Girl Banned From Prom for Confederate Flag Dress
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Girl Banned From Prom for Confederate Flag Dress

here’s an interesting story high school
senior tax on a edwards was banned from her prom for wearing a confederate flag
address she was kicked out of the promise few days ago because she was
wearing a dress that resembled the confederate flag we have that picture up
for a television audience school official said she couldn’t wear it
because it’s offensive inappropriate they actually told her in advance that
she should not wear it she came to the event wearing a dress
she was told you can change in comeback she didn’t and she uh… was not she was not
allowed there now this is really a question of of what is the confederate flag racist we’ve
talked about this on the program before and is it a violation of some kind of
free speech to be able to wear not now we we kind of have to come up with an
analogy to think about this uh… beyond just the specifics of the confederate
flag if somebody showed up with the dress that just had a softer capp at all
over it would that be acceptable uh… and and end is that a good place
to start kind of thinking about this list i mean it see this is another thing we’re getting
into freedom of speech in whatever rules has for clothing like this ok right if if the school has decided that she’s not allowed to we are not allowed
to wear something like this on school property risk what i’ll listen to those
terms like this what what harry defining like this something that some find offensive what
if the seller of sending something uh… i guess on the offensive i mean i
consider it hate speech i mean i think that what what we’re
getting it done argument for getting from conservatives on this is that the
confederate flag just isn’t racist right i mean we hear that all the time some
say it’s about states rights it’s not racist at all the reality is that you kind of denying
common sense and reality because the confederate flag has been
used uh… probate it is now predominantly
used by uh… many races groups right and this idea that it’s just this
completely benign symbol i don’t buy it all but then we do get into the question
of where is the line if someone says they’re offended by pictures of jesus
and someone was a jesus stress uh… is that grounds for having the
person changes well idon’t know where you draw the line on this but on what do you think are not sure i’m trying to think of what
role the person’s intention has so for example of someone wears a swastika and this person with liquid they attend
your old yeah and you determine that this person
actually doesn’t know uh… with the nazis are or what the symbol means no
parent frontier original thing that represented in thousands of years ago
it’s it crisper dates the nazis belcher uh… imac casey disable the kid to know
what he was doing but the symbol has a meaning to everyone else the question is
i will be affected beyond those around the person right so anyway so if everyone is interpreting the symbol
as being incredibly offensive but obviously not everyone will because some
people won’t know what it means or some people will say yeah i’m a nazi blind i
don’t think it’s hate speech so in that situation i really had no
answer and i know you’re me ended the day is not where the confederate flag
itself is racist i mean it’s been very was dot that dusted off to terrorize
blacks who had the audacity to fight jim crow laws it’s a symbol of hatred and defines it
has been for a long time the s_p_ elsie which is uh… group that as a a long categorizing catalog hate
groups said that at least five hundred extremist groups use the confederate
flag for its symbolism the the question is what if it were uh… i intellectually i think that this should
be allowed and i think it is it does it offends others and it creates shouldn’t
be allowed anywhere in the country decreased tension that the things you
just ban it from existing a violent do you think it should be banned because
it’s offensive or because it’s an incitement to violence is those aren’t the same thing if it’s purely offensive you can find
anything that’s offensive to some people well that’s the thing how do you agree
on what is officially offensive like i said there may be there may be eight
fiesta were offended by a dress with pictures of jesus does that mean you should ban it now i don’t think said no because it doesn’t is not representative
of something racists for violent i mean i don’t think should be dance one
anyone anywhere i want to cas aren’t there many would argue that christianity is fine that’s that’s an opinion so is the apparel okay but that they
were getting into people can say no your opinion of the
confederate flag is offensive or racist is wrong pottery we think it’s repeated i think
clearly it stands for something that is racist but i miss you i’m going
to be as a and i i know reagon but lou there is something to lose the thing
which is that there is a consensus uh… of symbol of jesus isn’t in another
itself symbol of oppression or a symbol of hate alcatraz the confederate flag has been used since
the civil war to represent that time that was very uh… discriminatory are we basically
saying you need to handle every single one of these on a one-on-one basis can
we not make any general ruled out there so i mean maybe the maybe that’s ok
people people should be allowed to wear it sources are allowed because there are five should be allowed
leslie lobbies address should be allowed in the status quo not are you not
understanding what i’m saying okay it according to freedom of speech ok
freedom of expression fair it should be allowed in the country the schools have their own rules about clothing and what is
acceptable so that’s fine if the school deanship offensive she shouldn’t be allowed to wear it at
that school i think it’s a slippery slope but maybe we need to him it will
raise either yelling at is a one-on-one handling of what is an offense address okay no idea that we’re gonna have to
leave it there please send your thoughts about this voicemails at two one nine three david
peer e-mails to our website david packing dot com let’s take a break like
the show on face book face book dot com slash david patten show will be back
next we’ll talk with dennis campbell about the phone hacking scandal and the
shocking admissions today from rupert murdoch david madman shelves and david
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  • CaneFu

