Girlfriend Was Supposed To Be At The Mall, She Was In Another State (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This is“Couples Court
with the Cutlers.” [Judge Dana] This is the case
of Walker versus Carter. You two met online,
and, Miss Walker, you believe that Miss Carter
is still online, such that you did not accept
her marriage proposal. And you opened
this case instead. Miss Walker, why don’t you
trust Miss Carter anymore? Share with the court. Your Honor,
basically my girlfriend
is a liar and a cheater. [audience] Oooh! She try–
She always try to say that I’m living in the past,
and I’m being paranoid, but if it’s so much in the past, how did I recently
find a dating app that was created
for men online that she says she
put there because I snoop and she wanted me to find out? But I feel like if that
was the case, why would you– We already have trust issues, so why would you create more
on top of that? That’s– That’s not true, because when I am
being honest with her, she gonna go back
and double-check anyway, and then the thing
with the dating app, I put that on there
because she nosey. I wanted to see
how long it’s gonna be exactly till she come back. But why
intentionally hurt me? What you snoopin’ for? ‘Cause I don’t trust you.
You lie. Miss Carter, have you
given her any reasons
to not trust you? [laughing] And it’s not funny,
Your Honor.
This is serious, and this is
a joking matter to her. See, ’cause I– [Judge Dana]
Yeah, there is– There are clearly
two different viewpoints. -[Ayanna]
I’m not playing at all.
-She ain’t smiling. [Quiana]
And that’s the thing, even when we at home
and we argue, just because I smile doesn’t
mean that I don’t care. I don’t want her to know
how I’m feeling. I show my emotions
different from her. But, Miss Carter,
Miss Walker says you’re not
taking this seriously. -[Quiana] I am.
-What are you here
to show today? That I been telling the truth
and that I love her and I wanted to be with her. [sighs]
We got a hot one. [laughter] We got a hot one. So you feel the trust
is gone in the relationship? [Ayanna] It is, Your Honor,
and all of this started because I paid
her cell phone bill one time, and with her cell phone bill, you needed the pass code,
so I kept it. And I noticed that it was
a number that kept showing up on her phone bill that came up every time she got
through talking to me. So I went back
and looked at it. I’m like, “Let me not say
too much right now. Let me see where this is going, ’cause I might be
that paranoid girlfriend,” like she always try
to say I am, but paranoia
do not find facts. [Judge Dana]
So you’re like, “I might be paranoid, but what I’m seeing here
is the same number…” -It’s something.
-“…over and over
and over again”? And like I said– But every phone bill
would have that. If you look
at somebody’s phone bill, you’re gonna have
certain numbers you call
more than others. -Why?
-[Ayanna] Right. -No, no, no, no, no.
-That’s normal. That’s normal,
but if I heard you correctly, you’re like,
“Every time she talks to me, -she talks to this person.”
-Right after.
And not only that– [Judge Dana]
Every time she talk to me, she talk to this person. Yes. And not only that,
but for six and seven and eight hours
through the night. That’s what caught my attention. -Okay.
-Okay, so that’s
a little different, right? That’s a little
different, okay.
All right. But that’s because I get
tired of her accusations, and at the time when I was
talking to this other person, my– my father was,
you know, ill, you know, and, you know,
I was in Michigan. I was out and texted, so, you know, I work, but, you know,
we was just talking, you know what I’m saying,
and, you know, really just talking. And that was it. So, Miss Walker,
did you ever investigate whose number
this belonged to? -I sure did.
-All right, talk to me. I confronted her
with the number. I said,
“Bae, why is this number showing up
on your phone bill
the moment–” not even 30 seconds,
Your Honor– one minute, like,
one minute after
she hang up with me? “Why is this number there?” “Aw, Bae, that’s
just my stud bro. That’s just my stud bro.
I don’t even get down like that. You gonna feel stupid, too.
Call her.” I was like,
“Mm, well, she can’t be lying, because she telling me
to call the lady.” Let me ask you something. Were you talking to her
for six and seven hours
at a time? Yes. So if she talked to you
for six or seven hours, then she’d go and talk
to this person for six
or seven hours? [woman] Wow! Wow, that’s a lot
of extra time you got. -[Quiana] That’s
because I was sick.
-[Ayanna] So I did– -And I couldn’t
do nothin’ but–
-I did take it amongst myself to call her bluff.
