From Working with Kanye on Universal to Law School (Tracey Lee Part 3)
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From Working with Kanye on Universal to Law School (Tracey Lee Part 3)


  • Brian Dikas

    Ruslan please if your not informed, inform yourself and possibly share your thoughts on the Christian persecution that’s going on through out the world. Specifically the preacher arrested in London and another preacher Pastor David Lynn in Toronto for preaching the gospel . It’s of first importance that what’s going on there will surely come here If we don’t begin to spread the word and stand up as believers in unity. I can message you 2 specific links that can hopefully summarize things

  • Young Papi-Yo

    Super Dope interview. I always wondered how and why Tracy Lee went from making music to being a lawyer. Last time I saw Tracy Lee was on Rap City in 2000 with the Mad Rapper

  • J Tunes

    It sounds like such a tough break for a good artist like Tracey Lee. He was dope & I couldn't wait to hear "Live From The 215"!

  • Kymmie To

    I have never heard anyone EVER say “Many Facez” by Tracy Lee” is in their top 10 favorite albums. I actually laughed when you said it. I remember when it was released no one really cared about it. Salute to you sir. You are one of one. 👍🏾

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