• nedda herr

    John Birch Society report usmca is a trick Democratic added and took away to give away American sovereignty to the you nor to the New World Order investigate not signing to January

  • John Rider

    I keep hearing you guys say Nasty Nancy is a smart woman. But I gotta tell you, I'm not seeing it. She sounds very dumb when she speaks. And her actions are not slick at all. She is just a backstabbing snake. Don't confuse that with smarts. It is very clear by what we see in Congress that smarts are not always a factor in being there or being the Speaker. Just think about it. One of them, the dumbest person in the House said that Guam would capsize if too many people were to go there. It did not take smarts for horse face AOC to get elected. Really???!!! And that is one of our worst problems. You don't have to be smart if you are a Dem. You just need to make people feel like you will be there for them. And call the other person enough names and the big one, racist, and you too can be there. Think about Waters. Think just how dumb the people in her district must be that she made it there and has been there as long as she has. She has done nothing for the people. And their districts are shitholes.

  • Helen Shg

    Mirror, mirror on the wall…who wants impeachment most of all? I keep thinking half of pelosi's Alinsky rhetoric may be that she is Hillary's mouthpiece.

  • zofodraz

    They don’t exactly hate Trump, they are afraid they will be found out, for the millions or even billions they have laundered into their own pockets.

  • Mike Joseph

    Umm could the delay have anything to do with McConnell basically saying that he isn’t interested in hearing any evidence and that the result is a done deal before the articles have been handed over? I wonder.
    Once again no mention of the core issues of this impeachment.

  • Andrew Sarchus

    The left in the UK collapsed dramatically with their fanatics reduced to bulging-eyed gulping goldfish. The same will happen to the US left. My hope is that their collapse is even more catastrophic.

  • John Gicurtis


  • Veronica

    Democrats wanting to call more witnesses and documentation because they don't have the evidence from their investigation before they called impeachment funny how they didn't call or was outraged when Obama was in office and then they stopped Witnesses documentation from being released for an investigation the investigation in the IRS scandal Fast and Furious Benghazi hypocrites.
    I guess if you're Democratic president you're the only one who can call executive privilege and it be okay. Double standards

  • Suz B

    The Dem wits have turned the Impeachment process into a frivolous lawsuit of an unscrupulous victim who fell at a Safeway market. Disgraceful political stunt laden with hatred and partiality.

  • george kish

    They are bringing new witnesses.
    Pay attention to what they are doing. Thats the delay. Get back to reading what the democrats are doing.
    I thought the evidence had and used was it. How do they get to delay and get away with finding new witnesses and playing start over ' then start over again.

  • Marjorie McDaniel

    It's all a BIG FARCE! !! Pelosi Speakership is already destroyed. These democrats are so crooked unreal. Thank god he is in control

  • Eric Starnes

    Impeachment is a legal proceeding, and just as criminal defendants have constitutional rights in criminal trials so too does Trump have constitutional rights, which House Democrats are denying him. For example, the Sixth Amendment gives criminal defendants the right to "a speedy and public trial." House Democrats are trying Trump in secret and are denying him the right to a public proceeding….

    The Sixth Amendment also guarantees criminal defendants the right to be "informed" of the charges against them. House Democrats are not informing Trump of the charges against him and are leaking salacious information to the press. This, too, violates Trumps rights under the federal Bill of Rights.

    Moreover, the Sixth Amendment guarantees Trump the right "to confront the witnesses against him," which right House Democrats are denying to Trump. The president has a right under current Supreme Court case law to have a public face-to-face confrontation with the witnesses against and to testify in his own defense. House Democrats are denying the president that very basic constitutional right

  • Sevlija Blazevic

    This is politician, this brain is not able to function, look at this man, people ! Would you ask him for advies ?! Jeezz, man, this is … why dont he go to pension ?! America !

  • kdtub61

    This "impeachment" is not about Trump per say. This is about self preservation for the criminals in DC, Hollywood(entertainment) and the MSM.

  • Joe Trump

    When you are senile (Pelosi),
    You should not be the keeper of the toilet paper 🧻 for the odd house.

    Stay home 🏡, don’t come back to work, nobody will miss you.


  • Reginald Dove

    If she doesn't send them…the last of her " credibility" will be gone and the Democrats who want to succeed her will be sharpening their knives like conspirators against Julius Caesar!

  • Rose Marie Leonard

    Impeach on nothing! This is called DemonRats… impeach first, find a reason after! Those peoplekind are Swamp Cats. The Islamic SQUAD runs Old Pelosi and Chucky.

  • Edmund Singleton

    I’m going to climb out on a limb and suggest, the only
    reason Mike Emanuel is given so much airtime on Fox News is because he dyes his
    52year old hair.

