George Washington’s Copy of the Acts of the First Session of Congress
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George Washington’s Copy of the Acts of the First Session of Congress

>>From the Library of
Congress in Washington D.C.>>This piece is a 1789
imprint by the New York printers and booksellers, Hodge, Allen,
and Campbell of the acts of the first session
of the first Congress under the Federal
Constitution of 1789. On the title page of this
item appears the signature of its former owner, George
Washington, the first President of the United States under
the new Constitution. An interesting feature about
this item is its inclusion of the twelve proposed
amendments to the Constitution, ten of which would
become the bill of rights. Another interesting feature of
the Library of Congress copy of the work is an ad
placement found on both sides of the printed leaf which
solicited subscribers for what would be the
first American edition of what was known
as “Brown’s Bible” or “The Self Interpreting
Bible.” Brown’s Bible was an
immensely popular study bible, rich with notes and commentary, assembled by the Scottish
theologian, John Brown. The advertisement
promises its readers that the edition will include
a list of the subscribers who made its printing possible. The printers made good on their
promise when Hodge, Allen, and Campbell produced
the bible in 1792, the list of subscribers
included some of the most well known people
in America of that time. Among those, one stands out,
literally, in large letters above the list appears
the name and title of the first subscriber,
George Washington, President of the United States.>>This has been a
presentation of the Library of Congress, visit
us at

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