• Pro Freedom 1000:1

    Why dont you honor the Oath you took to uphold the Constitution!? We the People really need to start holding them accountable. If they break their Oath, they need to be removed from office by We the People. It's no ones fault but our own when it comes down to it. They are bold due to our inaction to hold them accountable to their Oath.

  • Daniel Ketchum

    Just like the Governor of Texas in the best little whore house in Texas. Uuuh I do a little side step. He points out the votes but did he say he was going to take their rights away
    Nooo he didn't he would of lost voters. Impeach him now .

  • Thomas Z71

    It doesn't matter if it was 2 billion people, the fact remains the same…. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, "Shall Not Be Infringed".  What showed up at the rally isn't even 5% of us that will stand and go beyond for our Rights under the U.S. Constitution. It was ratified in 1791 and WILL REMAIN long after this Democratic Clown, Gov. Northam is long forgotten! This Amendment was written for people just like him who think they can Infringe it!!

  • Real Winner

    Boo Ralph, you are a communist bum. When I was growing up communism was a bad thing. Today most of us still agree. Step down Commie.

  • Richard Elbe

    and the people of Virgina said STop TRANSPLANTING people to swing the vote in your favor. ( Follow the money and see how many moved to that area that voted for him via someone else's wallet

  • John Hurd

    Disgusting, I'm ashamed to be a virginian. Governor blackface should be removed for treason and jailed until his day in court.

  • Rambo

    Northam just responded saying “I respect the 22,000 that came out yesterday to protest but on Nov 5 2 million voters voted for gun safety measure”. It’s on America

  • hotgenlee

    It's obvious he did not get the message it's time too secede too we virginia or go too the courts too remove him .I live in oklahoma we have constitutional carry and just today a house bill was dropped on 10 rounds limit and others they have tried too push the red flag law we as a country need too wake up and get more involved

  • Glenn mcclure

    Are we going to get any apologies from him, or the media. It is horrible having to live with being called a racist, or violent, etc. We are not violent like the left wing groups. (Antifa) The media ignores their many acts of violence, and yet they call people like us, who love all races, are not violent, and are good law abiding folks…they lie, and make us out to be horrible people. It hurts to be called such horrible names. We are peaceful, we love all people, and we left the streets cleaner than how we found them. We literally all picked up trash. If any of us saw racist people there they would have been the ones asked to leave…by us. They would have been uncomfortable. Our black brothers and sisters are welcomed with open arms. We don't judge by color, but rather the content of ones character. However we will fight if backed into a corner by our govt, after all diplomatic avenues have failed. (As our founding fathers intended) The govt was put in place to protect our rights, not take them. Our rights are not the government's to take. Our rights are inherent, and they are not up for debate. We will not comply with tyrants, like Gov Blackface.

  • live oak

    that rally was more like 50, 000. man, he is not going to change his position. ok, you need 25% of the signatures to recall and you have to do in 60 days, or you can wait 'til there is a knock on your door. I'd try a recall. maybe they will let you do it at county supervisor meetings. like after business is done. do it everywhere.

  • Bone Head

    That guy is a moron. I seriously doubt that they will be as nice and respectful if they have to make a second visit to king Ralph's palace.


    Nazi's shut down free speech
    Nazi's confiscated guns
    Nazi's were Socialists
    Nazi's controlled the media
    Nazi's blamed the ones they persecuted
    Nazi's were pro-abortion
    Nazi's destroyed statues
    Nazi's rewrote history
    Nazi's used violent intimidation

  • chase perry

    Except the fucker wasn't even there. No cares about people being safe, nor does he understand that he is a tyrannical, racist, baby killing elitist. You've woke the bear, now you pissed the bear off, the bear will sniff you out and eat your tyrannical power tripping ass . We the people stand United, divided we will fall. Rally together citizens of this nation, stop tyranny everywhere. We showed we are peaceful, time to rain holy hell upon thee . #vawillnotcomply#sicsemperevellomortemtyrannis#molonlabe#notmygovernor

  • chase perry

    Common sense would be not to fuck with Americans and their guns or their rights. Our ancestors showed tyranny the path to hell once. We the people shall do it again.

  • chase perry

    22k try 55k and that's not including the ones he fear mongered into not coming via antifa , not including the sick and handicap that couldn't attend, not including majority of other states an militia groups that were on stand by in case shit hit the fan. Wake up America . Defend yourselves, have a voice again, get up off your asses . Stay vigilant, heads on a swivel, carry a weapon or 2 . Go buy ammo, gear. Shit will get real, really fucking quick. We the people are ready , gov. Northam has no idea what holy hell will be raining down on his ass

  • ScooterFXRS

    There is Zero common sense in making indoor gun ranges off limits to the public nor making them ID check points. I dare him to precisely put each law he wants to the polls.