    "I am completely racist but that's not the point, I still don't think African-Americans should have any right to say what offends them" — butchermachine

    Why don't you just go ahead and call us the "n-word" while you're at it?

  • David Carr

    Christianity is violent, that's all that's in the bible and throughout the actual history of it's followers trying to push that shit onto other peoples of the world, so, it is not an "opinion", it's fact. I'm a atheist and if I saw some dumbass walking down the street or at a street fair wearing a "jesus dress", I'd just laugh to myself and keep on walking but if we're at a personal social gathering (prom, office dinner etc.) I'd be offended and it's the same with that damn flag.

  • CaneFu

    NO, you need to educate yourself – under international law, slavery imposed on a race IS GENOCIDE. It isn't just about killing a group of people. Please go do the research.

    The Civil War was fought over states rights – and what were some of those rights among others? The right to keep slaves. What is the part of the Confederate States that most affected African-Americans? Slavery. You don't have the right to tell us what should or should not offend us.

  • CaneFu

    "Dude , you need to read some real history outside of your Afro-American studies"

    Not only did this attempt to talk down to me fail badly, but it is obviously a completely racist remark that had no business in this conversation. Amazing how you just can't stop yourself from getting in these kinds of racial insults isn't it.

  • CaneFu

    In addition 26% of Southerners owned slaves before the Civil War – that is NO small percentage. Slavery was an essential part of white Southern lifestyle and even many poor families owned 1 or 2 slaves. 10,000 families owned 50 slaves or more and 4 million slaves were in the South. One half of ALL Southerners were either slaves or members of slave holding families…

    The point being that the Confederate flag is representative of this disgraced slave owing culture they tried to hold together.

  • Matthew

    CaneFu is an idiot. I tried to explain to him the 1st Amendment and why, even though you might be offended by the Confederate flag, you can't just ban something because you don't like it, and he called me a racist, brought up slavery, and mentioned fat hairy guys. He's a troll.

  • Matthew

    CaneFu argued that wearing a Confederate flag t-shirt or dress (or anything else offensive to anybody) was equivalent to public nudity and should be outlawed as such. That was seriously his argument. Classic troll. LOL!

  • Brian Sawyer

    It’s now very common to hear people say, “I’m rather offended by that.” As if that gives them certain rights. Its actually nothing more than a whine. “I find that offensive.” It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. “I am offended by that.” Well, so fucking what. -Stephen Fry

  • Karen Burch

    how does an accent show incest? that's complete bullshit (and i took phonology courses)!

    also, as someone from chicago….fuck you

  • Zomby

    LOL! and how is it racist she is just taking pride in the south jeese they only think about slavery so i could wear something i love god but i cant wear a flag and swastikas are way worse than a confederate flag

  • VictoryRepublican

    In the 80's the Japanese battle flag with the sun rays was all the rage. So a Japanese battle flag is cool but an American battle flag is not? Banning things is WRONG. What's next: Banning Rosary beads because some homosexual is offended by Catholic teaching? How about banning Muslim head garb because of the hate that Wahhabis have?