I called the lady, and I’m like, “Hello.” And she was just like,
“Who are you?” And I said, “I’m Q’s girlfriend,
now who are you?” She said,
“I’m Q’s girlfriend, too.” [audience] Ohh! -Wow!
-[Ayanna] She didn’t
lie about it or nothin’. But even after that– Okay, wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait. This woman tells you,
“I’m Q’s girlfriend, too”? What did you do
with that information? ‘Cause that’s
what I’m interested in. I was like, “Look, I’m coming
to you woman to woman. I need the truth. If you are with Q,
good luck to y’all.” ‘Cause I didn’t
need that right then. Okay, you asked the question,
you got the answer. She gave it to me,
so I asked her. Okay.
That was my question. What did that conversation
look like? So she was just like,
“Bae, she straight lying. She just lying on me. I’m a G.
I don’t get down like that.” -You know?
-[laughter] So I’m like, “Okay, well,
she got a whole bunch of– of things that
she coming up with,” like, I’m asking her,
you know, “Did y’all ever have sex?”
and things like that. She giving me dates, -so I asked Q…
-That– “Did you– Did you–
Did you do the girl?” And she was like, “Bae,
it was just a drunk night.” It was one time,
and it ended. But, no, Your Honor. It was one time
and it ended, right,
Miss Carter? -Yes.
-And your attitude is
that was in the past? -Yes.
-Okay. But in terms of now, she thinks
you’re still cheating. But, love,
here’s the thing, now we know
where the trust was broken. Okay. That’s why when all these
other things keep happening, she doesn’t have
anything to rely on, because she was told
nothing’s going on, then she’s told
something did happen, and I–
Looking at your face, you think it was
more than once, -more than the one time.
-It was more than once. Okay, but if this
happened in the past, my question is,
you all got back together. -[Ayanna] Yes, we did.
-Okay. Why did you
get back together? Well, I love her,
Your Honor. I do, I love her to death. And if I didn’t,
I wouldn’t be here. There’s a lot of things, but one that really
stuck out with me that touched my heart
because, you know, we both lost our parents
within a month apart. -Oh!
-So we struggled
through those, that trying time,
but I really wanted a dog. You know, I’m like,
“Shoot, kids out the house, I’m ready for a dog.” So, you know,
I’m like, “Look–” She’s like, “Bae,
I’m gonna get you this dog.” So I’m like, “Look, Bae,
we need to get a puppy cam so we can see
where the dog is pooping.” But little did I know
getting a puppy cam that I was gonna
find out my girl -was pooping in the backyard.
-The puppy cam was me. I was the dog
she was looking at. -It was never for the puppy.
-[audience groans] Let me show you. So like I said,
I had got the puppy cam. She feels like she was
the puppy I was spying on. But you give me reason,
so I installed this underneath my dresser, um, and I put an app
on my phone to zoom in to listen
to what she was saying. Now, it was on a break.
It was one of my breaks. I had texted her,
she hadn’t responded
back in a while, so, of course,
I’m already paranoid. I know from past history
how she get down. So I turned the camera on
from my phone, zoom in and listen, and she’s telling some girl how she’ll sexually do this
and how she’ll do that. [audience] Ohh! -And, Your–
-That is not tr– [Judge Keith]
Hold on, Miss Carter. -I submitted evidence for this.
-[Judge Dana] Right. -Let’s listen to it.
-[Judge Keith]
Let’s take a listen. [Ayanna on recording]
You know how we do it.
You know how we get down.[Ayanna] And that’s–
That’s how I remember,
Your Honor. Plus, it might
have been some more. -Wow.
-Because after– After I– I zoomed in
to listen then, I was, like, had to chill out, you know,
chill out a minute, but I was like, “I’m gonna go
and see what else she doing.” Still no text message. Three hours later,
she’s still on the phone with this mysterious woman. [audience] Ooh! And they’re still having
these provocative conversations? Conversations you do
not have with friends. And I asked her,
and she said, “That’s just
how I talk to my friends.” -“What?”
-Nah. [Judge Dana] So… So, Miss Carter,
who were you having these conversations with,
these sexually– ? It was a friend, Your Honor, and all that
was her recollection, none of that was said. You know, the thing was
the person I was talking to I had known, that’s, like, my ex
from, like, ten years ago. -It don’t matter.
