Glenn Beck Attacks FDR
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Glenn Beck Attacks FDR

got a video number seven it’s going back
and he’s talking about how the health care bill is uh… basically oppressing
the united states people pay close attention to this you’ll learn something history will equate this as uh… as big as the
new dealer pearl harbor and if you think that’s overstating the importance
remember we are talking about six of the yield u_s_ economy their transitioning to make health care
are right along the with education just as f_d_r_ planned on doing paul the
second bill of rights f_d_r_ unfinished revolution and why we need a march written by cast sons team the guidance
in for many years most evil men most dangerous man in america this has been the plan from the
beginning f_d_r_ fought for his second bill of
rights idea eight charter as the president has
pointed out not of negative liberties but things that the government must do
healthcare education along with housing food and a good job fundamental rights the government must
provide all citizens gene that doesn’t sound like our government does it doesn’t
sound like america well he died before you get this second
bill of rights done beginning in nineteen forty eight his
wife got the job done eleanor roosevelt chairman of the commission on human
rights pushed for universal rights for all so the u_n_ has this declaration it includes fundamental rights that
would legally binding to all nations that ratified them in nineteen sixty six
they passed more companies that included the right we understand that the soviet union
tried it and failed china tried it and failed north korea tried and failed
pollen tried and failed tried and failed the world over none of the states that have promised to
take care of their people have been able to deliver on that promise it so they
end up shooting their people the only thing they been able to deliver
on is the promise of hope at always comes with total government i warn you america oppression using one prompts our government we’ll now let’s start first of all that eleanor roosevelt wanting universal
rights for all people universal rights for all what a bit analyte i mean that’s just
disgusted secondly winded the government promised to a process did you did you get that memo now the
government never promise to press that’s right hello k secondly i worked the way he says it’s
good to be as big as the new deal it’s going to be his biggest pro harbor as if like the new deal women from my
verizon dating site new deal prior saved millions of people from starvation bomb a bunch of people were killed yeah okay i made a few notes as we work
with me and i’ll get back to the sea one-sixth of the economy thing in a minute he says they want to see healthcare is a right like education is
that right it doesn’t sound like america he says
well-kept occasion is supposed to be right america so what is going back saying is he
saying that we want to take the right of having an education in america away is that his position because that’s the news gather also love
the fact that he said he he keeps going after cast honesty if you know anything about cats and
state he’s a total middle of the round centrist guy plus if you’ve ever seen a picture of kaczynski is the most mild-mannered he’s a professor didn’t make it double
arrow cast unstable people is insane and i love this idea negative liberties negative liberties
meaning that that’s all he wants his negative liberties he doesn’t think
liberty means the right to health to what is it in the car life liberty
the pursuit of happiness he thinks negative liberty is the only kind of liberty meaning the
right to be left alone so make as much money as you want to
steal this money earmarked whatever it is so um… wherein we get the trainer fail i don’t know china failed wendy china phil i’d like
to their kicking our butts there cannot but when it comes to education when it
comes to the economy there they are celebrating exactly so and that you know he has this talking point that
they all have health reform would revolutionize
one-sixth of the connie we talked about it yesterday yes yes so one six of the
economy but at the capitol sardi run by the
government to medicare and medicaid so it’s really you’re talking about went
well for the economy then when you talk about the part of it that would actually
be affected by reform in terms of the government step again that’s about one
tenth it back to you really talking about one twelve for the economy one
point two percent of the economy and they’re not taking it over they’re just
helping people who can afford for themselves and they are reading new
rules for individuals in the rules for employers that new rules for insurance
companies but nobody’s taking over anything i wish but for now so this is that this is what i got out
of that okay i think what i was watching him speak in that clip it it took me
back to the days when i did speech and debate now why why do i
bring that up i’d bring that up because one of the things that we worked hot in
persuasive speaking is even if you know that your facts are not
right even if you know that you’re making an argument that has no real
logic behind it all you need to do is speak like this and get real roundup and people were all the sun and believe
it everything you’re saying make friends and it’s one hundred percent ru yet that’s working well gee i don’t think that what your
cheerleading actually had bataiye their yard are sixty-five but isn’t he any that’s the reason why
he has such a huge audience becaus ei americans are angry right now
and they’re looking for someone that they can relate to when it comes to that
anger and when it comes to that energy so you want him and he everything he’s
saying makes no sense at all ninety has its history completely mixed
up preg but he’s talking like this and he seems
very very sure of what he’s saying and people believe that and that’s my uil a huge population the united states is misinformed and they have actually no
idea of what’s going on and a look at the health care reform and they’re
thinking yes this is a way that uh… the government is trying to oppress us
well no question endorsed that twenty percent of the
country that wants to be lead and that’s the audience for going back and all you
have to do to look into the camera and see people of america they’re promising
to a process this socialist republican f_d_r_ trying to start at his whore opal
which of the white i’ve tried to push down the throat of the entire human race
it’s coming now we have to stop it we have to stop it and then you let your
voice kept very quiet can you say because if there’s one promise they’re
going to keep it’s the promise of oppression that’s how you doing that’s persuasion
one oh one go for if you like this clip lobo show you can watch that at the


