Full Interview: Senator Cory Booker on Rosario Dawson, Trump’s Tweets, and a Female Vice President
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Full Interview: Senator Cory Booker on Rosario Dawson, Trump’s Tweets, and a Female Vice President

I want to remind you. You were here before. Before you became senator. And let’s just show everybody
how good I am at what I do. OK. And I understand that
you turned down– I think President Obama
offered you a position, and you turned it down
to stay where you are, and I think that’s admirable. But then when your
term is up, you pass the torch to someone
else, and you become senator, and then you become president. I appreciate you– I appreciate that. Think about it. I [INAUDIBLE] I mean– I– you seem to have
a gift of prophecy. Would you like to
tell me what I’m going to do with the rest of my life? Yeah, oh well, the
first one’s free. And then you gotta pay. But I see good things for you. You’re a good guy. You’re a smart guy. So you’re running for
president, and how do you set yourself apart from all
of these people running? Because there are a
lot among your friends. A lot of great people running. I have a very different
pathway, I think we all do. I am one of those
guys that has run to some of our most difficult
challenges, and was a mayor, had to be a chief executive of
a big city at the time going through a lot of difficulties. But we collectively in
that community really turned things around
for Newark’s fortune. And then my theme. I know there’s a
lot of folks who want to fight fire with fire. I ran a fire department, I don’t
think that’s a good strategy. I’m appealing to the ideal
of reviving civic grace, and bringing people together. We have so much common
cause in this country, a lot of common
pain, and we really need I think leaders
that are going to call us– not divide
us– but call us back to a sense of common purpose. Yeah, I agree with that. Yes, because there are a lot of
people who are angry right now, and the country is
very, very divided. And I think we do need to bring
everybody together, and remind us all that we are, this is
basically the same inside. We all want the same things. There is no you’re
wrong and I’m right. But people want toughness. And you seem really sweet and
kind, which is a great thing. Right. But when people say
you’re not tough enough, what do you say about that? You know, there was an
Oscar nominated documentary that I was in called Street
Fight about me coming up through Newark against
the– one of the toughest political machines
there are, and we showed that you can fight the
toughest of fights, and win. But people make
this mistake where they confuse being strong with
being mean, or being tough with being cruel. You don’t have to let
yourself be pulled down, that you go through I think
moral vandalism when it comes to your highest ideals. And at a time in
this country where we’re seeing toxic
Twitter trolling, and trash talking, I think
the best antidote to that, the best thing that’s
going to win against that, is not fighting
darkness with darkness, but is bringing
light and decency and grace back to our politics. [APPLAUSE] Yes. Speaking of tweets, and
Twitter, this past weekend our president I think tweeted
more in a short amount of time than he’s ever tweeted before. I mean, it was an
enormous amount of tweets. And some people are saying
he’s losing his mind, that he’s really
losing his mind. What do you say about that, and
what tweet upset you the most? Well, look, I think what we
say about other people often says more about us than it does
to who we’re talking about. And that is not just a
constitutional position, the Chief Executive
of our country. It’s also a moral platform. And at a time that
our country needs redeeming in terms
of our connections, we have a president that
just seems to continue to want to be doing demeaning. And I think you
judge a leader not by how much they
push people down, but how much they
lift people up. And so those tweets
to me were indicative of a serious problem. And they are– you
know there’s a Stanford Research has shown that
kindness and decency goes viral. But if you do one kind
act witnessed by others, it actually moves multiple
degrees of separation. This person studies this. Unfortunately it’s the
same thing with cruelty. And so what do we want
sort of from the highest offices in lands. Evidence. And so when you have a guy who– I knew John McCain. He was one of those
people, when I first came to the Senate, that
called me to his office, sat me down, and gave
me incredible advice, not partisan at all, but
calling on me to be a statesman. He said this Senate has too
much particularistic smallness. He said, I want you to
be a larger senator. Be somebody who sets a
tone, sets an energy. Was just a great talk. He’s a guy whose office was
like a museum to heroism. I mean literally, you
see his lifeless body being pulled out by– the Vietnamese sent
him the picture of him when his plane
crashed, and he was put into a prison,
where he was tortured. And to have a president, who
is the Commander in Chief over so many courageous
soldiers that are serving for us, men
and women, gay, straight and transgender,
tons of soldiers. To see the way he talks about
a war hero who is dead now. To me that is almost
repugnant, or unacceptable. It was pretty horrible. Yes. And McCain– I agree, we
