Global Interventions at the End of Life
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Global Interventions at the End of Life

Around the world one million people die every
week. Yet less than 10% get suitable palliative
and end of life care. Meanwhile the need is growing. The global
population is increasing and getting older. More deaths, more demands on families, communities
and services. Palliative care is developing, but not at
the scale we need… Governments, policy-makers and funders are
being asked to respond… A dignified death and freedom from pain can
be seen as human rights… And public interest in how we die is increasing. But there is no consensus on how to achieve
a ‘good death’. There is limited evidence on effective interventions and services for
end of life care. And our commitment to act is not equal to the level and complexity of
global need. New research at the University of Glasgow
is looking at these important problems, using pioneering methods to find sustainable solutions. How we care for people at the end of their
lives is an issue that affects everyone, and led by Professor David Clark the Glasgow team
aims to redefine the debate – changing global policy and practice. Join the conversation at

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