  • cody willyard

    FUCK YOU you stupid dumbass! lets jus ban it completly. u stipid fuck, r flag is heritage n he shit comin out of yer mouth is 100% bullshit. we will NEVER n i mean NEVER get rid of r flags! THE SOUTH WILL RISE!

  • Dozer Hatfield

    Every one needs a history lesson the conferdrate flag does not stand for racisim it stands for the 13 southern states when they were their own country. Just like we have the american flag. I am offeneded by all the people from other countries that can show their pride in their country when they live in america you should be proud to be american if you live in america. The confederate flag is a part of the america history and any one who says that it is racist needs a history lesson.

  • IronRooRoo

    But the Confederacy threatened to tear your country in two.

    To use that as a symbol of pride is insulting to the many who list their lives in the American Civil War.

    The fact of the matter is that the Confederate flag is a symbol of war. The Confederacy is no more, and it is because of the Union's victory that your country was able to later become the world superpower.

    Celebrating the Confederate flag is basically saying 'fuck you' to your own country. Congratulations.

  • Jeremy Capps

    the Klu Klux Klan actually used the American Flag before the Confederate Flag, in Nazi germany a man was executed for a refusal to take it down,

  • Dean LeBlanc

    the confederate flag is not a hate symbol nor does it stand for racism. A swastika dress or a white hood is completely different as they are historically "hate symbols" i dont think she should have been excluded from her prom at all in my opinion the school was offending her and the southern states. God dammit im from canada and i know the american history about this flag better then most of the people i see commenting without knowing anything about its history

  • Adam Addamson

    Condeferacy was not "racist"! PRoof – the word itself ("racism") was not coined until 1930 by the raving hater and conspirator Lev Davidovich Bronstein, aka LEON TROTKSY. First use of word "racist" (rasistov in Russian) was in Trotsky's 1930 History of the Russian Revolution. He yelled at his detractors calling them this to ridicule them! Later (in exile from Stalin, in Mexico) he used the term to incide non-whites in US to seize power for a red revolution. Reject use of "racist" against whites.

  • mungous1000

    Let me get this straight. Your reasoning for the Confederate flag not being racist is because the word "racist" was not invented yet. So they got a free pass to have slaves and lynchings prior to 1930? Cain killed his brother, Abel, but the word "murder" was not invented yet, so he got a pass.

    I wonder what we can all get away with now, waiting for a new word to be invented?

    Whether or not the word was around in the 1860's, today we call it racist. Back then, it was just plain old hate.

  • gino r

    I'm from a northern state and I fly a Confederate flag all the time. I'm not a racist and I have colored friends who also fly the flag. Its about freedom. If you want freedom for all you must be willing to except things you are not fond of.

  • Brandy wine

    I'm a white woman from Mississippi so here is my take. This flag is part of our heritage and I understand it's place. With that being said, its place is in our history books not on a prom dress. I happen to care about the feelings of my black friends and neighbors more than i do about making some statement at prom. I completely understand how something like that would offend people. I can't imagine a dress being more important to me than the feelings of those people I care about. It is a remind

  • Brandy wine

    Cont from below…. Sometime we get so wrapped up in our "RIGHTS" we forget what is most important in life.. How we treat and make others feel. If your gonna make a stand on something.. Make it count and make sure it's something you will be proud of.. Not some silly dress and especially not one that is this unflattering to this girls body! I could have picked her out a better one!

  • Howard Lockwood

    Yes, what you are saying is understandable and true, however it has bad connotations, due to having been used to represent the south during the civil war, in which advocated slavery.

  • kevyster

    so Old Glory is okay despite that over 80 slave ships flew and it's never held accountable for it's 87 years of slavery

  • Howard Lockwood

    Dude, what are you talking about? I merely mentioned the fact that the connotations on the flag was based on slavery to reason with the guy I replied to. Don't go around and make what I say sound negative.

