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  • Kelly Green

    If Trump wants to stop drugs in the US. .he should focus on rehabilitating drug users..but that would mean he would lose his base when they sober up..yep a wall works better for him..looks like he is doing something about drugs without taking drugs away from his base.

  • FryGuy 420

    Oh no-this IS about the election, tRumps just too stupid to see it (or anything else)….Most Americans DON'T want a DICTATOR, & with his , sorry IT'S actions show its true nature. You're DONE for in 2020 dump, might as well run for russia now.

  • c. l.

    Obama declares National Emergency 13 times. Liberals don't care.

    Trump declares National Emergency 1 time. Liberals hit the fan! 😂😂😂😂

  • James Ricker

    The wall actually is a national emergency. if construction isn't started soon millions of trump supporters could die of fright

  • Marrnindji Nardilmuk

    But the public put him there, a majority of the people want this. Trump time has already and will continue for some time to come destroy what ever the world thinks of Americans b4 has been sh.t upon since his Presidency.

  • Zebafella1

    Omg no he didn't. Donald Trump best president ever. Finish the wall or Trump will brawl , Finish the wall or Trump will brawl Finish the wall or Trump will brawl

  • Toni Olson

    Trump was speaking to the Party of Hannity. His Rose Garden rambling almost matched Hannity to a T.
    I'm tired of Donald Trump and Hannity insulting OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS INTELLIGENCE. Men and Women who are EDUCATED AMERICAN'S.
    Hannity and Donald Trump makes a village of IDIOTS look SMART.
    I just heard that the Trump Administration wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Japan to nominate Donald Trump for the PULITZER PRIZE. I hear that the Prime Minister of Japan did THIS FAVOR FOR THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION. SO DOES NOT THAT MAKE THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION COMPRISABLE ? WHAT DID THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION PROMISE JAPAN?

  • mr king

    unless you live under a rock you can see that 40,000 illegals coming across the border every month is a emergency. in 2014 obama said we were having a crisis when they had 120,000 family and single kid units come here in 1 year. in the last 4 months we have had more than 120,000 come in. so if obama says it,it is one but trump says it, it isn't one. sad thing for the democrats is they gave him this power through congress it is just the fact no one has used it yet. bush sent troops to border, obama sent troops to border and trump sent troops to border and his whole time in office he has been saying this is an emergency so the courts will side with him.. remember that time when congress wouldn't give obama money for the iran deal? what did he do? oh yeah went around congress and got 1.7 billion for them….

  • Julia Healy

    Trump is a stupid jerk. Declaring a State of Emergency will not get him anything. It’s going to be tied up in court for many years and will ultimately fail any way.


    There's a storm coming, You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us. _Catwoman Ann Hathaway

  • Bob Weber

    The U.S. government is broken and is taking the world down with it! Down with the U.S. government! Down with the U.S. and Canada and U.K. and Russia!

  • 3 lap dog

    The national emergency is the lies the media perpetuate daily against the public. Smug smiles as they bash the president relentlessly.

  • firmsoil

    For the "African-American" Panelist – Politifact Lie of the Year: 'If you like your health care plan, you can keep it' – Barak Hussain Obama
    Nearly every 5th person in California is ILLEGAL – This is a national emergency. Democrats support illegals over legal immigrants waiting lawfully in line OUTSIDE the border.

  • Jenna Garcia The Cuban

    Imagine still supporting Trump after all of this…also, aint it funny how Trump had MONTHHHHSSS to declare national emergencies/ government shutdown and etc, but now that the democrats have the House he decides to do it NOW? Its obvious what he’s doing, he’s now doing everything and anything stupid he wants to blame and frame the democrats…he even admitted he WOULD do it if the democrats take the house.

  • BlueTalulips

    The Constitutional Crisis began the day trump took "The Oath" to protect it! As far as the courts, of course they're not going to do anything because his first ACT as the POTUS was to make sure they were all stacked in his favor. Especially the Supreme Court!

  • Phillip

    He must do the the Trump's Wall. He MUST, he must … there is no Two-Ways about it. Some Voters demand it, he just NEED to accede to What he is being Told to do. This is why 800,000+ Federal Employees seem to have receive 'punitive' measure (recent shutdown) but, BUT, BUT …. they have nothing to do with illegals crossing on American soil.