  • Alan Ko

    @treboryelam FDR wasn't a racist, he actually did a lot for civil rights, during his presidency he worked along side the NAACP, and unlike most presidents, his welfare programs were not discrimanatory, and he even signed a law forbidding disrimination in hiring people in the defense industry. I agree with you on that it was wrong for him to sign the order rounding up people of Japaense descent regardless of citizenship into internment camps, but overall FDR was a president who was race blind

  • Objectivist1994

    @Sizzmaster6985 FDR did save the world from the Axis powers (*cough cough* along with millions of Russians *cough cough*), but he did NOT end the Great Depression. If anything, he made it worse! Do a little more research on the New Deal, and you'll find it did nothing more than supply temporary jobs and create a LOT of debt. And before you say it, no, WW2 didn't pull us out either. What pulled us out was that we were the last man standing in terms of industry, and the gov backed off on some laws

  • JRF1961

    Glenn Beck hates both the Roosevelts!!!! The reason? Both of them cared for the working man and woman!!! Hell, both saved Capitalism from the malefactors of great wealth!!!

  • capt251978

    The government is the ultimate evil….ok. Whatever is wrong with the government can be CHANGED but once it is gone it's gone for good. That means we the people could effect no change.

  • mgsfan0989

    hmm lets look how the democratic/liberal/progressive politicians have affected our livesi found out in a nutshell that it is illegal now to text or listen to your ipod in arkansas and in new york and now it is in my city of philadelphia who has an democratic who is also working to ban these actions and its the fact all these ppl are dems how about you guys tell the gov't has the right to ban something such as walking while doing something. one day you guys will see that the US isnt the same.

  • Corey Mondello

    Conservatives: Be Aware, Action Is Always An Option: "I hope that's not where we're going, but you know if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies and saying my goodness what can we do to turn this country around? I'll tell you the first thing we need to do is take Harry Reid out." –Nev. GOP Senate nominee, Sharron Angle, on armed insurrection, interview with right-wing talk radio host Lars Larson in Portland, OR, January 2010

  • Corey Mondello

    @Hish927 "Conservative ideology" has never helped mankind in anyway. However, it has brought to us a wealth of history to look back upon: Hitler, slavery, war, oppression, un-equal protections and rights, special laws made for the more powerful, etc…Conservatives have been against any road to equality and fairness you see in the USA today.

  • mgsfan0989

    @cpmondello u should check ur history. Becuz the south were actually democrats while the north was republican which was the reason why we had a republican president Abraham Lincoln. Also what party was for the Jim Crow laws? that would be democrats nd what did your progressive president woodrow wilson do? he re-segregated the U.S. military. Conservatism believes in less govt something hitler didnt believe nd hitler hated capitalism. So it seems that dems have more push towards unequal rights.

  • Shane1228Earth

    FDR is an American hero who dug America out of the great depression and set up what would eventually become the defeat of Hitler. Beck is a scumbag fascist elitist, so it only makes sense that he would hate FDR.

  • A D

    im so glad that this video is on here. it shows how some people just do not want to give all americans their rights. LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. healthcare is part of LIFE glenn beck. this guy is so fuckin stupid. shit like this inspires americans to understand their liberties.

  • Re Dundant

    How does this possibly get likes? Because old scared people and southern hillbillies take this propaganda as the truth when the fact of the matter is beck, rush, and o'reilly are nothing more than right wing shock jocks. Glen beck probably can't run a little league team let alone a country.