  • ravenclaw91ful

    You lost a rebellion! Southern rebels were no different than Al Qaeda, should Al Qaeda be allowed to fly their flag? Southern whites killed more people than Al Qaeda ever has.

  • Germanic and Celtic pride.

    Same with the flag of England (St Georges cross) It's been banned form a county in England due to it being offensive to other religions besides Christians.

  • kevyster

    80 slave ships flew Old Glory. Zero flew the southern cross
    "think you might need a dose of reality and an education" stop speaking about yourself in theird person since not only did you not know how many slave ships flew Old Glory you act like none of them did fly Old Glory even through the evidence shows over 80 slave ships did.

  • kevyster

    DUMBASS HICK WEAK LAZY SOUTHERNER" Your Yankee folks on the shore of NJ, NY and Connecticut weren't saying that when I volunteer to repair the damage Sandy caused.You talk tough when you cowardly sprew your bigoted Leftist hypocrisy behind your computer. "know your place hillbilly boy"
    I'll be sure to remember that after Sandy,etc hits your Yankee city and you're begging for my Help and make sure I'll won't "leave my place" no more how much you need my help.

  • kevyster

    the confederate flag represents oppression, torture, anti Freedom, anti American, anti Constitutional sentiment…" WRONG it was founded on the ideas of our founding Fathers. Anti-Constution? The Constution said seccession is not only 100% legal, seccession is in the constution. I'd guess our founding Fatehrs were for "totute, oppression, anti-freedom, anti-America,etc if I went by your standards that you won't live by..

  • kevyster

    Becuase King George said the same things about those that secceed from England in 1770's. "it has long been adopted by many white supremacist & terrorist organizations & groups like the KKK" We already know the stars and stripes is the preferred flag of the KKK,etc. " it is highly controversial and does not belong in a public school setting." Why don't you move to North Korea,etc you'll fit in better there.

  • kevyster

    The school absolutely did the right thing." Freedom is NOT simply aimed to encourage your liberal fascist bs and must be discard when it conflicts with what you want.

  • kevyster

    sorry bud, but the school is NOT in North Korea. Btw, what proof do have that the rebel prom dress lady is "KKK"? Or do you call anyone that opposes your liberal yankee PC Gestapo bit that? Try reading the constution becuase it said Dixie's seccession is prefectly legal and it's NOT anti-America becuase Dixie withdraw when the US gov't abused it's power, which the constution fully supports.

  • kevyster

    Then again you didn't know over 80 slave ships flew Old Glory and then you pretend their didn't but the facts prove they did. Saying "No slave ships flew Old Glory" isn't going to change that over 80 slave ships did and the pictures of over 80 slave ships flying the stars and stripes don't lie

  • kevyster

    not according to freddom-hating constutional illiterate hating facist hypocrite Scott. Anyone who disagrees with him is a "KKK"

  • kevyster

    sthu your typical liberal Yankee fascist hypocrite. over 80 slaves ships flew Old Glory, Zero flew the southern cross. Freedom is NOT simply want you like and everything else has to be discarded and banned. Oh Stop insulting those that were murdered on 9/11/01 to suit your liberal Yankee Fascist hypocrisy by claiming southern whites killed more. Northern whites also "killed more" and they were just as pro-slavery as Diixie was. They just weren't as upfront about it

  • kevyster

    Constution guarentees the right to piss you off by allowing someone wearing the rebel flaq at a prom without the PC gestapo harshing him. Try reading the constution before commenting on it.

  • kevyster

    sorry but it does Belong. Freedom and the constution is accepting and defending the rights of what you're NOT fond of and NOT only what you like. Your actions don't lie about your freddom hating, anti-constution fascism the way your words do. If you want to find the real image that is anti-constution, anti-America and anti-freedom , all you need to do is look at yourself in the mirror to see that image staring back at you.

