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the DNC is not we the people my friends
I got two things I want to talk to you today about one of them is about freedom
of speech and the other is about the impeachment of President Trump well
first of all I want to talk about freedom of speech you see friends the
DNC sent a letter to Facebook saying that they should cut out misinformation
from people who want to run ads about politics folks I am an average man I’m
an average citizen I care deeply about our Constitution and Bill of Rights and
I care about the freedom of speech in the past the classic liberal would fight
for freedom of speech even if you burn the flag you had a right to show your
disagreement but there are some people who do not want us to show our
disagreement they want US silenced. right now me even making this video and I’m
gonna be on record for standing up for for the Bill of Rights for four years
average citizens like us have to get up and we have to speak. we’re
gonna have to let them know no we’re not gonna be silenced. since when is a party
over the United States people since when is a the DNC over we the people know we
are the boss of this Republic now about the impeachment I’m gonna tell you
something I haven’t seen so much hatred for one individual what has this man done
to you? we see our economy moving we’re seeing people working every day what has
he done he has done nothing but be an American he didn’t have to go through
this this man is rich but since they do not like him they want to remove him
they have set a precedent for any president if we don’t like it we gonna
remove them I don’t know you know if people understand I don’t know if that
party you know who I’m talking about understands there’s a such thing as the
loyal opposition they’re supposed to remain loyal to this
country and the people, not trying to destroy somebody because they don’t like
them my friends we cannot be quiet we’re gonna have to stand up I’m here I hope
that you would follow my lead on this right here even though it might mean we
get in trouble for exercising our right remember freedom isn’t free freedom
isn’t free

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