GOP Candidate Pet-Killing Legislation
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GOP Candidate Pet-Killing Legislation

the nobody was there really well uh… in illinois
is running for governor in there and he’s a republican you won the primary school confidence
in the sense that you know when uh… the responses bill that i’ve been in
favor proposed for awhile now what’s the bill about that’s not a big deal just mass euthanasia uh… acts dogs cats kittens pops that would appear to be a very bad move politically
canady but if they are not reduces genius bilbray delivered right well come to find out yeah yet i was a bad mood and it turns out there’s places many dog owners
in at illinois as voters spoke it didn’t sit well with books paid on in the back hit back probably the backdrop here here is i realize the consequences disorders
associated legislation that people will know you don’t want it so so so i would drop by non-responsive i get it right because there’s euthanasia
women involves training animals et cetera anything miles this is a republican you know let’s kill these folks a little bit
more friction the samples fabricate so if you’re an activity but it does look good
right it doesn’t look good and it it makes dog owners upset to talk about it’s a gas
chamber by the way that’s how they kill it we cannot look bad before why do you know
the gas chamber for politics apollo operator crazy so incoming cover pat
quinn uh… who’s a democrat how psycho reluctance let’s go to work on my own career that they were of this error the scene one act flight excited about it second treatment or nobody congradulations you’re out of michael
vick of american politics and out of not something you want to be my
correct and or not only about a scumbag unit all right now a look heat he says tuesday clear on par with the was all
about it that others criticize quinn for saying hey
that is too low but the thing is actually support early accurate
and let me give you the details on that eight uh… a here go law pass actually saying
that you cannot do mass killings events this something that’s been going back and
forth for a while it passed last year he’s for the repeal of
that bill effect he was their that in illinois voting on that panel and guess what he voted
against it not once but twice supply she said nine and they were getting
rid of mass killings of animals i’m in favor of the gas chambers for these docs look it if you want to say it every day is
as one way or another whatever’s doesn’t make ok here and i can’t i get it i’m just saying
from the optics of it meant people love their dogs bilbray ego drug michael good to see what
happens when you wind up filled all of those uh… and i don’t play well for you my friend
so you are up before by guesses mary sue and you’ll be down


  • ColJ2

    @fredroul Damn you really are stupid. Are you sure you actually read this? "they are only human, and therefore mistakes do occur | the risk of human error." and therefore, by the dictionary's own definition of a human being and having been written by human beings, it is very likely that the dictionary IS NOT ALWAYS CORRECT. If you were a brighter individual, you would realize that I didn't actually care about the dictionary's opinion on this matter.

  • ColJ2

    @fredroul Or if you use a source like wikipedia, which is also created by the god like beings you call humans, then you would find that humans are described as "social ANIMALS". Of course wikipedia is only a source of knowledge based on the consensus of hundreds if not thousands, so all those people must be "taliban". Funny how referring to your spelling invalidated my opinion, apparently, yet you are free to imply others are Taliban (it's capitalized).

  • ColJ2

    @fredroul The perception of right and wrong is a construct of the mind to help survive based on environment. If you were in the wild starving and cold, your perception of right and wrong would quickly change. Animals are the same way. When provided with care they become more trusting and less aggressive. Also I can't believe how grossly over simplified your views on morality are. "Evil people do bad things and kill people" really dude? Also geometry and biology are different… computed?

  • ColJ2

    @fredroul Actually there are many stories of animals caring for humans. Dolphins in particular are known for saving humans from shark attacks. One might even say that dolphins are more moral than ourselves seeing as we are essentially committing genocide on their species and yet they aid us. I'm a criminal? One of these days you're going to make these kinds of allegations to the wrong person and you'll either be sued for every penny you have or be left dead in a gutter, either would amuse me.

  • ColJ2

    @fredroul Dude, get over yourself. I bet you're 300 pounds overweight with the athletic abilities of a five year old and obviously below average IQ. Don't even attempt to threaten me, or anyone for that matter, because you're not fooling anybody. Also if having sex is a symptom of being an animal then you're probably the purest human on the planet. Seriously man, keep the insults coming, it's fucking hilarious.

  • unorthodoxJ

    I felt real sad watching those puppies

    I'm not too emotional over that sort or stuff usually and am well aware that thousands of small animals are euthanized everyday but knowing the sadness and fear going through the animals minds, some of which might have been good dogs who loved their owners, is just messed up

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