  • kevyster

    The southern cross Spro-America, pro-freedom and pro-constution whether you like it or not. However you anti-freedom and anti-constution stnce you have on anything you don't like proves you were speaking about yourself when you falsely accuse the rebel flag of what you're actually like..You better hurry, you miss your flight to North Korea where your freedom-hating anti-constution hypocritcal facsism is welcomed rather than curse at it the way it is here

  • kevyster

    Constution and freedom means accepting and defending what you're not fond of. " then go back to taliban land you anti American, anti constitutional fuck wit before I show you the door" Stop speaking about yourself in the third person becuase your actions don't lie about your anti-constution freedom hating fascist hypocritisy. You can lie to yourself about your freedom-hating hypocrisy but that's the only one you can lie to about it.

  • kevyster

    btw, why don't you actually learn what freedom and the constution really stand for becuase they would NEVER support any of your liberal fascism you endless lie to yourself about. Real freedom defend the right of what you're not fond. If you want to find the true freedom-hater ,all you need to do is look at yourself in the mirro. Oh btw, you can show me the door all you want but I'm not leaving.But I did like you exposing your liberal intolerant freedom hating hypocrisy with that.

  • kevyster

    You really should move to N.Korea, you'll fit much better there since you discard the constution over whatever you're not Fond of and only believe your fascist hypocritical opinions deserve to be "protected by the constution" Freedom and teh Constution means defending what you're NOT fond of. anti-constutional and freedom-hating means banning whatever is NOT to your liking. PERIOD. You really should move to N.Korea, you'll fit much better there since you discard over anything you don't like

  • kevyster

    Stop falsely accusing the flag of Dixie of the freedom-hating anti-constution fascism you actually promote and believe. Too bad your freedom-hating hypocritical fascist actions don't lie the way your words do. The southern cross is America and was founded on constution. Your freedom hating fascist hypocrisy wasn't. Accept it and move on or just move to North Korea if you can't stand the constution if it means defending the rights of what you don't like.

  • kevyster

    Oh Real Freedom- NOT your freedom-hating liberal fascist hypocrisy- and the constution defends the right to wear a rebel prom dress. Don't like it, then make sure you don't miss you flight to N.Korea since you have NO clue what freedom and the constution really stand for so maybe you deserve to lose both of them.

  • kevyster

    Translation, I'm too much a freedom-hating fascist hypocritc to handle when my hatred of the constution becomes exposed when I discard the constution whenever dealing what I don't like. If I don't like No one should becuase I'm for freedom dammit. Now agree with me or shut up

  • kevyster

    "If you were standing in front of me, Id eradicate you and your family from this planet; you treasonous dimwitted, hillbilly, anti American traitor." Finding it impossible for you to practice what you preach it seems. Btw, if I was "dumb" how come you restort to bigoted kindergartn logiuc instead of coming cleaning about your freedom-hating fascist hypocrisy? Your actions never lie about your freedom hating hypocrisy.

  • kevyster

    No more time for low income, low IQ morons" That must why you rather restort to your bigoted kindergarten logic becuase it clear you're not man enough to have the intelligence and courage to come clean about your freedom-hating hypocrisy. Btw, if I have such "low IQ" how come you can't find a way to intelligently defend your liberal fascist hypocrisy without restorting to bigoted kindergarten logic?

  • kevyster

    May I ask you why you only support the constution if it supports what you like. Guess freedom and the constution are a curse for you when it means you have to defend the rights of what you don't like. Btw, this isn't North Korea and you can't force your opinions on those that don't agree with you.

  • kevyster

    You can have your North Korea state of mind all you want but as long as you live where real freedom and the constution defends the rights of what you're not fond of, your opinions are NOT the law of the land no matter how much you want them to be.

  • kevyster

    If you were standing in front of me, Id eradicate you and your family from this planet; you treasonous dimwitted, hillbilly, anti American traitor." When did I ever discard the constution over what I'm not fond of? Oh you're speaking about yourself in the third person again btw, whenever one said what you said before, it means they lost the debate and lack the intelligence, courage and maturity to just admit it.