had McCain on the show, and what a great guy he was. I mean I just met him one
time, and we loved him here. He was amazing. And look, I disagreed
with him a lot, but there was always
a sweetness with him that when you meet him
on the Senate floor, he could be tough with you,
but he was one of those guys that for me was a
model of what can be. Yeah. Yes, he was. All right, we’ll take a break. More with Cory
Booker after this. We’re back with Senator Cory
Booker, who is running– Can I just thank you? I want to interrupt
you right now. I think that what you do
about– there’s a saying I love, that you can’t lead the people
if you don’t love the people. And we’re talking
about politics, but you really are a leader
for the spirit of goodness, kindness and decency. And I want to say this. I want to say this in this way. I have a– patriotism
is love of country, but you cannot love your country
unless you love your fellow countrymen and women. And that love that
you give to me is patriotic in a
powerful way, and we need more of that spirit. So thank you for what you do. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. I understand what you’re
saying, but I will not be your vice president. I am busy with the show. Thank you. So it came out
recently that you’re dating Rosario Dawson, right? Yes. And so that was
something that you were trying to
keep very private, and then she opened
her big mouth, and– No, no. No, she blabbed it. She got TMZed. No, what happened? She was visiting me in DC, and
then she left to the airport, and she got ambushed
at the airport. Right. I suddenly get this little video
from her, saying I got TMZed. I don’t have makeup on,
this and this and that. But she knew that it was. But she was wonderful, and she’s
just an incredible human being. Yeah. I think it’s great. I mean, it’s wonderful
that y’all are dating, and I know it’s hard, because
she’s going to be watched and everything that she
does, everything you do. People are watching you. Yeah, and it’s– as
our relationship grows, it’s difficult. But
she is just a deeply, deeply soulful person, and
has taught me a lot of lessons about love already, and
that sometimes you showed the greatest strength when
you make yourself vulnerable, and she’s really– has this nurturing spirit
that’s made me more courageous, not just in the
love that I project and want to see in our
country, but I think even on our personal relationships,
to love more fearlessly. So I’m very, very blessed to
be with somebody that makes– That’s really sweet. That makes me a better person. That’s really sweet. So now that would be
an amazing wedding to have in the White House. I mean, if you go
in single, and then you have a wedding
in the White House. I mean, we would watch. That would be– that would
be like our royal wedding. It would be great. So you’re saying if Rosario
and I get there, wait. Don’t do the marriage before. For sure. Yeah, wait and have a
big thing, and do it– yeah and sweeps, and it
would be really important. Would you help preside
over the wedding? I would do– Yes, I’d
be a big part of that. Yes. Is that promise? Yes. Yes. All right. Here’s what I want you
to promise right now, because you
mentioned this, and I want to know what
you really mean it. You said, regardless if you get
the nomination, if you don’t get the nomination,
you’re going to make sure a woman gets in the White
House one way or another. President or vice president. We saw– first of all, I wanted
there to be a woman president in 2016, and it’s
unfortunate there wasn’t. But look at the people
running right now. We have incredibly talented,
capable women and men. We have an openly gay
candidate, black candidates. It’s just this
incredible diversity. We should be a
ticket that reflects the diversity of this country. A gender diversity,
race diversity, and if I am elected
as the nominee, I’m going to make sure there is
gender diversity on the ticket. [APPLAUSE] So there would be a
woman vice president? So you’re a good politician. You zigzag. I’m not trying to zigzag. You did not answer my question. I think I just
answered your question. No, you didn’t. There will be– yes. There will be gender
diversity on the ticket. Yes. Yes. And you are saying you’re
not interested whatsoever. I’m saying I’m busy. You’re too busy. I understand that. I would never want
to be in politics. I don’t know what
you’re thinking. Well, but I will tell you this. We all are in politics. That space. Democracy is not
a spectator sport. One of the things
we’re suffering from I think in our country is,
the opposite of justice is not injustice, it’s
often inaction, apathy and indifference. We have low voter turnouts
for a democracy this vibrant. We have politicians that on
issues ranging from gun safety to college debt,
that they aren’t doing what the majority of their
pop– their voters want to do. And so whether you say
you’re a politician or not, the reality is we all
have to get involved in this civic space, especially
in a moral moment like this, where so much is on the line. I hope all of us views ourselves
as agents for this country to make it better, and make
it a more perfect union. I agree with you. That’s fantastic. All right. We will be right back. Cory Booker, everybody. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
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