  • Jaron Talotta

    @brklynsown the likes are for the young turk video, if it was just a glenn beck a pro glenn beck video then it would be a disliked video

  • Giddoni15

    Total BS these guys. They cant support their statements so they blame it all on Glenn Becks way of speaking. Thats called being DESPERATE!

  • Eric Jones

    I want to respond to jrasta, fdr was the worst president in history, he expanded the great depression not ended it he like obama is an expansion of hoover like obama is an expansion of bush, you need to get the truth so you can be set free

  • George wilson

    ok well i don't agree with anything the things These weirdos are saying except for one thing. your argument doesn't have to have any facts behind it as long as you get all freaked out and dramatic then people will follow you, HOWEVER I notice it more on the left than i do on the right. I know im going to get allot of negative responses but that doesn't change the facts

  • Piriathy

    Why is he raging against rights? France, Germany, Sweden along with MANY other European countries DID NOT FAIL when it came to universal healthcare. Why can't we have that!

  • ChomskyandCheetos

    So, according to Beck, Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong Il, etc. tried really hard to take care of their people at first, then they just got frustrated and only then decided to kill their people? Right, I can see it now…Stalin saying "I'm looking for a nice employer-employee fir for you, but damn! I'm running out of jobs..uhh….Oh, the hell with it. *BANG* And that's how the Great Purge happened, right Glenn?

  • John J

    I love FDR by far my most favorite president, don't tell TEDDY!! he walks the world as death ever since he replaced death that night

  • Eric Yen

    A president who takes gold from American people and gives it to the Federal Reserve doesn't sound like a man for the working people. Sounds like another central bank puppet.

  • feedmetwinkies

    @Sizzmaster6985 – If you think FDR got us out of the Great Depression you are just silly- WW2 got us out and after the war we were the only industrialized country in the world with intact manufacturing capabilities. There was a huge boom in the economy because we basically provided good and services to the entire industrialized world. Read the Monster of Jeckle island- FDR's Keynesian economic stratagies failed. I thought FDR was great because that what public school taught.

  • feedmetwinkies

    Healthcare is not a right! Beck is a fool but so is anyone that things healthcare is a right. The only right you have is to your own person. People go to medical school and accrue enormous debt. Stop being an asshole. People don’t go to medical school for charity, they go because they want to help people and EARN a living. – Continue

  • feedmetwinkies

    @hom859 -I work in the medical field, my doctor gets a $20 co pay and the insurance company on many occasions pay him $1 -10 for a standard visit. Now after that the doctor has to record everything about that visit and right it down. He has to pay a receptionist and a nurse or medical assistant. He pays rent and pays a fortune for medical insurance. If that doctor spends 5 minutes with you it takes him an additional 10 minutes minimum to document the visit. – Continue

  • CSteven59

    Education is not a right! You get free learning up through High School. Why college? College is like a secondary high school now. Why do you think socialism is the right way? Think for yourself, and do for yourself. The catch is to not get greedy. Entiltlement in America is turning into a cancer. Oh yeah! China is still a Communist country. Remember that!

  • JRF1961

    Vanessa, I have to disagree, Beck and his ilk believed the Roosevelts were dangerous and damaged this country and nothing could be further from the truth. If Herbert Hoover and the Republicans had a viable solution to the economic meltdown of 1929, they would have won the 1932, 1936 and 1940 elections by a land slide. FDR and TR knew full well that democracy and capitalism would perish if the malefactors of great wealth were allowed to continue in unchecked, unregulated profiteering.

  • A D

    You are wrong. The reason that the great depression lasted so long was because of the failure to regulate the stock market which led to the crash of 1929 whom Republican president Herbert Hoover resided. After that banks failed. And when banks failed people in the US lost their savings. Basically which means that the banks said "fuck you, sorry bout ya loss, have a good day". Then reduction in purchasing across the board, the economy policy with Europe and a major drought.

  • A D

    What necessities are you talking about. The right to help one another is a human law. I know that many people don't think this but we are a species on this planet and if we can not stop killing each other and start helping each other then what are we? Really? What are you VanesseTexasGal? What are you? The kind of person who can help a child while walking past them? Or the kind of person who wouldn't give a fuck? Think about it if you were in someone who needed helps situation.

  • A D

    You are wrong. The reason that the great depression lasted so long was because of the failure to regulate the stock market which led to the crash of 1929 whom Republican president Herbert Hoover resided. After that banks failed. And when banks failed people in the US lost their savings. Basically which means that the banks said "fuck you, sorry bout ya loss, have a good day". Then reduction in purchasing across the board, the economy policy with Europe and a major drought.

