Gerrymandering: Because America Can Hack Its Own Elections: The Daily Show
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Gerrymandering: Because America Can Hack Its Own Elections: The Daily Show

As much as Russia
may have worked to influence how Americans voted,
America already has a system that invalidates many people’s
votes before they’re even cast. REPORTER: Gerrymandering,
the drawing and redrawing of local districts to help
ensure that a particular party gets a majority of votes
and House seats. In both parties, there are
congressional districts that are set up by the states
to keep the parties in power. The rigged system of
redistricting allows politicians to choose their people,
rather than vice versa. That’s right.
With gerrymandering, the politicians choose
their voters. The voters don’t choose them. That’s-that’s weird.
It’s back to front. It’s like getting to your Uber, and then, your driver’s
in the backseat, and he’s like, -“Start driving, asshole!
I’m late!” -(laughter) Like, this chart from
the Washington Post shows how gerrymandering works. Now, constitutionally, the power
to draw district lines belongs to the state governments, right? Usually their legislatures
do the work, and that’s normal. That’s when
they draw those districts in a fair
and representative way. Then, in a state where,
let’s say, Democrats won 60% of the vote, they would get 60%
of the seats in that state. That sounds right. But the law defining
what’s fair is pretty unclear. So if a legislature wanted
to rig the system for Democrats, it could draw the lines so that,
with only 60% of the vote, Democrats could get
100% of the seats. Or if they wanted
to rig it for Republicans, they could do
the complete opposite, right? You draw some much more
complicated lines, and actually give
the Republicans a majority, even though
they only won 40% of the votes. Or if you draw the lines
in a different way, -you can get a dick, yeah.
-(laughter) -Which is also bad
for democracy. -(laughter) And here’s the thing. This isn’t just some fancy
pixel penis theory. This has been happening
in America in real life. One of most extreme examples
of gerrymandering is the congressional map drawn
by North Carolina Republicans after 2010. It’s a map that delivered
the GOP an overwhelming ten-three advantage
in House seats by 2014, turning a roughly 50% statewide
support into a 77% advantage. Good Lord. It’s like they found
the cheat code to elections. Gerrymandering is like,
up, down, up, down, AB, select, start. Boom! Republican majority, baby! Now, gerrymandering has
been around for 200 years, but when lawmakers started using
modern computing power to draw districts,
they took it to the next level, ’cause that’s what
computers do, right? It’s the same way
how back in the day, you were decent
at stalking your ex. But now, thanks to computing
power and social media, -you can stalk your ex
like a pro. -(laughter) Yeah, like now it’s not like, “Ah, I think
she might be there.” It’s like, “Oh, I know
she’s at an all-inclusive resort sipping mai tais with Jeremy
who said he was just a friend! -(laughter)
-“But you know what? I don’t even care
’cause I don’t even follow her.” Anyway, gerrymandering. Today, lawmakers can
draw districts so precise that it includes the voters that they want down
to the block, and it results in some suspicious-looking
district shapes. MAN: One commentator compared
Maryland’s Third to “a broken-winged pterodactyl.” MAN 2: This is Illinois’
Fourth District. Stand it on end,
and what does it look like? MAN 3:
“They call it ‘the earmuffs.'” MAN 4: Observers say
North Carolina 12th District, straddling Interstate 85,
is so narrow, you could open your car doors
and kill everybody in it. -(laughter)
-Whoa. That description
got really dark. I feel like those maps are also
a Rorschach test. It’s like, “What do you see?”
“Earmuffs.” “And what do you see?” “An opportunity to murder people
using my veh-icle.” “I think you need help, man.” Like, who-who thinks like that? “The national debt is so high, “you could push your spouse
off of it, -and no one would ever know.”
-(laughter) “Yo, you really need
to get help, man.” Now, you don’t need
to be an expert to see that something’s not quite right
with these districts. I mean, look at these shapes. It’s like when two relatives
have a kid together. -Something is clearly off.
-(laughter) And recently, recently, the American court system
has started to agree. Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court
has thrown out the state’s congressional map,
ruling that it, “clearly, plainly and palpably violates the state
constitution.” Critics have pointed out
the shape of District 7, just outside of Philadelphia, has been likened
to Goofy kicking Donald Duck. (laughter) Okay, you see, now,
that, that’s a problem. For two reasons.
One, there’s no way that… that that district
represents anything except the interests
of the people who drew it. And two, Goofy kicking Donald
Duck is Disney’s copyright. Yeah. And you don’t want
to mess with the mouse. I’ve seen Mickey break
a dude’s knees just for wearing red shorts. He’s like, “Oh, oh,
the first one’s a warning, “the second’s one for me,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Try me, asshole. Oh, oh, oh!” And it would be…
it would be one thing… Yeah, Mickey
beating up people is fun. It’s, like, a fun idea. “Come on, asshole, let’s do it,
oh, oh, oh, oh! You want some of this?” And it would be one thing
if it was just Pennsylvania, but federal courts
have also struck down blatantly biased district maps. Maps in Wisconsin, and just
last month, North Carolina. In fact,
North Carolina Republicans, they really raised the game, because they didn’t just
gerrymander around party lines, they drew their lines
specifically to discount
black people’s votes. Yeah. Which was really awkward
for biracial people. You know? It was like, “The white half
of you votes over here, “the black half…
half of you votes over here. Now, go on,
get out of here, nig.” -(laughter) -Now, look,
I’m gonna be honest with you. For me, this shit
is way bigger than Russia. Because while Russia is sending
a bunch of misleading memes, legislatures in America
are predetermining actual election results. And then they’re making sure
that they stay in power even when the voters
clearly want change. Like, for me, that’s your
election hacking right there. Yeah. Because
with gerrymandering, you may as well tape Sharpies
to a bunch of Roombas, and it would be
a lot more democratic than the shit
that we’ve got now.


