Germany: De Maiziere’s security proposals are ‘frontal attack’ on federalism – Die Linke
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Germany: De Maiziere’s security proposals are ‘frontal attack’ on federalism – Die Linke

I would like to say – with upmost clarity – that the revealing of information into this attack in Berlin, has not taken place up until now and before one can establish the consequences of it, the Committee on Internal Affairs or the necessary authorities should establish what mistakes were made by the police before one can put in place such wide-ranging ramifications as we are seeing the Interior Minister doing now I would also like to name a few points where Mr de Maiziere has formulated a frontal attack on [Germany’s] federalism within his paper That would mean that what one has historically codified what the teachings were that came following the Nazi period which strengthens the federal states – on a State level – and which also gives strength to the democratic structures in the states This we have seen, for example, also within the reorganisation of the German security structures And – as a second example – through entering into having a federal police force which would have all authority at their disposal that is something like an FBI, a German FBI and – as we have expressed – we consider that undemocratic and a displacement of the constitutional state


  • Deutscher mit Vertriebenenhintergrund

    Die Linke hates Germany, every patriotic German, our National Anthem, on many Protest the red Stormtroopers shouting Germany never again and Germany have to die, young left Winger shouting they loves that the German People die, they burning Cars from Patriots, throwing Bottles and Rocks on almost every Protest on Cops, everybody who is thinking that this 8% Party will do a different politic then the CDU, SPD or the Green Party smokes Meth. Fuck Die Linke !

  • Ali Bi

    this woman is an extreme far left agitator who supported Terrorists.

    And that Party is filled with Stasi Sympathizer, meaning they have no issues with mass surveillance at all.

  • Dave Inflamez

    Die kann erachten was sie will, wenn Deutschland und Europa brennt, wird die die erste sein die nach Hilfe ruft!!!

  • Rabi Ben Lavi

    No power for anyone except extremists and criminals. None for the government and no guns or power for the people. Who wouldn't vote for these morons?

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