  • A D

    You are wrong. The reason that the great depression lasted so long was because of the failure to regulate the stock market which led to the crash of 1929 whom Republican president Herbert Hoover resided. After that banks failed. And when banks failed people in the US lost their savings. Basically which means that the banks said fuck you, sorry bout ya loss, have a good day. Then reduction in purchasing across the board, the economy policy with Europe and a major drought.

  • Lavitz RH

    Beck is a very rich man and guess what FDR went after spoiled rich fucks like him, and FDR is like the only president that big money could not buy and guess what they REALY HATED FDR AND YOU REALLY DON'T KNOW HATE like rich people do. Beck is evil, and he makes like 250 million a year and, so he is just like the rich in FDR'S day that hated him and last but not least you people on the right go ask Reagan who his heros are. FDR is one of Reagan's heros.

  • Gayboose

    "It ended once we stopped spending all that money….." The reason it ended was not because of the New Deal, but that did help people out. It ended because of MASSIVE spending in WWII, the government takeover of factories, and the govt. takeover of the means of production. We were a socialist nation during WWII. And our national debt skyrocketed to like 400 billion. You suck at history.

  • MegaGiants11

    Hey bro, haven't you heard of the right to work it exists in many states in the US. You should do some research before you comment next time.

  • vlbooster3

    You are half-right, the great depression did start that way but the new deal made it worse. In fact unemployment stayed at 20% until the start of WW2, all FDR really did good was be a good war leader. Other than that his economic policy bloated debt, rose prices and taxes on american families, and spreaded propaganda to promote his policies.

  • ash4245

    The Great Depression lasted until the 1930s and the entire world economy had collapsed. Germany and Italy actually were in shambles and it led to the rise of facism and naziism and imperial japan formed an empire in response to the economic conditions

    they need to get their facts straight, the new deal alleviated the hardships but was NEVER completely effective. In fact man of them NEVER lived in that time and those who have see the new deal and FDR totally different

  • PrinceMyshkin22

    @thedmundfitz I can already tell your one of those "The Rothschilds Rule the world" types.
    Yeah Milton Friedman is such an economic genius. Its his economic policies that have been enacted in the US for the last 30 years. But I wont go on, anyone who approves of Friedmanism HATES POOR PEOPLE, HATES JUSTICE AND EQUALITY. PERIOD.

  • ContentiousRhetoric

    So the fact that the Unsustainable, artificial boom in the 20's fuelled by the Federal Reserve's massive expansion of the money supply then it's swift deflationary policy right after crash wasn't just responsible for the initial market crash but prolonged it for many years is irrelevant I guess the fact that Bernanke apologised to Milton Friedman for this is also irrelevant? You have to facilitate this sort of mad speculation in the stock market, it can't happen naturally.

  • Bleeding Eye Watcher

    Correction, FDR was the BEST president we ever had. His programs ended the Great Depression, he was a major player in the early Civil Rights Movement, and led us through World War 2. If he was so bad, then how was he elected four times?

  • Bleeding Eye Watcher

    And did Beck or Fox News tell you those lies? I've done the research and know the facts. It WAS the New Deal that got us out of the Great Depression, Social Security IS constitutional, and FDR stayed inside the rules of the Constitution. He GOT RID of the debt. Basically everything you think about him is false. Please don't believe the right-wing propaganda and do some actual research.

  • Bleeding Eye Watcher

    I can see you aren't going to do actual research and look at the actual facts. Instead you are going to be a fool and believe what you want to believe, not what is true. Suffice to say everything you just said is a lie. FDR ended the Great Depression, destroyed the debt, and thanks to him we were prosperous in the 40's and 50's and early 60's. So in the end I say the same to you, nice research dip shit.

  • Bleeding Eye Watcher

    Also, since your comments make no sense and have no truth to them, I'm simply going to mark them as spam. That's what happens when people type nonsense.

  • faekz

    Are people really believing the young Turks ? That chick said the new deal fed millions of starving people ? Does she not know that the govt killed off livestock and burned fields of cotton to help farmers get higher prices then that didn't work so they just started paying the farmers to not grow food. FDR was terrible. He made the depression great. Unemployment was actually going down before he stepped in. Hoover started it FDR made it great.