-But we still was talkin’, but– Why is your ex
in your current life? -We wasn’t talking.
-[Judge Dana] Hold on. Hold on, Miss Walker.
I need to hear this. I might have said some things
but I was mad. I was venting,
so that’s, like I told her, when she brung it
to my attention, I’m like, “Ayanna,” I said, “That’s like me
writing in my diary and you open and reading
my deepest, darkest secrets. You keep listening.” And she’s saying that she
would listen on her break. No, when she got
in that car and lit that cigarette
in the morning
on the way to work, she listening.
When she get to work,
she listening. How you know? Miss Carter, you feel that was
a breach of your trust, your privacy for her
to be listening in… -Yes!
-…on your conversation? So, Miss Walker,
when you heard
this conversation, the recollection
we just heard, do you believe that was
the woman in Oklahoma -that she was talking to?
-Yes. I– That’s the woman
who keep popping up 90% of our relationship. But paranoia
do not find facts. I logged into
her little tablet, and I go and look
where she’s been going, the times that she says
she’s going to Wichita Falls or Houston, and that stuff is detouring
to Oklahoma City, the same address that
this Oklahoma girl is at. Even recently,
she had to go out of town to get a pair of kicks,
so I get off of work, ’cause I’m like,
“Bae, where you at?” Straight up, “Where you at?” And she’s like,
“Bae, I’m out at the mall.” I was like, “Cool, I’m off. Let’s go on and get– Let’s grab a bite to eat.” -I’m at the Fort Worth–
-It was a set-up. I’m at the Fort Worth Mall
looking dumb. She ain’t nowhere near there. She 3 1/2 hours away. -In Oklahoma?
-In Oklahoma City. -So, Miss Carter–
-Is this true, Miss Carter? That is true,
but because that morning we had got into it,
and this is another thing where, y’all,
every time she get mad, “Oh, I’m just done. Oh, get out,” all this stuff. -I’m tired of that.
-I am, too. -So I like to drive…
-That’s why we’re here. …because, you know,
I had that day off. -I had been needing some shoes.
-[Ayanna] Always
to Oklahoma City. Okay, wait a minute,
Miss Carter, I– You– Did you understand that she thought
you were in Texas
at the mall? Did you–
Did you tell her you weren’t in Texas
at the mall? Yeah, ’cause this–
She said, “Q, where you at?” I said, “I’m in Fort Worth
at the mall.” She said, “I’m about to come,” and then I text her back. I said, “Man, quit playin’. You just trying to see
where I’m at,” and then she text me,
she said, “I’m at the mall.” Stay where you’re at.
Stay where you’re at. [Judge Keith]
But you did tell her
you were at the mall? [Judge Dana]
In Fort Worth! -In Forth Worth.
-But she was in– -Where were you?
-Oklahoma. -Oklahoma.
-Oklahoma. Okay, and do you understand
why this woman -is about to leave you?
-[Quiana] But I did that to– To make her mad because
that’s the only way
I can get back– But why do you keep
making me mad
by hurting me? [Judge Dana]
Hold up, Miss Walker! Because you hurt me! Miss Carter, do you understand
why she cannot believe you? You tell her you’re
at the Fort Worth Mall, -but you’re
in a different state!
-3 1/2 hours away. Right, but there still
would have been– I would have got
the same consequences if not. I’m grown.
If I want to
drive to Oklahoma– Then say that.
Say that then. I tell you I’m grown
all the time. -Miss Carter!
Okay, Miss Carter!
-We’re both in the same place that’s causin’ instabilities
in our relationship. Miss Walker, Miss Carter, clearly we have an instance
where you told Miss Walker that you were in Texas
when you were actually
in Oklahoma? [Quiana] Yes. She has a concern
about a woman
who is in Oklahoma? -Yes.
-Mm-hmm. Someone from your past
you admit you’ve been with in your past, correct? [Quiana] Yes. Have you been with that woman
more than once? No. [audience murmuring] [Judge Keith] That’s what
you’re telling this court? Well, I think we have
enough information. -All right.
-And what we have is, she saw
on the cell phone bill that there’s
a number from Oklahoma
that keeps popping up. We’ve got
the puppy cam conversation, and even got the GPS where Miss Carter
has told her,
“I’m in Texas,” but the GPS shows
she’s in Oklahoma. Oklahoma, Oklahoma,
Oklahoma. Everywhere you look. -[Judge Keith]
Everywhere’s Oklahoma.
