Foundations of American Democracy  –  Course Trailer
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Foundations of American Democracy – Course Trailer

– Welcome to foundations
of American democracy. This is where it all begins. You might think it’s just
about the United States. But here we’re going to go much deeper, and much further back than that. We’re gonna go to the original ideas. Deep dive into philosophy. What are the rights of the individual, and what rights are they
willing to give up to a state, in order to have those
individual rights protected. And this is something that
humanity has struggled with for thousands and thousands of years. But over those thousands
and thousands of years, as for the most part
humanity was controlled by kings and emperors, little ideas, like democracy,
started to sprout up in places like ancient
Greece, and then in Rome, and all of these were imperfect, and many of us would argue that never have they quite
been perfected just yet. But really it starts to accelerate in this part of our study, where we’re going to see that the enlightenment in Europe sprouts these questions
of do we even need kings, especially when we just
fought a big war against them. Could we create a new type
of governance structure. And what you might not realize is the United States at its founding was really something of an experiment. A state, like the United
States, did not exist. In fact, in the beginning,
it did not even view itself as one state, or one country,
but a collection of countries. So as you’ll go through this
journey, you’re going to see this fascinating philosophical deep dive, into the ideas of what
makes a government function, and what powers should it have, and what powers should it not have. What powers should go
to the aggregate state, the United States, and
what powers should go to the individual members,
to the states themselves. How does a population protect
themselves from the tyranny of a potential king, or
the potential dictator. In the coming lessons
we’re going to dive deep into the ideals of American democracy. We’re going to learn about the
debates between the groups, some of whom thought that
the federal government should have more power,
and others who thought that the states should have more power. And we’ll learn how it all played out in our actual Constitution. What powers are in the hands
of the federal government, what powers are in the hands
of the state governments, and what powers are in the hands of both. So let’s start this journey together, and to learn more about these ideas, and to get practice
with immediate feedback, I encourage you to look at these
lessons on

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    Sal khan,
    There is NO doubt that you are the talented person specially in science area but another gift that God gave to you is your voice. I am sure that one of the main reason that most of the students who were watching your videos on YouTube on any science subjects like math, chemistry, and physics is just because of your magic voice and the way you are explaining the concept.

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