  • dbltrplx

    So what got done ?
    nothing. A hundred thousand people show up with guns and what?
    NOTHING got done.
    Northram and his thugs are STILL going to pass the gun grab legislation, and the communist democrats win again.
    The whole point of going to the state house was to effect a CHANGE. Northram wasn’t even there, he left town the coward that he is.
    NOTHING has changed.
    We are showing that we are weak, the socialist communist party keeps “doing” and the rest of us keep doing
    And going to the state house, bowing to the communist dictatorships rules, standing around being polite with rifles and side arms is NOTHING.
    What did that shit do?
    It did absolutely nothing but demonstrate “we the people”
    Don’t have the balls to do what is necessary to stop this shit.
    Now the communists know we won’t do shit to stop it .This was our only chance and we blew it.
    Are you kidding me?
    The sheer number of armed Americans at that rally could have INSTANTLY took over that whole area, controlled the state house and Forced those assholes into a paddy wagon
    And made citizens arrests for treason and sedition.
    They did EXACTLY what the communists wanted them to
    do, NOTHING. It was a waste of time.
    And time is running out.

  • dbltrplx

    This mthr fkr is saying
    The whole state of Virginia voted to have gun confiscation
    And at the SAME TIME 90 counties out of 97 are saying he is full of shit .
    Why is no one calling him on that bullshit ?

  • Patrick Edwards

    The best way northam can keep VA safe is to keep his mitts off the constitution and stop being a marionette for Bloomberg and the Feinstein agenda to disarm America. He is unfit for office and an oathbreaker his body language and facial tiks are that of a liar he knows he's in the wrong but is too much of a coward to back down. He will claim he was just following orders as good people who refuse to comply with this insanity are stripped of their freedoms.

  • mrbubetube

    Governor Northam's gun ban at the state capitol WORKED!!! No white supremacist was able to carry out their threats of violence! Now the democrats must move forward QUICKLY to make sure the rest of the state is just as safe as the state capitol! The democrats must show that common sense gun safety measures are for EVERYBODY, not just the elites at the state capitol!

  • Recon Fi

    VIRGINIA DEMOCRAT LEGISLATION 😨😬 https://youtu.be/UIZF0frjU6s – Citizens it starts after the Music – Its something fake news will not cover https://youtu.be/UIZF0frjU6s

  • Lucian 530

    I hate politics it's always one side fighting the other..lol give northam a chance he's only human and everyone makes mistakes

  • Bill Byrd

    1775 Paul Revere rides out screaming "the British are coming the British are coming". Well the British were always here what was it specifically that they were coming to do that is the key question. Read your non revised history books carefully (ie the pre1990 pre-globalist, pre-marxist should be fine). Well suprise look at there It was the same EXACT thing. 2020 our new cry shall be, " blackface is coming blackface is coming".

  • Leo Dionne

    He doesn't want to listen to anyone. Virginia is a safe place. The only unsafe thing is him. He only wants to take away our guns.

  • Jonathan Hall

    NBC we Americans know you work for organized crime in the Washington District of Criminals. The propaganda machine is dead!

  • Joseph Zao

    No matter what Ike Jeanes was, Virginia is a State of Prostitution. Dad was a simple man and trusted his wife for family. He had no interest in sex.

  • philly philly

    Wow trying to take away the 2nd amendment is a death sentence. That governor is stepping in muddy waters right now. Im not from Virginia but Virginians are very angry

  • Linda Anderson

    I wish Northam would listen to those of us who have gun rights and how it affects the community. Sure, we have problems just like any other community, but, those problems do not include murders and, come to think of it, no robberies in businesses. We are a small county in Colorado that is overwhelmingly Republican.

  • Ronnie Prevatt

    This cocksucker has no since. He calls for a state of emergency but the adults were protesting not the self righteous hypocrite liberal bigots. Now nice it was. Adults with GUNS You got to love it.

  • Buddy Martin

    It's scary but dealing with this kind of Nazi-like citizen control from liberals may have to be taken beyond peaceful protesting.

  • buba garcia

    For all of you that believe in gun control, please post a plastic sign in your yard that says "This is a gun free zone" and see if the police will protect you and or if the bad criminal will give a damn about raping your wife or daughter! Wake up people! Stop being "reactive" to things that are already done and already too late by being "proactive".

  • Kenneth Bowers

    National Review recently reported that the White Supremacists that were caught, planned to kill those who attended the rally to start a war when they were interrogated

  • Paul Ripp

    Trump was right, this is what you get when you vote for looney toon Totalitarian Dems who think the people are going to bow down and follow their unconstitutional laws…

  • Paul Ripp

    There's no fight, Northam is totally surrounded by 2nd Amendment sanctuary county's filled with freedom loving Americans, police and military who Will Not let anyTotalitarian wack jobs take their guns.

  • hhhh9579

    I didn’t Recall nothing at the ballot box saying that Democrats were going to take innocent law-abiding citizens guns away… But that’s OK all of you communist will be voted out next go around… You’ve guaranteed that now

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