  • derpmaster !

    For everyones information the earmuff distric is actually pretty fair it just looks weird a lot of people get that one mixed up

  • ebsizzlin

    I'm from the RTP in NC and this has been frustrating for a while, like how do we know who we really voted for throughout the state? Who would draw the new map?

  • Jeff Wilk

    I can't speak for the other districts, but IL-4 is drawn that way specifically to assure that Hispanics in the Chicago area get fair and proper representation. John Oliver touched on the actual district a while back:

  • M A

    One of the most important stories ever and more people need to know how Republicans and Democrats are taking power out of voters hands….but it's mainly done in Republican states which isn't surprising since Republicans wouldn't be in power without cheating.

  • Darklord1201

    Idk the facts but I feel like the only reason they drew lines that separated blacks and whites is that the vast majority of black votes go to Democrats, not to do with their race; if anyone disagrees show me any example when either republican or democrats separated the black votes when it did not benefit them. Though I must admit this, your saying that North Carolina Republicans drew the lines specifically to discount black people's vote is an effective persuasive technique, however, doing so does only serve to further divide America which I don't see why that would be preferable for anyone except anarchist or people with economic or political ties associated with Americas downfall.

  • The Blessings Of Jesus Channel

    The sooner God dries up these know nothing irrelevant make up lies liberals the better. These is the same nutcases like all the other screeching lunatics that said Trump could never beat Hillary.

    This is how the defeated "cope" with their defeat, living and blathering lies in their demonic incessantly sick and warped hatred of President Trump.

    Trump won. Trump always wins. He will win a 2nd Term and fools like these "demonstrators" will be bleeding and blathering our their  irrelevant stupiditirs before other like minded zombie eyed moronic brain dead audiences for the next 7 years.

    Globalism, multi culturialism ( i.e. the new world order ), gay marriage, abortions, can all GO TO HELL. God has spoken and says "NO" to it ALL. Roe vs. Wade and the wicked "gay marriage" ruling will eventually be overturned and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Lord Jesus Christ I thank You!!!

    Put the knife in Satan and twist it!!!

    You can't STOP GOD!!! You see? The liberals are emotion, ignorance and no substance of truth in their irrelevant delusions!!!! They only hear what they WANT to hear and believe what they WANT to believe in their fake ( sound familiar CNN and MSNBC? )make believe world they live in.

    So many people are out of touch with what The Father, Son and Holy Spirit say about President Trump!

    These are the same out of touch with Reality ones that say The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are our  "imaginary friends."

    Oh is that right.


    All my predictions of Trump before, during and after the election have come true! Watch as many videos in this playlist as you will to find out WHY Trump REALLY won! Hwy, why not! You watch everything else on this don't you??

    "Listen To What God Says Now About Donald Trump!" ( Many message playlist )

    I am neither a liberal or conservative, republican or democrat for the record.

