrence

    The confederate army and the confederate supporters are basically terrorist. There is a reason they are called rebels. Because they turned against the United States of America. Why are there statues in America celebrating traitors and terrorist?

  • nand nicarrabla

    May I suggest for the benefit of everybody that Confederate statues be erected depicting them for what they truly represent: the systematic taking advantage of an ill-informed group of people and how the perpetrators dont want to wake up to it

  • Shawn Wesson

    Mike has gotta be the dumbest Uncle Tom Kiss Ass Negro ever. Yes, some Slaves served The Confederacy for their freedom but best believe he doesn’t mention that, all the whitewashing and so on… Token Moron, turn in your Africa Card Bruh. Farron was on point

  • JM1993951

    Republican logic: Find a black person to agree with us…..totally owning the libs.

    They don't see the hypocrisy in that. Aren't they supposed to loathe identity politics?

  • Shawn Owen

    Rewriting textbooks? Yep, Orwell had the US future letter prefect. Big Brother is growing, textbooks and the dictionary are being edited down, endless wars going on, state controlled media. Are we missing anything?

  • Eclipse The Gambling Ocelot

    Wouldn’t that mean he’s technically committed treason since those statues are statues of traitors and enemies of the United States?

  • Luis Reyes

    Rep. Mike Hill is just the very thing Drumpf wanted, a black jockey lawn ornament pretending to be an elected official.

  • Steven Feduk

    I am sorry to hear Florida is suffering with Texan textbooks, and that such tortured textbooks are still an ongoing problem.

  • chimpakawanzelu

    it's fine, leave them… but put a plaque on them that documents how racist they were and that they are treasonous cucks that should have been hanged. there… problem solved.

  • Ann Pringle

    This man of color is sick and brainwashed. Black people with money thinks Trump likes them ha! He hates anyone with color.

  • Peter George

    Put the true history on the monuments about the racism the gencide and any other despicable act those so called war heroes did. See how much history the conservatives want to preserve then.

  • Peter George

    They weren't talking about preserving history when Saddam Hussein's statutes were getting pulled down . O the history . Those dicks

  • Southern Gentleman

    Why don’t people know the Confederacy was very diverse? Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, Irish, Scottish, Jews, French Algerians, and Cubans fought for the Confederacy.

    Like Stand Watie, Loretta Velasquez, Santos Benavides, Moses Ezekiel, Marlboro Jones, and W.S Lewis

  • Southern Gentleman

    “We Are Fighting for Independence, Not Slavery”. – Jefferson Davis President of the Confederacy to Edward Kirk

  • noble1 wpb

    The Rules of Conservative Correctness" 1) if anyone disagrees with you, they are a "Democrat." 2) if anyone argues with you, they are a "Liberal." 3) if they argue with you and actually present data (formerly known as "debating"), shrug it off as "propaganda from the Liberal Media." 4) if you cannot rebut the argument pick on details such as misspellings, improper punctuation or taglines. 5) If your opponent has an unrefutable argument, change the subject. 6) if your opponent consistently overturns your "correct" stories (anything told by Rush Limbaugh), use ad hominem attacks. 7) anyone who puts life over profits is a "tree hugger." 8) anyone who refutes or debates "correct" science (Creationism, Ecological Stability) is a "sky-is-falling" reactionary. 9) anyone who opposes the melding of religion and government is one of the "liberals" who helped create the rampant immorality today. 10) any federal program created by a Democrat, or that "looks" Democratic is "socialistic." 11) dismantling programs and restrictions on spending then sending the money to states as a "block grant" is better than having a standardized Federal program with rules. 12) giving tax money to People is "enslaving them," giving tax money to Corporations is "making jobs." 13) anything that does not turn a profit for private corporations is "an elitist" operation. 14) always take everything personally. 15) whatever your weakness is, blame it on your opponent. 16) the more narrow and prejudiced your sources, the more you project that onto your opponent. 17) when your opponent attacks a Republican/conservative President's policies, blame them on a Democratic Congress (or vice versa). 18) when quoting your opponent, edit his words to conform to "correctness." 19) anyone who reads anything beyond "the Limbaugh Letter" is an "ivory tower intellectual." 20) when all else fails, lie.

  • Albert Calleros

    Boy is FL State Rep. Mike Hill a self-loathing piece of shit. indeed, FL State Rep. Mike Hill is a fucking p-o-r-c-h-_-m-o-n-k-e-y. Talk about an extremely poor excuse for an African-American. There is absolutely no doubt that a number of his black forebears are 'rolling in their graves.' it is worth noting that he has just filed an extremely draconian anti-choice bill in the Florida State Legislature that would ban abortion after six weeks.

  • t

    Statues reflect community standards. There is no inherent right given
    to a piece of stone or metal to survive in perpetuity. As community
    standards change, so will the statues and markers that we choose as a
    society. In the case of Confederate monuments, as people more and more
    realize what they stand for, they will be removed. Its very simple.
    History is not erased with the removal of a statue. History is history.
    What we choose to glorify however, will always be subject to changing
    community standards. There are many southern heroes worthy of taking
    the place of confederate statues. Find them and honor these people.
    Statues that the whole community can agree on will eventually stand;
    proudly commemorating the great southern states contributions to our
    great nation.

  • Angela Anderson

    You are an idiot! This is just historic markers. Good lordt! We have evolved and wouldn’t have been able to without history. Not about being racist or proud

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