Funko Universal Monsters Mystery Minis Unboxing & Review
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Funko Universal Monsters Mystery Minis Unboxing & Review

hey guys me host supersorrell there with
you yeah okay Universal Monsters if you guys saw yesterday’s whole video you’ll
know I’ve got these from Hawking’s Bazar in York and these are the Funko mystery
minis for the Universal Monsters I couldn’t wait til Halloween to open
these I don’t open these now these are brand spanking new in the UK and these
are the original Universal Monsters I believe this is technically class 2c is
series 2 of these there are black and white variants as well if you check out
like like Hot Topic at Walmart and all the usual places
apparently there’s black and white variants as well where I got these
because these are the monsters I grew up enjoying the classic Universal original
monsters so let’s take a look this axe it’s Universal Monsters it’s official
Funko products and you can get a bunch of awesome awesome fingers let’s start
looking at the top row there and as you see we can get Boris Karloff’s
Frankenstein Frankenstein’s bride Bela Lugosi Dracula holding a candelabra and
then I’ve got I’ve got the mummy the black the black look Black Lagoon I
think it’s called that one the Mosel both good and the hollow man or the
Invisible Man whichever version you want to say then you’ve got the Wolfman one
in 72 they’re the rarest one is The Phantom of the Opera I would love that
figure but I don’t think I’m gonna get it and I think that’s another version of
like the monster of the lagoon or something on number 4 136 then you’ve
got the one with Boris Karloff holding the the flower then you’ve got another
Bela Lugosi Dracula as well and then a color variant of the invisible amount so
I have quite a few chances to open which yeah I couldn’t resist I got six boxes
I’m hoping to get something good the ones that I’m really after like I said
I’d love the Phantom buy-down gonna get him but I would be very happy if I got
either of the Dracula’s either of the Frankenstein’s bride of frankenstein my
ideal six that I would like to get from this would be Dracula Wolfman and
Dracula Wolf Man Phantom and Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein
and then creature of the lagoon that would be the six I would want but let’s
see what happens guys are you ready for this
right there there on the there on the counts that nothing’s getting changed
I’m gonna hold the book I’ll keep them on screen while I unbox each one because
a lot of people are they still think I faked these videos I do not fake them
I’ll make sure this does not leave the screen at any point so here we go
open up box The Moron right there’s a baggy seal brand-spanking-new cool
feeling well the back right box empty like I said any do because we do get
will end up on our eBay R will be a hub of availables trade alright guys monster
number one oh and that it’s the wolf man oh happy as can be with that I like that
that’s a cool figure so we have a little wolf man under the head move on these no
these are static figures okey-dokey very nice static figure though nothing really
else to talk about them these are from 2019 as they do have Universal Monsters
in a Funko to a 19 on that so these are brand spanking new wolf mothers are one
in six so he’s pretty em easy to get hold of not a bad finger okay box number
two their wife saying that what a new this is what a new this would be oh happy boy happy boy we got him
I do not drink yeah I like the fight we got the one with the candle as well I’m
happy with that in that a rare one oh no that’s the wincing sorry I threw
one in second the one in twenty four is without I like that will no holding the
candle that’s awesome don’t worry guys at the end of the video
I will put these on the display stand and I’ll get the desk am who Dracula
doesn’t stand up though oh dear me he does not stand up he falls over oh my
god have to play around with that one yeah he does not stand on his own oh
he’s annoying alright box number three guys so we’ve got what we’ve got two
ones of the wanted really to be honest so happy days so far let’s see what else
we can find this one I’ve got a feeling this might be the
first duplicate on the body I think this might be another Wolfman yeah we’re
gonna Wolfman duplicate yeah hey happens guys duplicates do happen
I’m afraid but that means I’m really Universal Monsters if any of you guys
want to trade or let me know in the comment it doesn’t have to be
necessarily for the same the same brand of figures they’re coming for a
different funky letter so if you want to trade for the Wolfman alright box number four come on now
nobody with this oh this one has a flat head which can only mean one thing