  • El- Berith

    Sorry if this sounds too harsh but some of us on the conservative right are sick of the left claiming "authoritarian truth" for their blatant LIES and /or ignorance, and because of extreme ignorant remarks on Impeachment by many that are deceived I wrote this comment
    and call it–looser(s) with and /or without an excuse…
    "Some opinions and / or comments betray idiocy par excellence that simultaneously sounds off whatever lying trash globalist Media propaganda outlets spoon feeds the gullible. Certain remarks betray the state of the fallen, others are unable to string two coherent sentences together and as stupid goes, many readily drink up the deceptions! In truth, there are millennial children with 21st century tech at their finger tips but are too lazy to actually do any fact checking.
    Such people are unable to discern truth from fiction & are illiterate in multiple ways! For example— they are basically clueless how our US Constitution was designed to work with its three separate branches of government with power and authority to operate within their own parameters without interference from the other branches; all this for the sake of check and balances but meant to work together for the good of the nation. Yet people claim lies as truth as the blind lead the blind more than ever before. Deception is rampant! Corrupt Nancy Pelosi, congenital lying Schiff and sleep walking Nadler are good examples of this. The nation is so deceived by communist propaganda that in an age of smart tech, millions lack general [good] knowledge and fail to know the basics of US [genuine] history. Ignorant by in-large, many don't know the US Constitution is a none political document that was designed to dissuade political partisan Impeachments. To this end, the framers were concerned that one day lawless partisan political traitors would abuse the powers of government and trash the Constitution as it is being done today. Adding nails to the coffin, men throw truth to the ground! Criminals in high levels of government gone amok seek to illegitimately grab raw power to serve their own bellies with indifference. Saddest of all– are souls of the lost who talk about their none existent morality but purport to talk about "shady characters" in abject hypocrisy" –[email protected]

  • shur7318

    Pelosi has had a mental break down it’s obvious to any one who knows someone who has suffered a break down she is unable to make any decisions or judgments that are concrete. ! Impeachment is prime example

  • I don't matter

    Hey Yankees get that Republican vote out don't count your chickens before they hatch ! The world doesn't need the Democrats . Talk to your friends and family have hard conversations the risk is worth it . Merry Christmas a real allied neighbor trapped North of you , it's leftarded up here and the sentiment against America is almost mainstream since Bush 2.0 . I fear our leadership has caused us to become a detriment to North American security . The "New Canadians" don't like you guys much. Please some one in charge wake up the people !

  • Karl K

    If the radically socialist, Dem voters are, as Newt Gingrich said here, angry and psychotic, then I wonder how they will react if and when Pres. Trump is acquited? Do idoctrinated socialists respond solemnly and responsibly when they don't get their way?
    What will the Dem House representatives do? Will they choose to conduct another impeachment?

  • The Observer

    Impeachment Accusations, 1. "Abuse of Power"…..What Power does the President Abused?…not Specified….2. "Obstruction of Congress"…. What Obstruction of Congress does the President made?…..still again, not specified…….Demo accusation is like "ANYTHING FITS-IN" Narratives for future accusation they will uncover along the way till 2020 and beyond………….

  • Gary Johnson

    I have been SCREAMING it seems like anyways, I TRULY believe, Pelosi's desire is to blackmail as many senate republicans to vote guilty. What might the deep state have on some of the senate republicans. We KNOW that more than just the democrats are evil & corrupt in D.C.. Can Pelosi get enough republican senators to vote FOR impeachment now, next month, or six months? I worry about this idea myself. I hope I am wrong.

  • rick flood

    The liberals and Democrats are doing all they can to bring Trump down(and the 63 million of us who voted for him) because they didn't have the Hillary party in 2016

  • rick flood

    Nancy Pelosi….why doesn't she help the "tent" people living on the sidewalks of San Franciso, with their feces,needles and diseases ….

  • Ash Woodworth

    Just found out that Trump wants to cutt all future aid to Ukraine, the aid to Ukraine is to keep Russia from attacking weaker countries and gaining territory so Russia doesn't grow from a super power to a super empire, and Trump is now cutting out Ally off from future military aid, this only benefits Russia!, And a Russian intelligence spy ship is anchored down by Florida where Trump lives, and Trump still uses his own personal cell phone for government business even though he was advised not to, I'm sure the Russians are listening!

  • J MAN

    Pelosi is not admitting that her case is weak. She's trying to focus everyone's attention on the fact that Mitch O'Connell has already declared that Trump is innocent and the Senate will, therefore, call no witnesses. It's like the jury foreman deciding after the prosecutor and defendant's attorney deliver their opening remarks that the jury has heard enough and is ready to render a decision in case without hearing from any witnesses.

  • WhirlOmar

    Republicans have FAILED to bring up any evidence on Biden yet they believe Biden is guilty. And choose to not believe the evidence against Trump. If there was no evidence he would not have been impeached and have all his cronies going to jail. Republicans are WRONG this time. And only time will reveal their denial and hypocrisy.

  • May Brisbin

    they are successfully preventing investigation of the swamp in ukraine both sides dnc and rnc are heavily invested in ukraine= swamps pay pal and to prove it to you how come no fox reporters went to ukraine

  • Mani USA

    Clown democrats impeachment circus show is over,stop wasting taxpayer's money and time.Pres.Trump and Republicans 2020 to Keep America Great and greater.

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