Granny PottyMouth Intervention by FunFoods & Slice n Rice
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Granny PottyMouth Intervention by FunFoods & Slice n Rice

hey everyone it’s James from funfoods and
today’s video is gonna be a bit different from my usual videos it’s a
collaboration video with granny potty mouth and slice and rice who also made
videos on their channel for this collaboration so after you’re done
watching this video be sure to head over to their channels watch their videos
comment below telling them that you came from James and fun foods for right now I
hope you enjoy this video (James):hey guys it was so great seeing granny this weekend at playlist (Slice): yes! (Rice): I know she’s great love her (James): she’s awesome! (Slice): She’s hilarious too.
(James): the only problem though, the same as you are thinking. (Rice) yeah she cusses a little too much. (James): too much on the cusswords (Slice): and there were kids
all around the convention. (James) what do you think we should do maybe I’d like to
help her out and hopefully reach a larger audience well how can we do that
(Slice):I think we should just bring her over and just talk to her about it. (Rice):
intervention (James): like Oh like a whole intervention sit her down and and say
granny we got to talk about this (Rice): let’s do it but instead of saying that invite
her over and tell here that you are gonna do some food video together. (James): Sneaky, sneaky! Yeah she
wouldn’t come over anyway I wouldn’t call her up and say hey we’re gonna have
intervention she’s not gonna come over (Rice): yeah (James): well what can we make I mean how
can I get her to come over (Slice): mmm well she likes to make jam (Rice): and Mountain
Dew for you (James): Mountain Dew jam (Rice): yeah let’s do it
(James): she’s an expert in jam (Rice): I think we should (Slice): let’s call her (James): I’ll
call her up now and uh let’s do that let’s call her up (Rice): all right (James) Granny! hey
I know I just saw you this weekend it was so great seeing you
hey I got a problem I’m trying to make Jam I’ve never made jam before myself is
there a way you can come over I know your local right now you’re right down
the street can you come over help me out a little bit I’m in a bind
I really want to make this Jam and you’re the one that can help me I know
you can do it sure great I’ll set my address to you
and we’ll get it done about an hour so oh cool
awesome see you then (Rice): She’s in? (James): She’s in! (Rice): Oh gosh, yes. We’re helping her our you know. Oh hello! I’m so happy to cook (Slice): Heeeeyyy, Granny (Rice): Good to see you I din’t know you little F***er’s were gonna be here. (Rice): Well, you know. (Slice): We want to make this dish (Granny): what a sweet surprise I love you dear, I love you dear. (Slice): We love you too (Rice): so much that umm (Granny): I brought my apron (James): You do? So you are ready? Umm, Granny! We kinda have a surprise for you. we’re not really gonna (Granny): A surprise! (James) yeah we’re
not really we didn’t really bring you here to cook yeah Umm, you sort of having a
problem and we want.. (Granny): I know I’m overweight (Everyone) no, no, no (Slice): you’re beautiful yeah (Granny): my hair is not curled right? (Rice): granny you have a cussing problem (James): yes (Granny): Well my name is Granny Potty Mouth (Slice): But you see that’s the thing. There are kids everywhere (Granny): Have you been to a school playground lately? (Rice): I don’t think you’re getting it (Granny): Have you been to a school playground lately? (James): we love you granny and we want you to reach the biggest audience possible and we want you.. (Granny): I know, I captured all my videos (James): I know and the word the problem is the
words you use in those captions (Slice): it’s a little rough (James): and we love you we want
you.. (Granny): They tell me my skin is really smooth (James): you’re beautiful (Slice): it’s like words like titles
like easy as… (Rice) or dope as… (Granny): exactly that’s my thing (James): why not (Granny): they’re just
syllable they’re just syllables kids you have luck, truck, duck, snuck and … the other one (Slice): how about we think of substitutes (Granny): okay so I can do that (James): great (Granny): fine! (James): How about granny clean mouth? (Rice): I like it yes I vote for it. (James): it’ll work (Granny): no, my dentist would never approve! (Rice): How about Granny Loud mouth? (Granny): sure. (Rice & James) Granny Loud Mouth. (Rice): so you can just be loud but you know (Granny): SURE! IF IT’S FOR! That would hurt my throat. (James): you’ll be good I think we should
make an actual recipe then cuz I really do want to make this mountain Dew jelly
and you are an expert. (Granny): Mountain Dew (James): yes (Granny): F*** Yeah! Well thanks everyone for watching a special thank
you to slice of rice who you guys know of course and Granny potty mouth go check
all of these guys out I will have links in the description below of course if you’re
not mature enough to handle grannies content don’t worry just wait a couple
of years when you are mature enough and as always our friends slice of rice
thanks a lot guys check out some videos I have off to the side as well I’m sure you’ll love
that as well be sure to hit that big red subscribe button and as always I’ll see
you next time and remember granny loves you


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