• Searching4Truth1

    So, for blowing the whistle on the Bush administration's extrajudicial surveillance, Drake was effectively accused by the BHO administration of encouraging the establishment of a dictatorship!


    [ Former NSA Official's Advice to Fellow Whistleblowers: "You Better Lawyer Up" ]

    March 2012

    Supposedly evidence of Drake's treason – had only been declared classified 'after' the NSA found out he had it (most so-called ex poste facto legal maneuvers are considered unconstitutional)

  • Nostradamia

    SNOWDEN is a national and international historical hero that will be remembered as such while the current US government sinks as the neo-Nazi threat of the century. I have no doubt about it. The underlying forces that regularly bring Nazism and fascism back to the forefront will become clear and the problem dealt with. The people are now required to realize what's going on.

  • Dennis Swanson

    Thank God for men like Drake and Snowden. We would never have known who destroyed the US if not for them.

  • enlightened58

    That's like saying it will get better when a republican get's in office. It's not an era of people that's behind this.

  • 4merCIA

    Drake is another American Patriot and Hero. All of these whistleblowers need to be supported by everyone, worldwide. The captions for this video and the video itself should be produced in other languages also. It's too important just to be in English.

  • celainea

    I'm a baby boomer. Don't lump us all into the same pile of sh*t. When 9/11 happened, I & all the baby boomers w/me thought: They will use this to take our freedoms. We were appalled by those (young as well as old) who wouldn't stand against the war or question why it happened. The only difference between the peace protesting 60's & now, there are fewer avenues to make change & even fewer places to find real info.

  • Lynn Durbin

    Thank you for exposing this information. I am a little perplexed why you never mentioned the covert CIA involvement. I can only bet you have to take precautions against silent weapons…and I don't mean a silencer on a gun.

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