  • AroundSun

    The reason the depression lasted so long was because of the New Deal! The crash of 1920 lasted about 6 months with no intervention. You don't hear about it often because there was no angel or messiah who 'stepped in and saved the day'. Even Ben Bernanke admitted and apologized to Milton Friedman, blaming the Federal Reserve for the depression.

  • AroundSun

    According to Keynesian economists, the only thing that got us out of the Great Depression was World War II. Mind you, this admits that, in spite of FDR and the New Deal, the country remained mired in depressed conditions for 12 years…

  • mrearlygold

    Ya can't have military bases in 130 countries, bomb and murder innocent people overseas and just go on your merry way acting as if YOU are the victims. YOU are the perps now. Either change, make ammends or continue to say bye bye to the middle class.

    You hadthe best chance since the freaking revolution in the elections with a Texas congressman and doctor named Ron Paul who would have turned this place back around to the prosperous + free place it was. But you want more war/welfare. You got it

  • Paetaor

    Hoover didn't help but he didn't drag it out for for over a decade after he left office.
    FDR is almost solely responsible for the length of the GD.

  • Alec Luis

    the great depression was ended by the second world war, which up to that point was basically the most massive thrust of government spending in american history…stop lying to people

  • Alec Luis

    That was all after world war 2 brought us out of the depression…Hoover tried the 'ole run out the clock scenario and it failed…FDR didn't spend enough at first…maybe there's a point at which the business cycle goes so far down that it can't come back up on its own.

  • Jeff Merritt

    What we all need to understand is Glenn Beck is an example of male ego. All I can tell you, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, ego is a false profit. Watch the old films of Mousolinni. He is a dramataic version of the male ego gone out of control. The only way this planet and the human species will survive is for a marriage of the male and female psych to merge

  • EagleThr33

    But Herbert Hoover bailed out the banks and FDR provided the "stimulus". The first time the government tried something to help the economy recover from a recession, ended in the worst recession in US history, that lasted for 16 years! Recovery didn't happen until after WW2.

  • da dream

    china failed in health care because they are not kicking our butt, look at there factories and you will see the "future" that is not a good future. they sell human parts to japan and its well known

  • da dream

    if you remove the military industry IN america during 1930- 1945. america has been in the SAME POSITION and did not begin making butter (guns/butter) and truly recover untill 1950

  • Benschachar

    . I think that you haven't really made any point. Cass Sunstien is middle of the road? I suppose if you're left of Stalin. The last thing I'm gonna say and this is more than enough to be wasted on idiots like you: the road to hell is paved with good intentions, pie in the sky dreams do not feed the hungry, and most importantly a government big enough to give you everything can take it all away.

  • joseph martin

    the stock market crash was actually due to harding and coolidge raising tariffs on foreign goods and lowering the prices on American made goods, because they did not believe in big government, America went on a big shopping spree with out regulation and eventually it collapsed and just so happened to be while Hoover was president. Hoover is still at fault though because he did nothing about it, making the economy worse

  • bighand69

    The market was already regulated at that point.

    The federal reserve controls credit issues and this was the reason that the credit bubble expanded massively during this period.

    Regulations do nothing as there were many broken during the current bubble. What dictates these massive bubbles is credit plane and simple.

  • bighand69

    So how did it occur this time with all the regulations.

    The simple fact is that regulation will not stop these bubbles from occurring. What makes these bubbles occur is credit expansion.

  • bighand69

    There is no such thing as universal rights.

    The only thing you have a right to are the things you can actually achieve.

  • Matt Sweeney

    You mean the Banking Act of 1933? Because that was definitely not in effect for the 1929 stock market crash, the regulations were created because of it.

    Also the bubbles went away until the .com bubble in the early 2000's. That bubble happened right after a major part of the 1933 Banking Act called the Glass-Steigal Act was repealed.

    I also disagree bubbles are only created from credit. Dishonest(illegal) trading, behavioral finance, and positive feedback loops can also create bubbles.

  • bighand69

    The Federal Reserve Act came into effect in 1913. And it was brought in to contain "banking panic"

    It has gotten to the point were they are trying to regulate regulations. Credit bubbles have occurred as far back as the 1400s and maybe before that records do get fuzzy before that.

    Regulation cannot control markets it is impossible and the only thing it does is give special interest groups control of the market.

