Free eye care services available for Filipinos by 2020
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Free eye care services available for Filipinos by 2020

Hello everyone, this is my news TV, I’m Morris and today we’ll bring you the latest news around the world in the Philippines free eye care service available for Filipinos by the year 2020 The free eye care services will become available for Filipinos next year with the implementation of universal health care program health care secretary The Francisco Duque the third give assurance that the deal age would be able to provide comprehensive eye care services integrate eye care within local health systems and respond to emerging eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma under the UAC through the preliminary care Provider network that will be institutionalized Under the UHC. We hope to bring easy access and seamless referral to opthalmatic units comprehensive eye centers and national ophthalmic specialty centers He said that the health facilities will be capacitated to deliver the appropriate eye care services The DOH realigned our country’s prevention of blindness program with UHC and the World Health Organization goal of universal eye health The DOH is fully committed to working with our partners to address blindness and visual impairment in our country Based on 2018 Philippine national blindness survey and disease study Vision impairment and blindness around among the major concerns in the country with current prevalence rate up one point 98 percent the current prevalence rate represents one point 11 million Filipinos with cataract 400,000 with uncorrected error of refraction almost 300,000 with glaucoma and 200,000 with maculopathy There are also over 4 million Filipinos living with undiagnosed eye problem that needs to be addressed In the past years the DOH said there been a decrease in the prevalence of blindness Due to cataract and errors of refraction But thousands are still suffering from such conditions. We Are fortunate these diseases can be treated with surgery or prescription eyeglasses This can also be prevented with regular consumption of vitamin A injury prevention and immunization for measles and rubella that cost vision impairment and It is the end of my news This is my news TV. I’m Mooris and we’ll see you next time

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