  • Total Control

    Congrats to Republicans, they just opened up the door for a future progressive president to call a state of emergency on gun violence…and that's a real emergency.

  • Elle Krimowa

    History will see the ENABLERS;..NRA accepting millions from Russian oligarchs,. Republicans supporting dropping sanctions against Russian oligarch thugs;, and of course the refusal to acknowledge Saudi Arabia's horrific bone sawing to pieces of a US resident reporter for the post. All of this compromise due to money accepted by contribution from putin and others..Republicans I once had respect for staying silent while trump lies and destroys the unity and image of a great nation.. A DISGRACE !!!

  • Real Deal

    I really wonder how many of the elites on this panel would feel if they took their families to the Southern border, where their are no walls, no barriers, no guards and no protection. Just a drone and an alarm. How would they do going face to face with a Cartel member??? Not one of these cowards would do it!!!

  • Nemesis

    Perhaps Trump can demonstrate how he will target increased revenue from Mexico via (the yet to be passed) NAFTA 2, and how he will reimburse the misappropriated funds from the cited government programs ? No ? I thought not. Also, an explanation is due as to how he will replace the $3 billion lost via his proudly owned, yet pointless, 35 day shutdown. No ? I thought not.
    I guess someone else will be cleaning up his mess, again.

  • p c

    please explain why the democrats have always been in favor of border security UNTIL Trump is involved…fairly certain that its to prevent Trump from accomplishing one of his campaign promise

  • larryjohnny

    What are you going to do when trump dominates the news "fox" cycle. Every candidate should get equal time on fox, faux news.

  • zama202

    The true National Emergency is that the Democrat Party
    is a

    domestic terrorist organization actively trying to destroy the

    American homeland with endless illegal immigration.

  • seccat

    I finally figured out Trump’s angle.
    He wants all the boarder protection to stop the Mexican Cartels. So his Russian Mafia friends can corner the market on Drugs and Prostitution markets.

  • Oliver Dash

    The constitution is determined by the political appointed supreme court it has no real answers to anything it is just a document which can be interpreted in any way at any time.

  • DJ

    Mann build the wall!! We're not blind!! We see overcrowded schools overcrowded hospital's overcrowded roads overcrowded Social Services!!! Finally someone is fighting for US citizens that care!!!! Trump2020

  • D3vot33nyc

    Nah, it seems okay to me. It is an emergency that's been happening for a long time….60,000 illegal immigrants per month, people/drug trafficking, border violence has killed more Americans than 9/11.

  • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!

    Climate Change IS a National Emergency. Caging People, Children & Babies & separating Families just for coming to this country IS a National Emergency. Automatic Weapons, Bump Stock & the way Guns are sold & resold IS a National Emergency.

  • Brad Austin

    Its IN THE CONSTITUTION dumbasses. ITS ONE of his executive powers as President. CNN still the worst. JUST GO AND PLAY WITH YOUR BIGOT FRIEND SMOLLET.

  • Hildebeast Clinton

    You're the same dolts who blindly trusted every fake news media outlet and all 17 intelligence agencies with their fake WMDs in Iraq claims. No wonder you wanted Hillary Clinton to be our next President – your all a bunch of illiterates.

  • Len Ovo

    LOVE how he taunted them because he knows that he will win !!!! "I didn't have to do this" was only said because he wanted to get them triggered !!!!

  • Len Ovo

    Welcome to Trump bizzaro-land, land of the free, home of the brave. How triggered will MSNBC be at the moment Trump is reelected ??? I cannot wait to see it !!!!

  • jermain amburayan

    Sounds like the people who have commented here are supporters of Democrats or want America to be a socialists. If you dont like the booming economy and low unemployment rates and tax cuts which has made USA a progressive powerful country again , perhaps you should sponsor the illegals into ur homes or move elsewhere to pave the way for people who really come to USA LEGALLY. so gullible that are people who will believe just about anybody and anything. SAD.

  • Dennis Kaaihue

    The dumb president should declear national emergency on climate changes it is happening and will get worest. Hello anybody.

  • David Goldman

    i hope everyone on panel has a loved one killed by an illegal alien think there minds would be changed gosh i hate all these talking heads how much do they make to think they know anything

  • Weight Loss Ninjas

    Congress has the ability to cancel the national emergency. Just because it doesn't have the votes it doesn't mean it's not constitutional

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