Gold Plating Kit – Dip Plating Accessory for the Universal Plater Kit
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Gold Plating Kit – Dip Plating Accessory for the Universal Plater Kit

Hi guys, so we’re going to show you, using
the Universal Dip Plating Accessory Kit attached to the Universal Plater and
we’re going to plate three pendants here. Let’s just get right into it. It comes
with the wire here and what we’ve done, is we’ve just fashioned a little S
shaped hanger here, for that pendant. Looped it right through there and Terry’s
going to go right ahead and plate this. We’re set at 7 volts, we’ve got
everything set up and ready to go and he’s going to go into the Electro
Cleaner. You’ll see gassing, this is good. You’re going to see a voltage drop. This
is perfectly normal, just leave it how it is. 7 volts was the initial voltage. Looks
good, now I’m going to go into the rinse associated with that solution. Now we’re
going to go into the Surface Activator solution. This one bubbles but it doesn’t
get that foam on the top and this is just a pink solution originally but it
changes color, that’s fine. So we’ve activated it now we’re going to change
the voltage. We’re going to turn it down to 3.5, prior to going into the gold
solution. Now once he goes into the gold solution, it’s going to drop down about a
volt. That’s good. 2.4 to 2.6 is a good plating voltage for our 24k Bright Gold
solution and this is our professional grade solution. This is eight ounces of
it and this item here is about as big as you want to go with this particular
accessory. We’re really excited about this new accessory here. It allows people
to do dip plating with their Universal Plater, makes it even more universal than it previously was. So we’re super excited about this little kit
we’ve put together. Turns out great for doing little items like this. If you need
to do bigger items, you got to do mass amounts, you’re going to need to go to
the Jewel Master which is an amazing kit, as well. Now he’s probably only going to
be putting on, I don’t know, a quarter of a micron, give or take a little bit, I
don’t know but it already looks great and this is actually a good typical
quote, typical decorative thickness. You know and this looks amazing
just in that short time. If you wanted a thicker gold plate, you go longer. You
could keep it in there for ten minutes if you want to. For the purposes of this
video we’ve gone with a little bit thinner plate. Once it turns gold as you
can see it’s, it uh, it looks about the same to any thickness so you just are
more putting on a thicker layer for additional minutes after this point.
We’re going to do these three pendants just show you how quickly, you know, you
can just move through. Electroplating actually is pretty quick when you have
the right setup. These kits we’ve put together make it all quick and easy. I’m just jacked about this new when it’s
so simple and awesome. Change the voltage again. Don’t forget
to turn that voltage down. If you put it in at 7 volts you’re going to burn your
gold real quick. If that does happen it’s not the end of
the world, you can you know, you can go back. Mix up some baking soda and
water into a paste, polish it, do what you got to do to remove that burned layer. As
long as it’s not a super bad burn, it should come off fairly quickly with some
baking soda and water paste. But it’s best just to not burn it in the
first place. Let me see that. Oh, that looks really good. These are just some little pendants we
picked up at a gem fair. Plated up really nice. I mean look we are only four
minutes, five minutes into this video and we’ve already got two done. Now if you touch the anode with your
part, it will kind of short out. The kit will derp out, will reboot. Actually Terry’s
going to do it. I’ll touch it. You’ll see everything shuts off for a couple of
seconds. It’s a short-circuit protection and it
goes back. You want to avoid it but it’s not the end of the world if you do touch
the anode. We really tried to cover all the bases for you on these kits and
make something that works really great and we happen to love it. Now this little accessory package here,
the dip package, it comes with an 8 ounce bottle of our Bright Gold, a 16 or 500
milliliter Surface Activator, and a 500 milliliter Electro Cleaner. It comes with
this tray. It comes with the six beakers: three rinse and three solution beakers.
And these easy anodes that just plug right in. Holds it nice and tight against
the kit. When you’re done, you can easily just pull the anodes out, rinse them off
and put it all away. It’s very self-contained. This add-on
package is $199 for everything. I believe, is that right Terry? Yep, $199 and it includes the gold. I mean that’s a killer deal. $199 for.. to make it so your
Universal can do dip plating. I love it. Look at that. Okay, well there’s our
three items plated in seven minutes and now we’re just going to put it away and
that is the Universal Plater Accessory Dip Kit. Alright, have a good day everyone!
Thanks for watching!


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