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Giving is Universal

My name is Lori Stilwell and we brought our
children to serve while on vacation. Me and my family were planning to come to
Universal Orlando and we heard about a wonderful event for Feeding Children Everywhere and
it was an opportunity for us to serve and spend time together. And what a great thing to do in the middle
of a vacation is to take an hour or two and just be purposeful and serve others. My name is Carmen Pearce and I work at Universal
Orlando and I volunteer at a lot of places, but especially at Give Kids the World. Give Kids the World is a resort that hosts
families that have children with life threatening illnesses. This year I signed up to come during Christmas
Day. It’s not a normal thing to go on vacation
and volunteer for something, but I think we should take any opportunity that we have to
help others. Now that we have a daughter who’s a Senior
in High School, this may be the last time that the four of us are doing a long weekend
together. Typically at a theme park, you’re out to have
fun and that means that you’re serving yourself, you’re enjoying your own time with your family,
but serving others absolutely adds to the joy if you will, of spending time at the theme
park. What we will take away from this experience
will be a thousand times greater than just spending time in the theme park alone. I was the oldest out of three, there was no
volunteering, it was just helping to keep my younger sisters amused. I wish that my parents would have taken us
to do volunteer work from an earlier age. Now as an adult, my girls watch me and I speak
to them about it, so hopefully they’ll be able to carry that on to their kids. Because there’s always someone in need, even
if we think that we’re needy, there’s always people that need more than we do. It’s definitely puts things in perspective,
that we’re on vacation and there are people here that don’t even have stuff to eat, and
it’s a reminder that we can help people anywhere, and we should do that, you should help people
everywhere you go. I can’t financially assist as much as I would
like to, but if I have the time, it’s always needed, something, and that’s just as important. Time is absolutely our most precious resource
and so we certainly want to instill in our kids a sense of the importance of how we spend
that time in a positive way. We would like them to grow up knowing that
life is about purpose and that they can use their talent and their gifts to help others. I’m getting ready to go off to college next
year and just spending time with them is so important because, no matter where I go I
will have these fun, exciting memories to hold onto. It is important. Even if you just have a tiny little bit of
time, take the time to do something for someone else. And if you start positive things like that
when they’re young, I think it will carry with them forever.


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