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  • 8ElionAdvancing8

    if you corrupt the men you will quickly destroy a society,,men are the tent pole of the home, upon them everything rests, when you corrupt them the women and the children go astray,,,the whole family falls into a ditch,,,since the men of America have become perverted and corrupted the family has been destroyed,,,it has disintegrated and the children have become casualties of the so called drug war, the culture war, the gender war, and every other kind of war,,,,,young boys are now encouraged to participate in perverted, unclean behaviors, women are convinced that its normal to commit fornication and murder their children,,,young girls are encouraged by school counselors to abort their babies,,,all manner of perversion is encouraged by counselors and educators, dating (something only prostitutes used to do) is normal behaior for all young girls, many people now date for their whole lives only having temporary commitments, or temporary marriages (something also considered prostitution in times past) life long mologamous marriage is seen as a ball and chain, so we have literally turned every young girl in the USA into what was considered a prostitute just 100 years ago,,,,children are considered a punishment,,,our nation has been demoralized folks,,,the powers that be corrupt the men and demoralize the nation so that they can rob us of our land and our wealth,,,an ignorant pleasure driven people cannot stand against tyranny and corruption because they themselves are corrupt

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