  • Naimul Haq

    One of the important program of the SC is to fix gerrymandering, so what happened to it? Computers can be programmed to do it dirty, yet you can get it to do it right.

  • GemmaSkate

    As much as well-drawn districts would be a much better option, given the issues they're having, could you literally just make a grid? Like "okay these four squares are a district, these two more populated squares are another district" Like gerrymandering would still be a very slight problem but far less specifically targetting

  • Jmarthecat

    I love the whole youth pastor, “we’ve had a lot of fun here, but…” vibe Trevor gives off at the end of these clips lol.

  • Eggbert08

    I wish the lower and middle class could rise up and stop this shit!! Seems like most of america is powerless against the fatcat politicians😡

  • Merkaba

    Can't steal aggressive Mickey without givin South Park an up. Not from America doesn't work. You know Noah's seen that episode!

  • Hassan Wasswa

    hello every one. please check out this page. #work_leave_Balance. #know you rights

  • mrdarkhalo666

    I learned about this bullshit in grade school! I'm 45 now, and it's mind blowing that we still put up with this shit❗😠

  • Giovanni Balduzzi

    Maybe we european are weird, but we do a silly thing: we count all people's vote and then assign seat proportionally to the number of votes. Weird, but it seems to be working.

  • aresmars2003

    The answer is multi-member districts. Executive positions need single-winner elections, but there's no reason a geographic area can't have more than one seat elected. So a 4-member urban district can still elect one republican representative with 20% of the vote, or the reverse in an exurban district.

  • HB Stone

    They should just limit the number of edges or corners a district can have. Say you get up to 8 or 10 edges, you could include a few extra blocks here and there but it would be impossible to draw any of these insane districts. Not saying 10 is the right number, but something so that they could still redraw based on the actual people living in the communities, but NOT so that they could pick every house that can vote for (or against) them.

  • Poam Levi

    To be a Donald duck is might be batter then Donal crow in terms of democracy God bless America and its domestic government

  • Dragoner Productions

    Exactly why I insisted our votes ultimately don't matter. The people voted for hillary, but because of the electoral college, russian troll factorys, and russian meddling overall caused trump to get into office.

  • Mitch Burns

    I know what you mean. Just look at Alaska. It's gerrymandered in such a way that a 51% majority will get you 100% of the congressional seats.

  • ri3it483qthirf

    well what do you know, gerrymandering is done by mostly republicans because they're pure garbage and don't represent the will of the people. Democracy is a failed experiment only because the corrupt is in power and idiots keep them in, and we have no shortage of the corrupt and stupid.

  • Jak Johnson

    Of course elections can be rigged.Democrats have people that arent citizens vote,and have people vote multible times,and dead people vote democrat for years after they are dead and buried

  • jacobpaige

    It looks like Trevor's people didn't watch Jon Olivers episode on this, nor did they do their research properly. If they had, they would never have used that district as an example of gerrymandering. Jon specifically called it out as a positive example that's frequently misunderstood by lazy journalists that can't be bothered to do their research.

  • Add Infinitum

    If they used Rumbas instead, they'd use computer analysis to sprinkle dirt on the map to lead the Rumba around the right way

  • 54markl

    American elections are being rigged by fascists, both Russian and American. Gerrymandering must be outlawed, as well as the Electoral College and Citizens United. Fascism must be uprooted in America.

  • Bryan King

    Let’s push Congress to vote for a law that makes district lines to decided by an independent commissions. Like the federal reserve. It must be independent of the President and Congress.

  • Spooky

    I like the focus that this segment brings attention to gerrymandering, but the first 75% of this segment is nearly an exact copy/replica down to the jokes and images that was aired on John Oliver's show a year ago. It would have been nice it had more original content. I mean I don't think the dick joke was that clever that it needed to be repeated, I was hoping it would bring attention to other districts that are gerrymandered across the US.

  • laci inthacold

    Haha the dark area inside Illinois 4th district looks an old man with a hard on. Someone should let the know, an erection don't count as personal growth. 👌😒

  • Eric Johnson

    wow so this whole time the russia probe has been misdirection. leaders dont want us to know our nation IS FUCKED. thanks for the update.

  • gmarie808

    Will we ever rid ourselves of this counter productive BS our government rubs our noses in daily?
    So, Trevor, what can we do about all of this?

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