-Everywhere you look. [Judge Keith] And you feel
because of this you know she’s cheating? I feel like this time–
I feel like she’s still there. She’s still
in the background somewhere. You believe it was more
than a one-time thing? [Ayanna] Most definitely,
’cause that’s what she told me. -[Judge Keith]
You believe it’s ongoing?
-Yes. -And if you find out
it’s ongoing…
-[Ayanna] That’s it. ‘Cause you’ve had
your chance to redeem this. But the fact that
my intuition is kicking in and instead of paying
an investigator $500, $600, I’m doing it myself. -[Quiana] I spy, my God.
-You know. [applause] [Judge Dana]
And because of that, this court has done
a full and complete
investigation. At this time,
the court would like to call licensed polygraph examiner
Tommy Platt to determine
is she cheating? [cheering and applause] [bailiff]
Tommy Platt, please. Mr. Platt, would you
share for the litigants and for the court record
your credentials? I have been
a licensed polygraph examiner for over ten years and conducted nearly
3,000 polygraph examinations. All right,
thank you, sir. -Miss Carter.
-Yes? I’m watching you. She look guilty. [Judge Dana]
And I start to see signs, you looking around,
you rocking. -You making those faces.
-The hands. The hands. Your hands are moving
back and forth. And a lot of times,
they smile. [laughter] And that usually
is an indication to me, to my gut, that something’s amiss. They’re nervous about
what’s gonna happen. Nervous what’s gonna happen. Mr. Platt
has just told you
his credentials. Sometimes that’s enough
to make people go… “Do I want
to play with this?” Not a liar, though.
They test good. Well, but here’s the thing, and I’ve said this
more than once. It’s better for you
to tell your story
than Mr. Platt or one of our other experts. So I’m gonna ask you
right now before he gives, is there anything
you need to tell
Miss Walker at this point? -[woman] Uh-oh!
-[audience murmurs] Yeah. [ahem] I, um… [Judge Dana]
The sighs don’t lie. Yes, I, um… Y’all, uh–
I mean, it was– I slept with her
more than that one time, but I have not slept
with her since
March 2017. That’s– That’s true. March of 2017? 2018.
But that’s the truth. That’s the only thing
I had to say. Everything else,
that’s the truth. How long did
this affair go on? How long did it continue? Our whole relationship. Uh– She met her in March,
she met me in March. [audience] Wow! All right,
so for a year, -for 12 months, you were
with this woman?
-Yes. So it was a relationship? No! But you were
sexually intimate with her over that year
several times? I won’t say several,
but yes. -More than once.
-Yeah. [Judge Dana] All right,
and it was your understanding
it was one time? And I just recently
even asked her. I was like,
“Bae, just tell the truth. Was it more than once? ‘Cause what she’s saying
and you saying, I’m not gonna trust you.” She go, “How you gonna
trust a– a– a stranger?” She ain’t lied to me once. You’re the only one
who say you love me, but continue to lie. “Oh, I did that
’cause you snoopin’.” How could you intentionally
hurt someone that you love? You– I mean,
you always say that, Ya, but it’s not–
That’s not what it is, man. And a cheater accuses people. That’s exactly
what it is, Miss Carter. [Quiana] No, it’s not. It is exactly what it is. You said it was one time. It was one year. One year! If you don’t want to be
exclusive, that’s okay. [Ayanna]
Let me move on. You– That’s okay
if you don’t– if you still have feelings
for this person, it’s okay. But don’t drag her heart
through the mud. That’s the problem. [applause] [groans] Miss Walker, would you
share with Miss Carter what you’re gonna be doing
with this relationship? I can’t do it. I’m tired of living like this. I’m tired of not being able
to trust the person that I’m building
my nest with. I’m making the choice,
’cause that’s it. -It ends here.
-[applause] Okay, bye. It ends here. [Judge Keith]
Please talk to our counselor so you all can decide where
you’re gonna go from here. As we say
in this courtroom, don’t cheat yourself
out of an opportunity for a happy,
healthy relationship. Court is adjourned. -[applause]
-[gavel pounds] I don’t know
if I can move on. ‘Cause it’s still been
two years that you hid the lie. She’s still not happy,
which I already knew, so at this point,
hopefully the counseling work. If not, deuces.

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