    You will be hard pushed to find a non credit bubble.

  • Keith L.

    Only a small percentage of Americans had money in the stock market back then. I doubt that the stock market crash had that much to do with the prolonged economic struggles in Great Depression. Just look at the situation today, we have a thriving stock market, but a sputtering economy. They don't always correlate.

    The Federal Reserve policies at the time were likely the biggest cause of the Depression's severity.

  • CrismaFire

    FDR was a HORRIBLE President. Those who knew what FDR stood for knows how evil he was. Who are these idiots who dare critize someone as intelligent as Beck. Go back to your drugs losers.

  • Dobbs Zig

    Wow home some bash FDR for all the good he did. Please call up your living relatives on SS and have them give it up, as well as medicare. Oh I see, it's a damn good thing.

  • thejuggernaut81

    Wow you guys, you never addressed directly what Beck said, where the hell did you learn how to debate. Likening the magnitude of Obamacare to Pearl Harbor or the New Deal is not likening to each other because he said them in the same sentence. Magnitude, he wasn't making FDR's wife to be the wicked witch he was talking about the ideals of the 'new bill of rights" that she promoted being adopted by several other countries. He wasn't implying those countries failed but failed in the implementation of those specific ideals. Oh and making someone out to be a villain who isn't painted red touting a pitchfork and horns is wrong, after-all he looks mild mannered so he must be trust worthy like … I don't know Ted Bundy.  


    I'm not saying I support either side of any of these issues but at-least address what he says if you have differing opinions on the specifics.  I'm sure you learned that in debate class.   You make yourselves sound like complete idiots.  If this represents this channel then what you do as a whole is laughable. 

  • FarmersAreCool

    Maybe your Capitalist wars on communism the world over means America needs to become communist, simply because whatever America opposes, it conquers, Goliath vs David.  Capitalism is trying to suppress the idea of communism because communities are failing.  Workers are enslaved with forced unemployment through the purposefully collapse economy to cash in everyone's debts, foreclosure and homelessness, the disappearing of independent farmers and tradesmen, the return of feudalism, the return of oppression and serfdom.I didn't understand what I was feeling when I had to quit dairy farming, when I had to tell my Dad I wasn't going to be a farmer, that I wasn't going to be what I had trained for since a child.  When everyday you got up and went out to work with the sole motivation of getting as much done and perfectly and fast as possible, because you knew he'd be so proud, that you were helping him out so much because you were a team, a family, we were farmers and our work was so important.  We are feeding people, we are disappearing, many hands make light work and the last of us are being crushed by the load.  Dad told me he didn't blame me for quitting, I didn't understand until now, and it crushes the soul, chase a little money and it ruins your life.  Money is oppressions, how can money gain access to food, but producing food now gain access to money? Once you aren't working a Man knows true despair. When you always thought you were serving and making things easier for everyone and now you are a lost soul, you understand oppression.  Give us our freedom back or we will have to take it for ourselves, we run this circus, the proletariat runs the world, if he stops, the world stops, that is true power.  Manage it to guarantee FDR;s second bill of rights.  We sorely need such thinking, we need action.  Having money or not having money should not interfere with access the the highest quality of life for everyone.  Get us working, develop us and uplift us, the sadness, the despair is too much, all us David's must stick together, Goliath is too strong for us alone.

  • roosevelt1933

    When Beck attacks FDR he is disrespecting all the millions of Americans who voted for FDR and elected him four times and none of the 4 elections were close. A shameful attack on our greatest president for the purpose of political gain.

  • roosevelt1933

    The people of the USA thought enough of FDR to elect him 4 times which was legal then because it was before the amendment that limits a president to 2 terms, and all 4 elections were not close at all. When he took office on March 4,1933 the USA was on the brink of going totally under after 12 years of republican presidents. When he died during his fourth term in 1945 the USA was the most powerful country on earth after his 12 plus years of leadership. It was perfectly constitutional until 1947 for a president to be elected more than twice, which means he had the right to run for 4 terms, and was right to do so because changing leadership during a great crisis is not a smart move for the good of the USA. I mean no disrespect to critics of FDR but I think they are wrong. Even though I think they are wrong, I still respect their right as Americans to say and think what they please.

  • FDR Democrat & Liberal Catholic

    FDR man for the 99%. Reagan man for the 1%.
    BECK what about Britain, Canada, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France, Ireland? it works

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