  • kevyster

    Im a true American patriot you fuckwit… " then why do you have a North Korea state of mind? Wipe your conscience. My conscience is clean but then again I don't discard the constution when it means defending what I'm not fond of the way you do

  • kevyster

    defends the US Constitution and gets rid of taliban anti American terrorist dumbasses like you… " Then your "defense" of the constution is in vain since you refuse to come clean about your north Korea state of mind, let alone confront it. Btw I never mentioned the Taliban. Would you stop speaking about yourself in the third person already. Since you refuse to support the constution the moment it means going against your liberal fascist hypocritical menatlity

  • kevyster

    that's why I will always be superior to some trailer trash, low income, low IQ moron, who's too lazy and fat to be any worth in our society" LOL, if you're not man enough to come clean about your liberal fascist North Korea hypocritical mentality then just say so. Spare me your bigoted kindergarten logic

  • kevyster

    "Get the fuck out of my country shit stain." Uh, I don't have a liberal fascist anti-constution when it goes against your North Korea hypocritical menatlity the way you do. To actually be for the constution, you have to defend the right to have the rebel flag and get rid of your North Koirea state of mind. Anything makes you a liar and a fraud. PERIOD. Let your actions be 360 if your words.

  • kevyster

    the confederate flag was NOT founded on foudning father's ideology you fucking moron… " So basically know nothing about the constution. But I'm not suprised North Korea state of mind that hates teh constution when it means you have to support the rights of what you're not fond of. Then again you claim no slave ship flew Old Glory but there's at least pictures,etc of at least 80 slave ship that cleary DID fly Old Glory

  • kevyster

    the US defeated the fascist, weak, cowardly southerners, as its always had a history of doing" You really are clueless about the war. The Union was just as pro-slavery as Dixie was. Too bad your actions Never lie about your North Korea state of mind the way your words did. But I never resulted to threatening you nor your family. Only weak minded bigoted hypocrites ie you restort to that. Why don't you man up and come clean about your North Korea hypocritical fascist mentality?

  • kevyster

    secession is treasonous and shows division… " Uh, that's King George said about our founding Fathers. You really didn't think this through at all. Oh course you did you would have known how many slave ship flew Old Glory.
    Stop whining becuase Bob Lee freed his slaves of his own free will while Grant was forced at Gun point to free his slaves against his will. You can't deny it all you want but like the 80 slave ship flying Old Glory, you can't change itNo matter how your N.Korea mind wants to

  • kevyster

    btw, I thought you liberals are supposed to care about the poor. But that must be more of your krynton-ie practicing what you preach really does make you powerless. That explain how you preach love,tolerance, open-mindnesses,pro-constution,etc but your actions show hatred, bigotry, intolerance, close mindness, North Korea state of mind, hatred of freedom and constution when it means defending what you don't like ie Fascist hypocrisy.

  • kevyster

    Your actions will always tell the truth about you and they will always outweigh the lies your words say about you. Btw, why are you so scared to come clean about your North Korea hypocritical state of Mind? Funny you call me "weak and spineless" but you don't even have enough guts nor the intelligence to face up and come clean about your liberal fascist North Korea mental hypocrisy. Constution means full freedom NOT only what you like. no matter how you hate accepting that.

  • Allan Beverley

    These kids are truly ignorant liberals just because hate groups use the flag does not mean it is racist these kids really need a true history lesson they are idiots I am from the north and did true research about the flag and the civil war these kids should do the same

  • wolfofautumnnight

    she should not have been kicked out. the flag itself is not racist. the flag originally stood for the confederate states that wanted to break away from the union to form their own sovereign state. the only reason it is linked to racism is because people are

  • wolfofautumnnight

    people are mistaken when their believe the civil war had anything to do with slavery, it did not. Lincoln claimed the slaves were free to give him to legal right to invade the south with his army when the southern citizens refused to give up their slaves. would i wear the flag? no. i do not believe a northerner such as myself should wear it and those who do should move to the south…

  • wolfofautumnnight

    the flag itself is not racist, those who are offended by it are morons, and so are the people who use it to represent their racist views.