I was working the lab late one night when my eyes beheld an eerie sight she
vanish he did the merged merge then my exam that I’m saying most recently
loosely do the would-be thriller yeah so we have Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein the
monster so try that again Frankenstein’s monster everyone just calls him
Frankenstein but Frankenstein is the name of the scientist
this is Frankenstein’s monster and that’s why I get confused by the Bride
of Frankenstein because you know it’s Frankenstein’s monsters bride I suppose
was bit of a mouthful for a title birds a nice figure nonetheless and I see
disease done no yes he does Dracula’s little distance over I’m quite happy
though I’ve got Dracula Frankenstein I’m The Wolfman
if we can get the mummy we’ve kind of got like an original set there we’ve got
three of the original monsters which I’m happy about
class number five one duplicate so far I’m happy about this come on give us
that give us that Marion he was that rare
variant oh please don’t be another one Oh feeling this is another another
Wolfman oh yeah we’ve got the original monster lineup
we got the movie yeah he’s holding like a papyrus scroll there he’s got a ring
on his finger nice we have the original monsters guys we have Frankenstein
Dracula the Wolfman and the mummy only one thing can make this better
give us a bride a Frankenstein last bag last box
last chance kiss typical look guys give it a tap on the screen for good luck for
me time to screwed yeah a tap of good luck from the followers a kiss on the
lips from me who do we get inside probably duplicate end off my video
really cool bye gave me a really cool round one oh no oh no I think I drink
myself by saying I think I changed myself by saying duplicate I think I
drink saw my good look I just wanna have fun
we have to wolfman’s is about three four months out six that’s crazy so what my
apparently really easy to find but we can’t go mad we got the original fall I
wish I’d have got a couple of our boxes and hopefully picked up brides I would
like the Bride of Frankenstein if anyone wants to trade for Wolfman for bride
they’re both the same rarity let me know in the comments down what I’ll do though
guys is I will go to the desk come and give you guys an up-close personal look
these are really cool so you can have a look yourself at the ones we did get so
I think that’s gonna be fun little go into this game and I’ll give you good
luck so guys the one I wanted the most we got which is drop good are happy with
this variant as well I like the fact there’s got the candle that’s the
classic moment where Bela Lugosi comes down the stairs he’s holding the candle
when Jonathan Harker arrives at the castle so happy to have that that’s a
really cool thing and yeah I’m gonna definitely definitely do some nighttime
shots with this somewhere because it’s really cool moving down line guys then
we have them on me again one of the one of the original classic monsters the
curse of the mummy and one yeah it’s what I’m told I’m feeling guys handled
in such a long time and I think I’ve seen it since I’m a kid and luckily I
got that book set the other day so I’m gonna give all these i rewatch over over
the halloween period so here we’ve got that’s a really cool figure as well I
really liked it I thought he’s holding like a papyrus scroll there he’s got
there like a blue ring on his hand yeah and then we’ve got Frankenstein himself
forever designs a monster doesn’t really like Boris Karloff but it’s still really
cool it’s a nice figure to own and then finally guys The Wolfman really cool
figure I’m quite happy with this lineup like say we’ve got the classic Universal
Monsters the original lineup which is pretty cool
if I can get me a brighter Frankenstein I’ll be stupidly happy if anyone’s
selling any of these let me know in the comments I’d love to buy some if you
guys have already unboxed a load and you’ve got something to sell or trade
and let us know again if you want to trade for two of my wolf men and I’ve
got two wolfman’s betrayed let us know in the comments likes it doesn’t have to
be from the same series and why I’m open to trade for other mystery minis off on
co-products so let us know in the comments
but guys let’s go but the main come and finish off today’s video so guys is
coming up to Halloween which is your favorite classic Universal monster let
me know in the comments down below if you enjoyed today’s video guys please
smash the subscribe button subscribing really supports us it really helps out
helps keep make awesome videos thank you very much for watching guys until next
time may the force be with you you


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