Free Universal Studios Hollywood Parking
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Free Universal Studios Hollywood Parking

Our starting destination point is in the studio city ralphs grocery
store. At first glance this ralphs parking lot looks
like a great and inconspicuous place to park. Well unfortunately its not. Signs are posted all around clearly stating
that it is NOT ALLOWED. And I highly would NOT recommend using this
parking all day while you play at universal studios. But just on the same street as ralphs on the
street Vineland you’ll see FREE street parking on both the right and left side. Now it is a little walk and this parking is
only good till 6pm. But don’t worry theres an even better spot. On the cross street of bluff side and Vineland. You see a dead end sign and an even better
closer and better place to park 24/7 If we head all the down to the dead end you’ll
be able to find loads of free parking and even some on Riverton Ave. Ive personally slept overnight here in my
van and have had no problem in the night. And the best part is waking up early and hitting
up those universal rides before the big crowds! I do want to point out that theres no parking
on these streets from 10am – Noon on Thursdays. Okay so you found a place to park AWESOME! Let me show you the best way to get universal. First your gonna walk to that dead end and
onto the walk way. Your going to walk over the overpass and head
towards the Metro. Its really nice to have the metro nearby if
you wanna go on a subway adventure or do something besides theme park rides. Now I want to point out a really great parking
place for people with RVs or campers looking for a safe and cheap place to park. The metro allows people to pay 3$ per day
to stay in there lot with a 72 hour max use. Ive seen multiple RVs do it and it is a very
safe place. Now from the metro station you can you the
escalators and go down to the subway or you can you the escalators up to go cross
the universal studios bridge of doom. JK idk what its called. And if you look to your left you’ll see
our next destination! A couple flights of stairs and you’ll arrive
at the FREE tram ride. Yes FREE! This tram comes in every 15 minutes and will
drop you off at universal studios. I gotta give it to universal for not advertising
this tram much because lets be honest…. They want you to pay the 30$ for parking. Well thanks for watching my video! I showed you 3 different ways to get free
parking at universal studios Hollywood. If you love theme parks, Disney or just awesome
content follow my Spotify music, Youtube channel, Or Instagram. I know universal studios can get expensive
so if your looking to save some extra money at the parks check out my other videos and
leave a comment below if this helped you at all! And dislike this video if you hate puppies. Till next time. SEE YOU LATERRRR.


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