  • Johnny3968

    The Rebel flag,among English Teddyboys,stands for rockabilly music which originated in the good old south states.So it isn't racist or offensive.This Dave Pakman is a prickhead!!

  • Partisan Black

    When people commit acts through the use of the symbol whether positively, negatively or neutral, the symbol is associated with that act. We associate the medical symbol with people who are there to help us with our health or save our lives. We look to the police symbol for civil protection. But when you see the Nazi symbol, you don't associate them or their actions as positive, because they have a very negative history through their own actions. Same goes for the Confederate flag. It has a very negative history and those that support it have a history of committing violence and human rights violations against other people. 

    So that's what we have to weigh in when banning something that tows the line of free speech. Where is it's origin and how was it used to affect people. And the nazi swastika is not the same as the Indian swastika. The nazi version is reversed.

  • Chad Disrud

    The "Confederate" flag shown is actually not the official flag of the Confederate States of America.  The flag of the CSA represents the 13 sovereign states that exercised their unalienable right to secede from the United States of America during the 1860s for the same reason that the United States of America seceded from the British Empire in the 1770s.  Legally and moralistically the CSA exists today.  It exists for the same reason that the USA exists (the right of a just government to govern is derived solely on the consent of the governed).  It would be ridiculous to claim that the Confederate States consented to be governed by Washington.  Thousands of Confederate soldiers who were slaughtered would disagree.  If the United States exists, then the Confederate States exist.  While the flag is not the same as the one shown here, it is quite similar and should be protected like any other Union flag such as the European Union of United Kingdom flag.  If anything, it may be disrespectful of her to make a dress out of a protected flag that represents valor, courage and sacrifice from a people seeking their independence in the 1860s.

  • TokerNotTheSmoker

    Also if you don't like it there is plenty of fucking planes going back to where ever the fuck!!! 👳👳👳👳👳🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  • derek Paulsen

    The thing they don't know is that the Ku klux klan was not suppose to use the confederate flag but after a while they started to use it.

  • Tom Lahey

    First off, you two douchebags need a history lesson. It is NOT the Confederate flag. It is the Northern Virginia battle flag. This flag never flew on a slave ship and never had a single tie to slavery. The liberal media making it offensive is the only reason people like you even attempt to compare it to the Nazi Swastika. Are you going to ban white bed sheets too just because some racist dickheads wore them? The punk that killed the 9 people in the church was wearing a Gold's gym shirt as well. Shall we burn all the Gold's gyms down now? People like you that do not know history and make no attempt to learn it before spewing this crap are part of the reason our country is spiraling down the drain. Wake up and get a REAL education!

  • Greyson De Saye

    Poor Girl Evil PC THUGS PUSHING WAR ON US AND FREEDOM! YOUR TIME IS DONE PUSHING US ! Col. GRIM Bet the would have loved a Commie flag!

  • Devil's Playground

    Freedom of speech cannot have exceptions, otherwise it will not be 'freedom' of speech. Besides, the flag is not the issue here, race is. The removal of the Confederate battle flag was nothing more than a single blow in a heavyweight fight. There is more to come folks, can you withstand the punishment?

  • Johan Golden

    F**** bastard doesn't know what he's talking about he says conservatives think the Confederate flag is not racist it's totally fucking racist and I'm a conservative you can't put these one little group of people and say every conservative thinks that just because some conservatives are racist doesn't mean all are you don't know what your fucking talking about fucking lunacy

  • Johan Golden

    I think people should be allowed to wear it but I don't think it's right this guy David thinks being offended by something is an act of violence no it's just offencive he also said that if someone wore a picture of Jesus on their dress and that offended someone should they be kicked out no David if someone wears a hijab and someone wears a Confederate flag shirt which should be banned Confederate flag shirt obviously you can't put two opposite groups and compare them it's basically like water and oil

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